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Dell 32" S3220DGF Monitor $599.20 | Alienware AW610M Wireless Gaming Mouse $87.20 | Gaming Lite Backpack 17 $29.75 @ Dell eBay

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  • Dell 32" S3220DGF Monitor $599.2

    still the lowest price ever; from memory, it hasn't gone lower than this in the past. this would definitely be my 2nd choice after S2721DGF as it's VA panel.

    • Agreed. IPS is better IMO. But this has 32 inches of goodness ;)

    • Got mine for $520 or so with Cashback at release :)

      • Now if that price ever resurface, it will definitely shake my train of thought. S3220DGF ($520) being bigger monitor but VA or S2721DGF ($509) being IPS.

    • As an owner of the S3220DGF with an IPS monitor beside it the colour difference is definitely noticeable if you do photo work, but if you don't (and I'm picky) you will start to not notice unless they're side by side. I will say that the default calibration on this monitor is terrible. I've used the RTings calibration values and the colour is much much better. Also use the "Super Fast" overdrive setting, it has a lot less trailing then extreme.

      Other comments on this monitor:

      - Fantastic for gaming. Really immersive and the 165HZ is great.
      - Great for office work after some calibration
      - Size is fantastic and the curve is just the right amount
      - Super stable stand and looks great

      - DPI is definitely on the low side and this is probably my biggest bug at the moment. Equivalent to 1080P on a 24" monitor. I had to calibrate cleartext to not have text look so blocky. I'd recommend a monitor arm or having at least 2-3 feet from your face to the monitor.
      - Colours are less saturated than an IPS
      - HDR has been hit and miss for me. It's a bit clunky to get working, but that's probably more Windows fault.

      Overall very happy with my purchase and would buy again. If you're after something that has accurate colours/clarity though, this one probably isn't for you. Gaming/office wise, excellent choice.

      • Thanks for the in-depth review!

        In terms of viewing angles, if you're looking at this monitor front-on, does it look washed out at the sides or is it uniform as your eyes move from edge to edge?

        • If you sit in the middle it's uniform, but as it's a VA monitor if you move off to the side you will notice some brightness drop off quickly. Not terrible but it's there if you frequently sit off center.

      • What do you mean by RTings calibration values? Are you refering to the ICC profile? Or changes to the inbuilt monitor settings?

        I got it recently after your suggestion to wait for the $599 discount, monitor is amazing! And this is coming from someone with the lg27gl850 Ultragear sitting beside it. :)

      • I have the same monitor, DPI is not a bug just the nature of a 1440p on a 32" screen not great for pixel density. Text is pretty bad I have to admit, not sure if its the VA panel rendering or just the DPI. Other than that its a great monitor for gaming, movie watching coding etc. Only caveat to gaming is the response times are a bit slow (~7ms) so you may notice motion blur in fast paced games.

      • Hi guys. I have this monitor but the refresh rate settings only allows me 60Hz using my laptop thru HDMI cable. How do I increase it to 165Hz? Thanks

  • Gaming mouse but no gamer use…

  • does it worth to buy this if I only play CS:Go on my mac pro?
    * asking for a friend

    • the monitor? of course, high refresh rate monitors are made for FPS, with an aged game like CS you should be able to hit max freq anyway with a decent graphics card.

      • note that response times are slow on this monitor (~7ms) typical of a VA panel, for fast paced shooters like CSGO , where you want to reduce latency in response times, an ips monitor is preferable, see the S2721DGF.

  • Need a 32" IPS cmon Dell :)

  • Laptop bag any good? Saw some negative feedback the last time it was posted.

  • Mouse is oos

  • Deciding if I should sell my g9 and get 3 of these instead..

  • Monitor is out of stock. :(

  • Ordered the S3220DGF from previous ebay Sale and unfortunately it came with a large 10cm dead area along the right edge of the screen.. Was so keen to start using it and now in the process of getting a replacement which I've been told can take several weeks…

  • Mice back in stock

  • Monitor is back in stock, isn't it?

  • The alienware mouse looks really cool, how does it compare to the MX Master 3?