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TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip, 3 Smart Outlets $49 Delivered @ Amazon


While searching for a powerboard, I have stumbled upon this item.

3 outlets can be app controlled, via the native tplink app, google home or alexa. I think other hubs are also compatible with this powerboard, eg. Smartthings.

USB as mentioned on other historical posts cannot be app-controlled.

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  • Kogan one is 39 with power monitoring

    • And usb can be controlled aswell so better than this.

    • Do you know if the power monitoring works with Homeassistant?

      • Kogan is Tuya, so I don't see why not.

        Kogan one is 39

        40 plus shipping. Seems people really are fooled by the "99.99 thing"

        But yes, the Tuya (Kogan) is better. Aside from energy monitor, the USB ports are switchable, though all together, not individually.

      • It does.

        Source: Kogan stuff owner with HA.

        • So presumably you connect (to HA) using tuya. Then the entity has power usage. Sweet. I'll order today.

          • @Bruceflix: No, I connect using Tasmota > MQTT. Either way, it has power usage entities.

            • @Tacooo: So you've flashed tasmota? Did that work OTA?

              • @Bruceflix: All the stuff I bought earlier in the year, yes. All the newer stuff has the updated firmware that doesn't support Tuya-Convert. I've been pulling my stuff apart and flashing with a USB>TTL adapter.

                • @Tacooo: You have an (easy) guide on doing that?

                  • @Bruceflix: Easy-ish. Getting setup is the annoying part. Once you've got your USB adapter ready it's easy from then on.

                    Firstly you'll wanna buy the adapter. I've found Core Electronics to have the best one with a reliable (non-counterfeit) chip. Don't cheap out on this as most of the cheap ones on eBay and such have a fake Prolific chip in them that usually doesn't work well (or at all) with the real drivers. Once you've got that you need to open it up and desolder the power wire (red) from the 5V pad and onto the 3.3V pad. If you don't do this you're going to fry every single device you connect this adapter to.

                    Once you've got this working and have the proper drivers setup you can crack open one of the devices. How you do this depends on the device but I'll leave it up to you. Inside you'll most likely find a TYWE3S chip (look for the markings). If it's not this chip, search online for the identifier and find the proper pinout. If you're lucky you might have through-holes on the PCB somewhere that are marked with the correct pinouts. If not you'll have to solder wires directly to the ESP chip (which is what this is assuming). If you don't have through-holes and if it is a standard TYWE3S chip go ahead and check out this image for the correct pinout (note: this is looking from the top of the PCB where the chip is sitting). Firstly you'll need to bridge the ground and GPIO0 to put the chip in flashing mode. Easiest way is solder a small wire between the two pads. Once you've done this you need to solder wires from the VCC, GROUND, RX and TX pads. Go ahead and connect these wires to the relevant wires on your USB adapter (unplugged). Make sure you connect the RX from your adapter to the TX on your chip and vice versa.

                    Now go ahead and download Tasmotizer. Once done, run it and connect your USB then select the correct COM port for your USB>TTL adapter. Select what you want to flash (release, downloaded version, whatever) and make sure you select "erase device before flashing" if it's your first time flashing Tasmota.

                    Once completed you'll have Tasmota running on the device and you can go about your day doing whatever you want to it.

  • Kogan One Any difference in the two ? any reason to choose tp link one over kogan's cheaper one?

    • +1 vote

      any reason to choose tp link one over kogan's cheaper one?

      TP link one uses the Kasa app if you use other tp link smart devices…

  • great price but surge protection is only 205 Joules :(
    source: datasheet (https://static.tp-link.com/2020/202008/20200826/KP303(AU)1.0%20Datasheet.pdf)

  • It is available for $39 here.

  • Why don't they make one with ,6 plugs and power monitoring

  • An annoying thing to me is that you MUST have an account to use this, cannot just use it locally

  • what is the circle next to each of the plug?
    is that on/off button or something else?

    • Yes, that’s a power switch for the socket closest to it.
      I have one of these controlling the lights for an aquarium, it’s a neat unit and works well.

  • These are awesome, I have 4 now.
    Love the Kasa app and integration with Google home is perfect.

  • I got one of these a couple weeks ago, it works perfectly with alexa integration, and the Karsa app is just as perfect.

  • these are great, had mine 6 months. kasa apps a dream (can't say the same about their deco app). outlets don't turn off even if your network drops when powering a server etc. thumbs up

  • Whats really smat is master/slave sockets on powerboatd. Plug TV in master, speakers in slaves, turn on TV, speakers get turned on as well. Strangely absent. Got to hunt down the last one year ago.

  • back to $54