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Penrite HPR 5 5W-40 5L $38.47 Delivered @ Sparesbox eBay


Penrite HPR5 5W-40

If you know the oil you know

Great price especially if you get 3+ Bottles for $34.62 .

If this link sells out they have plenty of links for the HPR5 for the same price

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  • Ryco filters on sale too, both regular and Syntec variants.

    • Prefer to use genuine filters as Ryco filter pricing is rather steep for a Chinese made filter.

      • I would've guessed all filters are made in China now.

        • They're not. I recently placed an order online for 4 oil filters (2xMann: Germany and Bosnia, Hengst: Germany, Purflux: France). It could be market dependent - I ordered from spareto.com.

      • You don’t think the Chinese know how to make a decent filter?

        I always buy the Syntec when on sale, happy to pay a few extra bucks and find them very good.

        • Not at all. But if I can get a French, Japanese, German filter for the same price (bonus if it is genuine) or even cheaper than a Ryco filter, then I sure as hell will be choosing the alternative over Ryco.

          • @t25: Yeah faircall. I was a lot happier when they were made here but if it’s not locally made then it’s more or less the same to me.

      • I stocked up on Ryco Z9's last week when they were $7.99 @ Supercheap. In fact got a $20 credit because I bought 11 of them, so $6.17 ea.

  • Love this oil. Got some ready for summer oil change. Cheers op.

  • Free postage is good.

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