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50% Off Fresh Single Origin Coffee 1kg $19.93 (Was $39.85), 2kg $39.85 (Was $79.70) Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee


Hey Oz Bargain Community,

We're got another fantastic deal for you :)

50% Off Our New Fresh Single Origin Coffee 1kg $19.93 (Was $39.85), 2kg $39.85 (Was $79.70) Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee

This deal is a welcome party to introduce our new rotating Single Origin Coffee offering. The wonderful sweetness of this coffee even surprised us, it's as if the farmers washed this coffee in sugar water during processing, it's simply beautiful!

Complimentary, optional gift message on bag/s, simply type your desired message in the "special instructions for seller" box in the online cart. Dispatch is on a rolling basis, ASAP and future dispatch notes welcomed. As this is a rotating Single Origin, if you request a future dispatch date you may receive a different, but equally delicious Single Origin.

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  • Will give you a try once I've lowered my current stock a bit. :)

    • +1

      Sounds terrific, we'd really appreciate that and hope you really love the our coffee once you try it :)

      If you haven't already ordered, you're welcome to order now at the discounted price and request a future dispatch date via an order comment or direct email.

  • Thanks ordered!

    • Amazing, thank you so much, the team sincerely appreciates your order :) :) :)

  • +1

    Do I just put a note in if I would like this delivered next week?

    • Thanks you very much for your order, it truly means a lot to us!!!

      If you've already sent us an email, we'll respond and confirm today. If not, would you mind please emailing us with your order number or full name or any other details which will allow us to figure out which order is your's?

      • I haven't ordered, was just asking how I request a future delivery date

        • I apologise, I need to speed up my coffee drinking or slow down my reading :)

          Yes, an order note or email after you order will be perfect, thank you.

    • +2

      Don't go to the trouble. AusPost will sort that out for ya!

  • +1

    How badly has Covid affected your ability to get stock?

    And are you getting beans then locally roasting and grinding or importing roasted grounds?

    I know orders for tea from South America have been severely delayed or cancelled.

    • Hey Telios,

      There has been an impact on shipments, however due to our forecasting systems we have taken measures to ensure we have the stock we need when we need it :)

      To answer your question more generally, green/raw coffee shipments from certain Origins have been delayed by a few weeks. Furthermore, the importers have adjusted their forecasting to ensure there's enough supply of green/raw coffee in Australia.

      We do all the roasting ourself in Australia, this ensures quality control, distribution of a fresh product, and enjoying what we do because we absolutely love roasting coffee!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  • Should I order "Ground Filter" for French press?

    • Spot on, that will be the winning choice for you :)

  • Are these beans medium/dark roasted? How well do they go with milk-based coffee?

    • Thank you for the question :)

      Out of those two option, I'd say medium. This Single Origin, is excellent for milk based coffees as well as black coffee!

      • Thanks for that! One more question - what is rough delivery time to WA? Trying to figure out when to have my beans dispatched when I order it…

        • Got my delivery yesterday, from last special. Am in Perth.
          Very happy with coffee quality.

          However, also have package sitting in Perth AusPost facility for over a week now, with no movement.
          Nowadays late and some lost parcels happen as well.
          Delivery is like a bad lottery lately.

          • @Pumat: Thanks for that, so just under a couple of weeks then? And they use Auspost?

            • @Quiexo: We primarily use Sendle due to a number of factors including efficient deliveries, that said if you specifically prefer Australia Post for one reason or another, simply add a comment to your order or send us an email and we'll happily make that happen :)

          • @Pumat: Woohoo for your fresh coffee arriving safely, thank you so much for your order, we truly appreciate it and your terrific feedback is most welcomed too, we're thrilled that your "very happy" with your Lime Blue Coffee experience!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

            p.s. additionally, thank you for assisting to answer @Quiexo question with 1st hand experience :)

        • We've experience 24-48 hour delivery times (granted this doesn't happen for every delivery, as much as we truly wish it would) to VIC, NSW, QLD and SA…WA will likely take a week or so based on recent deliveries.

          Feel free to keep firing questions until you have all the answers you need :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: Thanks for the reply. I've had issues with Sendle taking over 2 weeks to arrive, so may request postage by Auspost. Thanks again!

            • @Quiexo: That's a shame about the 2 weeks experience. Overall Sendle is much better than AP from a tech and efficient delivery perspective (we researched the different delivery companies thoroughly). However, I fully acknowledge that Sendle is not perfect and we look forward to the time where there is a perfect Courier company in Australia. Based on experience we're not holding our breathe on this, but perhaps this will be the first instance where wishful thinking finally pays off :)

              Of course you're welcome to request AP and we'll happily oblige. Simply add a note to your order or send us an email after placing an order :)

  • i just bought one but wanted to confirm, this is not a subscription for ongoing purchases right ?

    • +1

      Woot woot, that's awesome, thank you immensely, your order does truly make a positive difference to the team!

      Spot on, it is not a subscription. At present we only offer one-time purchases, so you're completely in control of how much coffee you want and when you want it :)

  • And further to @Quiexo's question, how do these particular Colombian beans go as cold-press coffee (i.e. steeped for 24 hours in cold water)?

    • I appreciate the follow up engagement!

      We omni-roast all our coffee and due to the sweetness of this spectacular Single Origin, it's awesome as a "cold-press coffee" :)

      • Thanks for your quick reply. Bought a kg. Do you ever get Costa Rican coffee?

        • We do our best to keep things speedy :)

          Woohoo that's awesome to hear, thank you so much, the team really appreciates your order!

          We source coffee from all around the world, so who knows what the future will hold, please send us an email and we'll let you know if we decide to launch a SO from there in the future :)

  • Please do this deal again in 3 weeks. Still got 1kg left

    • +1

      We really appreciate you letting us know. We focus on one deal at a time, so we haven't decided what the next deal will be. If you're happy with this deal but would like fresh coffee dispatched in 3 weeks, we can make that happen, simply place an order now and request a dispatch in 3 weeks via placing an order note or sending us an email :)

  • Just ordered, looking forward to tasting!

    • That's absolutely terrific, thank you sincerely, your order really does make a positive difference for the team!

      I hope you truly love this delicious coffee :)

  • Just received your South Central Blend an hour ago, A+ for customer service and delivery (even with my last-minute request) :)

    • +1

      Wooooohooooo for your terrific feedback and most welcomed compliment, which we happily accept and intend to continuing working hard every day for more A+ customer service and delivery ratings :)

      I sincerely hope our coffee gets an A+ from you too, once you've had a chance to enjoy it, fingers crossed it's a winner for you!

      Thank you for keeping us on our toes with your well timed request, we always welcome a good challenge. Simply put if we can make a request happen we will and if we can't we won't, either way we always strive to put our best put forward and put our all into everything we do :)

  • Almost finished the South Central Blend and it was wonderful.

    just got another bag #1811

    By the way, as the note is not listed on the payment page, I hope you received my note.

    • Woot woot, thank you incredibly for your most welcomed positive feedback and of course your fantastic orders, which was/is truly appreciated by the team!

      I'm so glad you've been enjoying your fresh Lime Blue Coffee enough to come back for more :)

      I can confirm that you submitted your note perfectly and it was received well by us, better safe than sorry, so I appreciate you double checking. That is indeed a feature we need to look into, it is strange that order comments aren't included in the order confirmation emails to customers. Good news is we see them.

      p.s. without sounding too biased we think "wonderful" is a perfect descriptor for our South Central Blend :)

  • Got another couple of bags! Great beans. Would be silly to miss these again! Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Woohoo that's a wonderful message to see, thank you immensely for your awesome feedback and of course placing another order with us, which we truly appreciate :)

      p.s. can't argue with the expression the "customer's always right" :)

  • How good are these for filter? Have anyone tried? Never heard of Omni-Roasting before, sounds fancy :-)

    • +1

      This Single Origin works really well for filter, I had some this morning as a Pour Over…and then an espresso…and then a few more coffees :)

      Omni does sounds a bit fancy, without going off on a technical tangent it essentially means the roast profile is light enough to work well as a filter coffee and developed enough to work well as an espresso too, some people call this a Medium roast.

      As for your 2nd question, it looks like the best answer for you will be in existing or future comments made from someone other than us.

      If there's any other questions I can answer for you, please feel free to let me know :)

      • Thanks ordered #1823

        • Good Morning :)

          Woohoo, thank you truly for your order, it's really appreciated by the team!

          I appreciate your follow up message, if your initials are CR then I can confirm you submitted your order note perfectly and it's been received well by the team, you fresh coffee will be dispatched in the time frame you requested.

          I hope you're having an excellent week and love our coffee :)

  • Which one would you recommend for an mokapot - Filter or Espresso?
    I recently got an moka pot as a gift and was thinking of using it :)


    • I appreciate you reaching out, good question and an important one too if you want the moka pot to work well, Ground Espresso will be the winner for you :)

      p.s. I hope you enjoy taking your new gift for a spin and love our coffee once you try it (that is if you order it, which I sincerely hope you do)!

      • Thanks for the advise.
        I ordered #1834 :)

        • You're welcome, that's my job (which I love) :)

          Thank you so much for your order, it really does make a positive difference for us!

          I can confirm that you've selected the perfect option to suit "mokapot" brewing. I sincerely appreciate the trust you've given us by commencing your "mokapot" coffee experience at home with fresh Lime Blue Coffee. We know a person's home is a very personal thing, so we won't take this trust for granted and as always we product you with the best quality experience we can.

          If you have any questions on how to make your first brew please simply send us an email. I know at first glance it can seem like there's a lot of moving parts in a Mokapot/Stovetop and new experiences have the potential to be a bit daunting, which may detract from their enjoyment, once you've done it awesomely once, I'm sure you'll be an "expert" in no time :)

  • Great price and great communication From seller.

    Hopefully now that Melbourne is out of lockdown postage will be more reliable. I’m still waiting for a delivery from almost 2 weeks ago to Sydney, even after they requested a urgent delivery for today.

    They use Sendle, but Tom has said you can request auspost when you order, I presume at same cost. I’d be requesting this.

  • Thanks, just ordered for delivery in 2 weeks. (Just opened a new 1kg bag this morning).
    First time ordering from Lime Blue, I only order from roasting houses as I like supporting the small business as opposed to the big commercial/supermarket chains. Plus you always get a fresher better product!

    • Woot woot that's terrific to see, thank you so much, the team truly appreciates your order!

      Sounds like the perfect win-win for everyone involved. You've done your bit by providing us the sincerely appreciated opportunity for our product to become part of your daily routine at home. Now it's on us to make the most of the opportunity by ensuring we put our best foot forward, which is what we always strive to do :)

  • What's the best way of storing the grounds as you're 'using' them? Freeze half & put the other half in an airtight container? Or keep the whole lot in the bag?

    • Good question, thank you for asking :)

      The best way to freeze coffee is for storage purposes is to pre-portion into vacuum sealed bags. However, without going off on a technical tangent I'd recommend simply keeping pre-ground coffee in the bag and storing it in a cool, dark, dry environment, such as a cupboard or kitchen bench away from windows.

      I hope this answer helps clarify your next step, please feel free to ask any more questions you may have :)

  • Ordered 2kg! What's the recommended espresso recipe? Do you offer pickup?

  • Woot woot, that's amazing, thank you incredibly, your order is wonderful for the team to see!

    We put our recipe guide (not rules) on every bag and these recipes can vary depending on the specific coffee. If you order this fantastic Single Origin as whole beans these are the recipe's you'll see on the bag (I realise you asked specifically about espresso, but have included the filter recipe too in case it's generally helpful for the OZ Bargain Community).

    Black Espresso Guide 1 : 2 Ratio = 20 In : 40 Out : 27 Seconds
    Milk Based Guide 1 : 1 Ratio = 20 In : 20 Out : 18 Seconds
    Filter Guide 1 : 16.67 Ratio = 6g Coffee : Per 100g Water

    Our espresso guides usually range in ratios between 1 : 2, 1 : 2.25, 1 : 2.5 and range in extraction time 27 - 29 seconds, however, we approach every coffee we roast a unique from the previous and next, so future ratios may vary entirely.

    We're based in VIC, we only offer delivery. If you need your fresh coffee urgently, please simply send us an email or reply to this message with your order number and we'll do our best to make that happen :)

  • Is your coffee Rainforest Alliance Certified or something equivalent?

    • Good question, thank you for asking!

      Short answer is, it's "something equivalent."

      Long answer is, when our coffee is grown on large farms it's usually Rainforest Alliance Certified, Orgainic Certified…The Single Origin for this Oz Bargain deal we've sourced from small farms, these farms grow incredible coffee, but are not structured financially or administratively to attain official "Certifications." A decent analogy from a business perspective is these small farms are likened to a business such as a local Australian milk bar with the family living in the house behind the shop. These businesses exists to pay the bills and feed the family not for pure profit, they are proudly family run (often passed down over generations) and are a lifestyle not a career/job. This coffee is grown without the use of pesticides or fungicides, as mentioned these are small family farms, the labour is manual not mechanical (even if they wanted to, which they don't, they do not have the equipment or chemicals needed to greatly mess with the environment). It highly probable they could be Certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance from a "passing the test" perspective, but in their eyes the Certification benefit is slim and the cost is great.

      Any more questions, please feel free to fire away :)

  • I ordered 2kg of the last deal. While not as good as my usual supplier, Little Marionette, it is very good coffee for this price. Were it not for having quite a bit of stock I would jump on this deal.

    • +2

      Morning :)

      Thank you truly for your last awesome order, it really did make a difference for the team :)

      It's wonderful to know that after trying our last Single Origin from Peru, you found Lime Blue Coffee to be "very good coffee for this price!"

      I think it's quite difficult to compare one roaster to another on different coffees (didn't see any SO from Peru on their site) with different profiles. When the scientific side of my brain kicks in I think an easy way, yet still not perfect way, to compare two roasters is for each to use the same green/raw coffee, which is roasted on the same make/model roaster, they use the same charge size (green coffee quantity roasted in a single roast cycle) and the only thing that has to match between their roast profiles is the drop temperature (when the coffee is dropped into the cooling tray). That way the roasters start and end on a perfectly even playing field, what makes them unique is the journey (charge temperature, turning point, first crack, development time, airflow, rotation speed, rate of rise throughout…). All that said I love that coffee is such a personal and subjective part of life, you can make a split shot espresso or two lattes, two people can drink these and have adamantly opposed perceptions of the flavour in the coffee.

      We completely understand the concept of different strokes, different folks, when it comes to flavour perception of coffee aka drinking enjoyment. As such, fully appreciate we will not be the perfect coffee for everyone (due to how unique people are this is impossible to achieve with a single coffee). What we do pride ourselves on if only using very high quality green coffee, roasting to the best of our ability, and providing the best customer service we can. In other words, in relation to ourselves as a team and what we do every day, we are always happily questioning, learning, improving with every roast and customer interaction.

      Thank you so much for the opportunity you provided us by giving us a try even though you have a "usual supplier," it is appreciated and an opportunity we will never take for granted!

      p.s. If you are still keen to take full advantage of this deal, you're welcome to request a future dispatch date for a future SO to get around the fact of you're all stocked up with coffee at home :)

  • Just placed an order. Looking forward to seeing how it tastes :)
    Thanks for the great deal guys!

    • WooHoo that's absolutely terrific news, thank you so much for your order, it's truly appreciated by the team!

      We'll happily keep thinking of special deals for the Oz Bargain Community for as long as the Community keeps welcoming us, I hope you love our fresh coffee :)

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