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SWA-W700/XY Subwoofer for Soundbar Sound+ $50 (RRP $749) Delivered @ Samsung Government Store/Education Store


I saw this on the Samsung Australian Government website and confirmed on education store.

Make your Soundbar Sound+ even deeper. The subwoofer goes as low as 27 Hz, and is perfectly engineered to work in tandem with Sound+ Soundbars to add more depth.

Speaker Channels 0.1 Ch
Frequency Response Range 27-120 Hz
Subwoofer Power 200 Watts
Subwoofer Size 10 inch
Total Power 200 Watts

Compatible with Samsung Soundbars: HW-MS550; HW-MS55C; HW-MS570; HW-MS57C; HW-MS560; HW-MS650; HW-MS651; HW-MS6500; HW-MS6501; HW-MS660; HW-MS661; HW-MS6510; HW-MS6511; HW-MS750; HW-MS751; HW-MS760; HW-MS761


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  • Damn, missed out.

  • Noooo

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    Anyone have any luck finding somewhere that stocks a compatible soundbar?

    • I got HW-MS650… bought year back.. didn't use much. Mesg me for more info if you Interested in buying one.

  • Back in stock.

    • Yeah i managed to get 1.

      • From samsung education? Showed me out of stock all day :(

        • Yes, it was back in stock today, i got it.

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    Very hard to find the stock for the compatible sound bar, the one readily available and still in production is MS6500, because it has its own niche market. Taobao sells for around 2200 in RMB

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    Still in stock… grab it while you can

    • Thanks dude

    • Got one too, been checking everyday since this post lol

  • I have already seen one person doing a resell brand new in box for 6x the price.

    • I suspect there would be much more supply than demand for the subwoofer and it won’t be easy to resell at a substantial profit considering being 17kg and expensive to ship.

  • Appears to be back in stock again…

    • Confirmed back in Stock.

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    Just bought a Q70T 75", bought this sub and found a MS650 soundbar for $200 on Gumtree. $1600 sound setup for only $250! And I sold my old sound system for $200, perhaps the best upgrade I've ever gotten!

    • Nice. I must have managed to find the last new HW-MS750 in the country (it went out of stock as soon as I bought it so they must have only had one). https://imgur.com/a/nk77NdQ

      The HW-MS750 sounds great by itself (I am still waiting for the SWA-W700 to be delivered).

      • Got a used ms750 off eBay for $400, great soundbar! I am waiting for the swa-w700 as well.

  • I missed out on this deal aswell but there's plenty on ebay brand new going for $100.
    I bought mine from a guy down the road.
    Now issue number 1 and the only issue I have. NO BASS WHAT SO EVER!!!!

    My search from Google reveals alot of people having the same issue.


    I have the Ms650 and did a reset by holding the volume buttons together and reconnected the sub. No matter what I tried the speaker would hardly move even on max bass and Max volume.
    This is a Samsung issue. Maybe you'll get lucky maybe you won't. But luckily these things are going dirt cheap because they are not worth the time and effort.