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[Pre Order] LIFX Z Starter 2m Dimmable Strip Light Kit $111.20 @ Beacon Lighting


The same $128 international version kit.

Ane yes not the best deal possible but best at the moment anywhere.

I missed out the 59$ deal at Amazon which was really amazing deal on prime day.

However if you can wait till black friday or cyber Monday or. Even till new year hopefully some better deal than this will come up

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  • Seems very expensive for what you get? Even at $111.

    • Considering I just got a 5m strip with individually controllable RGB LEDs for $25, it seems a lot. But its LIFX, so what do you expect?
      I plan to use something like a NodeMCU to control mine. So $10 for that, add power supply … total $50 for 5 metres hardware cost.

      Kogan has a kit for $50, but not individually addressable.

  • @beacon lightening

    Has Beacon gone on a diet?

  • Im only looking at lifx z because of the gradient light feature in it.

    The Philip hue gradient one is like 350$+ but thats like 5m or something.

    Still yes 111 is quite expensive i will agree. Something around 70 seems reasonable

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    I got a couple as part of this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572591

    Great quality product with lots of features for the price but the app is buggy as heck!

    • App was fine for me until recent update which sent the brightness controls into a state of craziness (a bug which happened before and subsequently fixed but now back again)…

    • I hate the app and my Lifx devices fall off my network from time to time. I have it running through home assistant and a lot better.

    • Probably why I held off from buying. Was waiting for a Phillips Hue deal.

  • I'd like to share my experience with LIFX.

    I've owned two of their products (this and a downlight) and both have experienced faults 6-12 months after purchase.

    Their support also leaves much to be desired, as I was basically ignored after requesting a replacement product.

    I'd recommend spending the bit extra and getting something from the Philips Hue range, or find a cheaper alternative from Xiaomi (or similar manufacturers).

    • Yes I would recommend Philips Ones as well but they are very expensive (the cheapest one is 210 cm+ and costs $399 that also only EXCLUSIVE TO JB HIFI ATM IN SHOPS)

      If you can afford these top three one Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip
      then definitely go and choose that one over LIFX, but only thing is Philips ones are just too expensive

    • I have had their tiles and this product and have had no issues with them besides one of the cables in the tiles was faulty but it came with an extra

  • Have one behind my 65" TV and one in the kitchen as a night light, works awesome, much brighter and better colour than the Philips Hue :)