[Price Error] Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale Can 375mL - 4 x Slabs $70, 6 x Slabs $105 + Free Delivery @ Liquorland

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Certified organic Steam Ale is a brilliant introduction to the world of craft or for those seeking a sessionable beer that is crisp, fresh and full of character. Steam beers were originally lagers brewed at the warmer ale temperatures, aiming to deliver the best of both worlds. We decided to do our own spin by fermenting an ale yeast cooler to arrive at the same place, but via a different route. The result is a crisp, seasonable beer, fresh and full of fruity and tropical characters.

Mod: Price error, refunds being issued and some users reporting receiving a $10 voucher.

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      Not sure how to comment only just signed up but if you purchase more than two rekorderling cider 15 packs They go from $85 to $6

      • you are the man or woman!!!

        • Not sure if they are available once you go to pay but allowed me to put into my cart

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    Shows unavailable for me

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    It says unavailable on the site.

    • Click and collect hard to manage. Delivery usually ok.

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    +1 for "sessionable beer".

  • no stock, probably error

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    Worked for me in victoria for delivery. Oredere 2x for $35. No idea why as I have about 6 cases or beer lying around.

    • Me too. Two slabs for $35 but had to $5 for delivery

      • Did you just the code I didn't get charged delivery

    • Same!

  • shows 1 for $56 for me

    • Price will change when you add to card. Got 2x for 35

      • Great Thanks, got 2 for 41 delivered

        • Did u not use the code for free del?

          • @stumo: Yep, ended up get 4 for $70. Thanks OP. Great find.

  • That is cheap what’s the catch!?

    • It tastes like nothing

  • Real bargain thanks OP

  • Not available for qld. Would consider buying 10 slabs otherwise =.=

  • Not available for WA

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    Worked in vic

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    Available for VIC - thanks, I bought 2 for $35 delivered.

  • Got 4 slabs in Vic, i dont even drink beer but im sure i'll find a use for them…
    thanks boss!

  • *didnt work pickup brighton vic, delivery works

  • Reckon I had them but couldn't get the free shipping coupon to work.

    Then they took the beer out of my cart.

    Great deal OP. Hope you at least get them for yourself!

  • "No longer in stock"

  • No stock in Queensland.

  • great get! bought two slabs.

  • Unavailable on Qld. Damn looks good

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    Might be VIC only. Worked for me, just got the two slabs for $35, thanks!

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    Thanks for posting OP! Literally just purchased a slab of Furphy before seeing this. Never tried them but 2 slabs for $35 delivered is a no brainer. Hope they're up to my liking.

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    Ordered. Let's see what happens here. Thanks OP. Seems to only work in Vic, must be a post-lockdown reward, get on the beers!

  • thanks OP bought 4
    fingers crossed, if these get delivered don't have to spend another penny on booze this year ;)

  • Where does the promo code go?

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      In the first checkout window.

  • Just loaded the page for the first time got it to my cart, hit click and collect, chose my store and then it went unavailable. Seems like I could have got it if I went quicker.
    Unavailable from the start if I try again.

    edit: Looks like it updated when I changed the store to QLD. Might be Vic only

  • Ordered 2 cases in Vic. Delivered. Cheers OP

  • Cheers, just paid the 6.95 delivery…$77 for 4 slabs of Goat is brilliant.

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      I also forgot the code and paid, but still a huge bargain!!

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      the code for free delivery is FREEDEL20

  • Tasmania and Victoria only.

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    Almost certain this will be cancelled, but Dan told us to get on the beers so taking the chance. Thanks OP!

    • Knowing that went 6 slabs pickup but no stock at local : (

  • VIC Delivery ONLY

  • Got em

  • Ordered Thanks

  • I’m in Vic just ordered 2 slabs for $35

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    Get on the beers VIC!

  • Good deal. None in WA

  • 3 Slabs delivered for $60 bucks! Bargain!
    Likely to get cancelled?

  • Got 4 slabs. Really wish I’d only got 2. Metro Melbourne.

    • Someone will split them with you if and when this sells out.

  • Ordered 2 slabs for delivery. See what happens.

  • Cheers Op this is my favourite beer of all time grabbed 4 should have gone more but left some for others to enjoy the taste of the great goat steam ale….fingers crossed its not a pricing error

  • wow

  • It seems if you choose a store, many don't have stock.
    If you choose delivery they have stock.
    Had to buy 6 to get over $100 for free delivery.
    6 for $105.

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      or use the code

    • FREEDEL20 code for free delivery

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    How did you find this deal? Absolutely legendary if it goes through!

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      Yep if it doesn't get cancelled. Cheap as

  • two with free delivery in VIC

    The spiel oversells the beer, but the wife likes it and I don't mind it so I'm not going to complain.

  • Anyone tried instore outside of VIC? tempted to try and see if they scan through at the same price

  • Wouldn't work for 2, had to buy 3 :)
    Thanks OP

  • Got it. Legend!!!

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed 2 slabs $35 delivered

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    100% going to get cancelled. The last 3 deals like this got cancelled for me.

    • -3

      Outside chance this is Dan's way of encouraging us to get on the beers at home instead of hitting the pubs.

      • Pffft, neggers with no sense of humour.

    • Did you get any consolation gifts for the cancellations?

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      So my 10 slabs for $175 not going to turn up for Xmas : (

      BTW that is the price error probably 6 for $17.50 .

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    Perfect timing for the easing of restrictions

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    Imagine how heartless and tone deaf of a company you'd have to be to cancel the orders of Victorians who have done it bloody tough over the last six months, and who have just been told to "get on the beers" instead of swallowing your mistake and using it as a marketing experiment.

    FMD they'd have to be bloody ballsy to take this away from the Vics.

    Yeah the ******* VICS

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      Would make a great news article if they pulled it… Liquorland stops Vics from getting on the beers.

  • Just bought two - perfect timing. Let's hope the deal gets honoured!!

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    Dan Andrews endorsed deal

  • this is a little weird.. now that i've gotten it, it just says 375 ml beer x4 (not a slab?)
    also the picture changed

    • the link from my order confirmation still takes Me to the 24 pack

      • think its in the process off being fixed..

        the thing is our receipt doesnt say quantity of beers.. just says 4..
        so 4 six packs totaling $70?

        • probably just refuse delivery if it goes that way

        • 10
          items in your shopping cart
          Mountain Goat

          Organic Steam Ale Can 375mL



          My cart shows this saving as full price was $560 for 10 slabs

    • The picture/slideshow changes from a slab to 6pack.
      Adjacent to the the price it says Pack (24).

      • mine shows just a six pack.. no idea.. hopefully i get some slabs for camping

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      When I ordered, the picture was a slab and the price was $59

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    None of these orders will be honoured, its not an advertising error as the pricing is correct. In basket error. Not going to get this

  • 5 slabs for 80 odd delivered..Confidence is low that it'll be honoured.

  • Placed an order.
    Does anyone have experience with Liquorland for these type of "deals"? Do they say it's a pricing error and cancel orders or offer some form of a coupon?
    When I purchased a bottle of Monkeys Shoulder for $15 C&C the store refused to honour it.

  • Ordered 6 for $105, now just waiting for the "Your order has been cancelled due to insufficient stock" e-mail to arrive. Great spot though OP, you never know, may get lucky!

  • Looks like it's been ozbargained

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