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40% off Storewide (Includes Aeropress Go $30) @ Inglewood Coffee


Say what you will about their Turkish escort site, maybe the Turks were just looking for some coffee of their own.

This one includes the aeropress go, and it’s in stock.

Inb4 it gets ozbargained and people cry foul.

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    This is only for click and collect at some specific locations in Victoria. There is another 40% code around the here that is for shipped orders.

    Found it! Use HOMECOFFEE until the end of October!

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    Free shipping isn't working?

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      Free shipping is Vic only

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        Strange could be my browser, but I am in Vic. Making an order over $50 isn't getting it to work either.

        • In some cases you have to make sure you are selecting the free shipping option again while in the cart

        • No free shipping when I input a victorian address. I either have an option of flat rate $5 or express $12.

          • @g1: Are you using the code op provided? This one is for C&C only

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              @gonzule: I tried:
              Click40 - no free shipping in Vic
              HOMECOFFEE - no free shipping in Vic
              No code at all under $50 - no free shipping in Vic
              No code at all over $50 - no free shipping in Vic

        • What a joke. Paying the $5 shipping would not work with Paypal and the aeropress is sold out now. (A good prediction by OP)

        • Code provided is for click and collect only

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    Both Aeropress and Aeropress Go out of stock

    • Deal’s as good as over 😂

  • +1 for Turkish escort site description

    But I'll wait for 50% off or try others. Blue Lime keeps posting good deals…

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      Yea same. I just did it for the likes.

  • Willing to give their coffee a try - whole bean variety.
    Can't understand the variety though.. I prefer dark roast… assuming 'ESPRESSO ROAST'?
    Anyone know or has tried from these folks?

    Edit: Free shipping doesn't work (under $50 and in VIC), seems like code is click and collect… might pass! Heaps of coffee deals popup here I suppose.

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    I’m a big fan of their sunset Blvd blend. Learnt about it from ozbargain and since then can’t drink anything else.

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    Be careful, seems the site 'may' still have malware installed. Although the original post was over a month ago about it, Google's cached meta is still the hacked turkish info (if it was cleared it should have fixed it by now).

    Running it through securi also shows the redirect.

    WooCommerce malware can happen and be a pain to fix (I've been there before). However ignoring this (as it may appear they are doing?) is not good.

    Note this doesn't mean their database is necessarily compromised, but like other's as much as I want to order I'm erring on the side of caution. Especially since they've apparently deleted people trying to tell them about it?

    Odd business practice.

    • Bet local agency asks $3-5k+ for any work on the site. There's reason why everyone jumps into shopify or sqaure.

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        Probably. Although it still needs to be fixed.

        Easiest way. Go back to an old backup. Restore it, update everything and/or remove any crappy plugin that had a potential comrpomise.

        I can't imagine their site being that complex. You could rebuild the entire site in a day or two after exporting all their WooCommerce settings. It's a pretty simple website.

  • Free shipping for Vic now working.

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