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Dell Inspiron 15 7591 2-in-1 15.6" FHD Touchscreen i5-10210U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Laptop $799.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Looks like a good cheap laptop for basic computing. It's a 2 in 1 and comes with an active pen. No dedicated graphics but I am not doing any gaming (just my damm tax returns). Also easily upgradeable for RAM and SSD.

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    10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-10210U Processor (6MB Cache, up to 4.2 GHz)
    Operating System
    Windows 10 Home (64bit) English
    Video Card
    Intel® UHD Graphics with shared graphics memory
    8GB, 8GBx1, DDR4, 2666MHz
    Hard Drive
    256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
    15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Truelife Touch Narrow Border WVA Display with Active Pen support
    1Y In-Home Hardware Service
    English International Backlit Keyboard - Silver
    802.11ac 2x2 WiFi and Bluetooth
    Power Supply
    65 Watt AC adapter
    Primary Battery
    3-Cell Battery, 51 Whr (Integrated)

  • upgradeable ram? might be the one for the missus, cbs waiting much longer

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      Yes RAM can be upgraded. There are 2 SO-DIMM slots, 1 occupied by 8GB RAM.


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    Looks like a good cheap laptop for basic computing.

    Works well with fortran too…

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      print *, 'Hello jv!'

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      jv - The troll that lives under the OzBargain bridge

    • 10 PRINT "JV"

  • Anyone got a link to the full tech specs?

    I can't find it on Dell website. Just want to find out the max output resolution see I can connect to my 4K monitor.

  • 7 was just available a few minutes ago but now says "limited quantity available".

  • OOS

  • Wow I was looking all morning and as soon as posted on Ozbargain was sold out to resell, 5 nos bought by 1 user

    p***a ( 1516Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)    AU $999.00  5   27-Oct-20 12:40:22 AEDST
    • It looks like an amatuer job. 😆

  • Shame it was the 2-in-1 and not the laptop again!

  • Anybody here a previous Dell buyer with qualcomm wifi adapter?

    I posted over in the previous deal with no response. We bought 2 of the Inspiron 15 5505s (the new ryzen models) and the wifi adapters are atrocious out of the box. As a result they're both booked to go back in the next few days.

    This is the Qualcomm qca61x4a adapter to be specific. I tried driver updates, roll backs, removed smartbyte and a host of other network troubleshooting to no avail. I'd hate to see others experiences with little to no tech background.

    Dell support didn't have a solution as I'd already tried everything they offered up, their only solution being to send them back. 👎

    • i have the same problem. the symptom is very weird at the first beginning, when I connected laptop to ASUS RT68U router , all other websites were open fine, but youtube, microsoft and some others were not able to be opened in any browsers(we had error to open the website etc.). later I switched the wifi to link to my iPhone hotspot, all worked ! those non-openable websites were all able to be opened, now i have to use TPG provied tp-link wifi router just because of new laptop, all other devices in my place are all working fine with ASUS .

      Few days later after windows update, WIFI adapter was totally gone in my device management, after i reinstall the driver and updated the bios, it was back , gave me the feeling the Qualcomm qca61x4a is not that stable etc.

      what is your adapter's issue ?

      • Basically anything connected to wifi is near on unusable. I'm talking barely 1mbps on an NBN 100/40 plan.

        Uploads are marginally sustained but downloads are near on non existent. As soon as I hard-wire to my network via an Ethernet adapter, full speed.

        Strangely, tethered to my phone's 4g/5g over WIFI, it achieves around 30-40mbps, but still not full speed. Tethered to my phones connection via usb and again speeds are full speed, so definitely a wifi adapter issue.

        The mobile tether over wifi had me making changes to my wifi router and all just to try and narrow down the issues but to no avail.

        Again, none of this should be a requirement for a brand new laptop fresh out of the box. 99.9/100 a standard user's settings should be more than capable of adapting to/accommodating new tech. This was my last resort in contacting Dell to get to the bottom of it.

        My Web searches lead me to believe that it is in fact an adapter issue also as it seems other manufacturers (ibm/lenovo, hp, Asus) have all reported similar throttling issues.

        Very disappointing and slightly embarrassing and frustrating on my side given I recommended these 2 laptops to 2 different individuals.

        • I reckon your network card is faulty. I had it once with brand new dell laptop couple of years ago.
          I was getting dropout 20 cm from the router.
          Sent it back and got replacement from Dell, worked like a charm straight away.

          • @jackwilk: On 2 identical laptops? Fresh out of the box, bought ~2 weeks apart.

            Seems a bigger issue to me than just a lucky/unlucky dud adapter. 1, I'd discount as either user error or lemon adapter, but 2 exhibiting identical issues over different routers and networks is too much of a coincidence for it to just be 2 bad adapters.

            I'm not discounting your theory, definitely possible, but more likely that it's a production/driver issue if you ask me.

            Having forced older drivers onto it (can't just roll back) that either didn't work at all or made no change, I'm lead to believe there's something a bit deeper at play.

            • @db87: same issue on both…. makes you wonder…

      • I have same problem - some websites including youtube, sometimes MSN, gives me this error :"windows 10 youtube site can't be reached".
        Connecting via ASUS RT68U too.

        Funny thing - when I take my laptop to another location, all good.

        Reinstalled drivers, updated settings etc… same problem all the time.

        Did you manage to solve yours?

        • Both laptops are going back to Dell.

        • coincidence much??
          Two people (coolbzk and jacknomiz2) with that model of router (and laptop adaptor?), have problems.
          You go somewhere else, or connect some other way : no problems.
          Shouldn't be needed, but playing a hunch here : perhaps try see what happens if you specify the DNS servers in the router settings, don't just rely on the ISP provided DNS.

          • @AdModnar: Yeah tried it already - changed DNS, didn't help. Thanks.
            But coolbzk made me think now - I will replace Asus router with the one Internode gave me, will see if it helps.

          • @AdModnar: I don't have the same router, neither do my work friend or mother in law, so that's 2 laptops, 3 different routers, not including the mobile tether. shrugs

          • @AdModnar: tried DNS lookup when it had problem with ASUS, DNS were all fine. yes , same laptop and same ASUS router having the same issue, i have to use tp-link router now…

            • @coolbzk: Curious to hear about your findings!

            • @coolbzk: Maybe you can try using live linux USB to see if it can connect to WiFi properly.

              • @jtrvk: i just tried an usb portable wifi adapter on laptop to test , no luck with asus router, now i think it could be the software problem , not sure where.

        • I reckon that in mine and coolbzk cases, it's more to do with the Asus router and NBN type.

          My place has 2 windows laptops (one listed here, both dell), Asus router and HFC NBN.
          Both laptops have the same problem with youtube.

          At other location, I take the same laptops, same Asus model router, and FTTP NBN.
          All is good here.

          You can see I've been trying to debug it for a while :)

          • @jackwilk: yes, mine is ASUS router with HFC NBN, interesting ~~

            • @coolbzk: @coolbzk so it works with a tp-link router?
              That is the brand that the person I helped who had the problem of most websites working, but some not. Was fixed for him by setting the DNS details, quite deep in the menu system. It still showed as the ISP's address for DNS 'higher' in that menu system (and couldn't be changed there) but had a different setting 'lower' - and I don't quite understand why those two distinct locations in the settings menus exist, but after we found that it worked we moved on to next things! (and sorry I don't remember full details)
              Based on this experience though, I wonder : Are you sure you changed the right settings with the ASUS router?
              Does seem to be you have much in common with @jacknomiz2 for this problem.
              Good luck !!

              • @AdModnar: DNS definitely was fine for me, as at the same time, other devices like my HP laptop were all working fine with the default DHCP settings, and from the new DELL laptop i can ping www.google.com etc, nslookup command to resolve domain name also work. Now i use the tp-link router to pppoe NBN, keep Asus router sitting with tp-link router(wifi disabled) by LAN cable, dell laptop still connects to asus router via wifi, works!
                so it should not be asus wifi settings ,as there is no change on my dell laptop and asus router wifi settings, just the nbn calling out device changed.

                • @coolbzk: Nice workaround @coolbzk.
                  Maybe that ISP provided tp-link router has some special settings for HFC.
                  That's what Internode suggested when I didn't want to purchase it, they said they can't connect me to NBN without it.
                  Then I found there is a one setting in Asus to make it work with HFC, and it did, except for those few pages that don't come up.

                  First I will tinker more with these DNS setting like @AdModnar suggested, and if that doesn't work will daisy chain it.

                  • @jackwilk: the problem is by asus router calling NBN, all other devices are working fine, can open all websites including youtube etc., except this new dell laptop :(

                    tired with it, so now i keep 2 routers running , just because of my new dell laptop.

              • @AdModnar: Hi AdModnar, just want to confirm - so you made these DNS changes on Asus router and now it's fixed - I mean these pages come up ok now?
                I need to look more into this then, many thanks.

                • @jackwilk: @jacknomiz2 - hi, actually was reversed in a way. He has a tp-link router, on which there seems to be two different places in its web-page where DNS settings are displayed/changed. Why that is, I don't know, but after he input valid address in the more hidden (lower in the menu structure) of those two settings, he could once again access the sites he couldn't before. The other setting needed to remain at the ISP supplied values - to point to their DNS. (or perhaps he couldn't change the setting there, I don't remember exactly, was a little while ago, and done via remotely via a phone call)
                  Even though the hardware involved is different it still seemed similar enough to mean I thought might be useful to comment, am interested and somewhat amazed to discover it does seem to be kind of the same. I consider myself effectively a novice with this, is only that my 'google fu' is better than family member' that means I could help in the first place for him.
                  This "should" all be easy, should all "just work", and not depend (like it seems to) on something like us standing in the correct way : having more weight on one leg or the other when the device is first started (or something semi-magical like that), (and where we can't know in advance which leg it should be).
                  Best luck finding a proper fix

                  (and the laptop involved for where I've had any input is by no means a new one, and is not dell. I'll see if I can find out what the NBN connection method is though.)

    • Mine is ok, but i get occasional stutters in general use which is irritating.

  • back in stock
    3 available

    • OOS again i think

  • Someone bought 3 units and 5 units no wonder I missed out.

    • +1

      Dont worry Dell might have lot of stock of similar 10th Gen laptops as 11th Gen have already been launched and available. People who bought 3 and 5 units to resell, might have to offload them at cost price or below as there is going to be a glut of 10th Gen laptops soon

  • Paid $200 more just a few months ago :-(

  • Anyone received or even had theirs shipped yet? From memory i thought they were ready to go yet here I am getting delay emails over and over

  • So after having my money for 5 weeks with no communication and only getting generic revised shipping date messages every week i finally ring up to find out wtf is going on. Only to be told that because its an EOL item they cant even process the order and basically never had any intention of fulfilling it. Ridiculous that I had to contact THEM to find out a problem with the order. No doubt would would have been happy to hold on to my money forever had i not contacted them… back to laptop shopping

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