[Price Error] 3x Packs of 12 Bundaberg & Cola 640ml $20.01 + Delivery Or Free C&C (Usually $90 each) @ First Choice Liquor

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Add a minimum of 3x Packs to your cart and the discount automatically applies. Works out to $6.67 per pack. Normally $90 for 1x pack!! Delivery for me to metro Melbourne was $6.95. You can add up to 10x packs if you feel obliged. Enjoy! Not usually a huge fan of rum but at this price it's a steal!

*Update apparently you can click and collect provided your store has enough stock. If no stock, try changing to delivery.

Product Details

First distilled in 1888, made from 100% Queensland sugar cane shows evocative flavours of molasses and caramel. Now available in a convenient 640mL bottle, you can enjoy the unique smooth Bundaberg blended with a special cola at a fantastic price. RTD

• Carton of 12 x 640mL Bottles.

Mod: Price error. Orders are (slowly) being refunded, it appears.

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      Lol you don't reckon?

  • Just received a text message to say my order is ready to collect

    • Nothing here yet

    • I got the same and when I went there they said is an error but because I went there I expect to get a gift card or something. I have messaged there head office about it

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    Just went to pick up my order. They gave me 3 bottles… so I showed them the screenshot of the order.
    They wouldnt let me leave with the 3 packs and told me I would receive a refund.

    There were another 6 orders of 3 waiting to be collected so a few others are going to rock up and be disappointed!

    • Which store?

    • Which store?

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      Wodonga, VIC

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        I had an order for Wodonga. I won't bother stopping by after work then.

  • Tried to pick up, order is cancelled. Disappointing.

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    So for us who selected delivery, what’s the game plan when we get our boxes and there’s 3 bottles?
    I for one don’t want to keep the three bottles for the $26 I paid.

    • I assume we call them and tell them what we bought wasn't sent, and request a refund - if that fails go through paypal?

    • I put it on Amex… anyone have experience with getting a refund via Amex?

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        From my experience with Amex, they will just refund the money, no questions asked.
        They've refunded a $30 not as described purchase for me earlier.

    • Paypal buyer protection…

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        i wrote this in an earlier comment but i have been in this exact situation before with FCL and it took a very long time to get a refund partially because it is Liquorland and not FCL who you are trying to get the refund from and there is some buck-passing but also because of the delays when raising a dispute, the right of reply for the other side and then the decision-making period of Paypal itself. It took me months to get $45 back last time via Paypal.

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          Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s a timely reminder for these highly likely pricing errors and not honouring, to only spend what you’re prepared to not have while waiting for the refund. There’s plenty of times I’m waiting months for cashback but am okay with that, otherwise I don’t bother and wait for a discount code to use at the time of purchase.

        • Just got a quick refund from PayPal

  • Do we request a refund through them or through PayPal?

    I rather request it now rather than waiting for a cancellation because it looks like all the orders will be cancelled.

    • I did, may as well get in as early as possible since they're probably going to not reply and make everyone wait until the paypal time runs out. The order isn't showing in my account anymore and no texts/emails to say it is cancelled or ready to pickup, so may as well start the dispute now.

      • For our benefit, can you just explain how you actioned the refund request?

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          Same as any other paypal dispute. Go to the transaction in paypal and 'Report a problem' button, follow the prompts.
          EDIT: Oops read OP comment wrong, I did it through PayPal

  • Wasn't honoured at my store they said the website messed up and that I should expect a call from head office. Hopefully they offer some sort of compensation

    • they wont

      they have done this multiple times before and the only reward you get for ordering is loss of funds for some period of time whilst trying to get it back

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    Hey First choice if you are reading this, Ill take 1 carton and call it square?

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      Your carton with 3 bottles is ready for collection 😆

  • Anyone else have the order re-appear in their 'my orders' under their account on the website?

  • I can’t see my order in the 1st choice site anymore, no refund yet though

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      Just called, 20 minute hold, order being cancelled and refunded.

  • Won't let me log into my account now.

  • I just received a notification from PayPal that they’ve refunded my money

  • Lol

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    Hi Guys - i called up customer service:

    1300 308 833 - there aware of the issue and gave me a refund will appear in account tomorrow apparently.

    All the best

    • What was your payment method?

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    Is the correct etiquette to "Escalate to PayPal" or wait 3 weeks for a refund?

    • i am wondering if escalating may slow it down.. some people above are saying they have received refunds in paypal from seller already..whereas if you escalate it, it commences some 20 day period followed by other periods, so that might really hold things up? Genuinely im not sure what is the quickest/best way atm

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        Escalated and received a refund quickly

  • Rather than a pricing error, I just thought they were offering a great deal (albeit loss leading) for a change.

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      If the govt didn’t charge taxes, that’s how much it would cost.

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        thats not how capitalism works, price is set at what people are willing to pay

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          The govt doesn’t charge taxes under capitalism?

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            @Cobalt Owl: You are missing the point. Tax system can be quite complex with some things taxed high some not taxed at all under a capitalist system - I'm not aguing against that.
            But I do think that if taxes are removed for a given product, prices won't drop to whatever the pre-tax cost of alcohol is currently. Introductory course to macro and micro economics covers as much.

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    Saw this when OP first posted however I decided to buy some popcorn, relax and watch a good comedy instead

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      The comedy are the ones that call up and query, like talk about f**king it up for the rest of us.

  • It is still showing in 'my orders' section :) So apparently it's not yet refunded lol

    • just wait i reckon if its still showing in your orders, it may still get honoured

      • Yeah let's see :)

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    Since they say that know that it is a price error issue, will they cancel and refund all delivery orders before mailing them out? I don’t want to have to deal with trying to ring them and get a refund for 3 bottles of coke. 🙄 (woolies has an online chat system-much better!)

    • just wait i reckon if its still showing in your orders, it may still get honoured

      • It says ‘you have no orders’ under my order history. I did get the confirmation email this morning though and money was debited. Will wait and see I Guess….

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    rang customer service, used the sms service, got a refund with paypal

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      did you actually get the refund yet or did they just "say" they have processed it? Because this is what happened last time.. they "said" they refunded it and to wait 2-3 business days… and 3 weeks later.. nothing

  • Seems none of Ozbargainer got the drink

  • I was a late order when the price was jumping between $20.01 and $276. Seems it takes the checkout page price not the cart price. Checkout was $20.01 if I added it to cart quickly but $276 if it was too slow. Maybe if you could keep the page open for a could days while it blows over it might work next time there's an error.

  • Thanks for everyones comments regarding their order. So I decided to be proactive and rang First Choice Liquor on 1300 308 833. I cancelled my delivery order due to a pricing error and they said it was fine as they'd had a few pricing errors on the website. I was told someone would call me back to action the refund as he was unable to. I paid through Paypal, so hopefully it will be an easy process. Thinking I might not get onboard with these types of deals next time as the clean up afterwards is a bit of a hassle

  • Regret even trying with this. Too bad if they start shipping just 3 bottles.

  • ok just went into my local to try and collect my order they said to get a refund you need to call the number for click and collect doing that you can organise them to text message you to organise a refund!

    the guys that I spoke to said that there was over 50,000 orders during the glitch!

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      50,000 orders and pigs fly too .

      If it was the case they have had a major data win gain lol

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    Dear Jim,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    In regards to your order, due to technical issue, price of Bundaberg & Cola Bottle 640mL on website was advertised with incorrect price. So, your order has been cancelled and refund has been processed already.

    Refund amount will be credited in your account with in 2-3 working days.

    If this is not the case, please give the team a call on 1300 308 833.


    The First Choice Liquor Team

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      Who the hell proofread that?

  • It shows dream never come true…

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    No email to collect nor cancellation email. Do we have to call customer service to action the refund?

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      Yes and then there's a prompt that allows you to reply to them via text message

      • After a couple of hours of text messaging I was told that I would be receiving an email “shortly” as there “appears to be a problem with your order”. I should have asked them to define “shortly”.

        • odd I never received any response from them yet.. and no refund I'll give em another day then I'll be disputing it with paypal

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    Order says cancelled if I log into my account on the website, which wasn't a surprise. My issue is that I did not receive any type of notification that it was cancelled, or apology for that matter, via email or SMS. Pretty bad customer service.

  • Got some responses today

    I can see this order is for the Bundaberg & Cola Bottle 640mL carton. Unfortunately, we experienced some technical issues which has lead to a pricing error when the item was placed in the cart. As the price was not our advertised price we won't be honouring these orders and will instead be cancelling and refunding these orders.

    I have requested for your refund to be processed by our admin team. Once it is processed, the amount will be back in your account within 2 - 3 business days. Our sincere apologies for the mix-up.

  • It is still showing as an open order in 'my orders' section :/
    Should I do anything?

    • Call the help line and select respond to me via Txt message, then you can chat to them instead of wasting hours of your life

      • Mine is still open order and nothing change yet.
        I might wait a little longer before trying to contact them.

    • I haven't been refunded or had an email or anything to say it's been cancelled. When I ordered it didn't create an account as sparrow I'd used them about 4 years ago and forgot. How do you look up an order when you don't have an account?

      • I don't know how to do that. I always look at my account and order history there.

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    Yea I just got refunded at 5am this morning. No email or message. Pretty shit.

  • SMS service said there would be an email shortly on Thursday, asked for a refund and no reply / refund yet.

  • Classic coles shitshow

  • SMS response I just received:
    "the refunds for all of the pricing error orders will be completed by Friday this week."

    Not like it takes 30 seconds to make a PayPal refund..

  • I did get 20 flybuys points for my time….🙄

    Still no refund yet

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    Lol I’ve gotten no word from them, other than taking my money nothing about price error or delivery.

    Last choice for liquor!

  • Got a refund with no message from FCL. Woolies is better, they let us keep the wine bundles (price error) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/560760?page=5#comment

  • I was about to call them to do the refund. Checked my account and it was already cancelled. No comms at all..haha

  • Received my refund today, I just used the sms service to talk to them

  • Received my refund with zero communication from First Choice. Poor form.

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    Anyone else has not heard anything, and no refund processed?

    • Same here

      • OK, will keep waiting then

        • No response.. no communication

    • Same here

    • same here

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    Went to PayPal and clicked refund at the resolution centre page, I reckon I got the refund within about 30 minutes. Done instantly and without any communication. Nothing further.
    Poor form on FCL to take this long to issue the refund if at all.

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    Sent PayPal problem report now, see how it goes. Terrible response from First Choice Liquor.