Discount Giftcards and Entertainment Tickets for Seniors Victoria Cardholder


Just discovered that those holding Seniors Victoria card can get discount giftcards and entertainment tickets. This is just another source of discount giftcards and tickets for those who don't have any other option to get these discounts. Most of us might know someone who may qualify for a Seniors Card and have time on hand to help you getting a discount. If you are a Seniors Cardholder yourself, well enjoy the discounts and share it around.
Discount can be redeemed by calling 0398222050,

Also, whilst you are at it, see what else is of interest to you at

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  • i ememberesearching this and it ddnt turn out to be a great deal.
    yearly fee and not great disco7nts. google it before you sign up….

    • Thank you. I don’t quite qualify for the card yet. Who would have thought that one might need financial advice even for a discount membership scheme. Most consumers get this for free via AGL or Suncorp.

    • It doesnt cost anything to sign up

      • Correct. From the site:

        There are no fees or application charges and an application takes less than five minutes.
        To apply for a Seniors Card you need to be over 60 years of age, a permanent resident of Australia, residing in Victoria.
        If you are working less than 35 hours per week in paid employment, or fully retired - apply for a Seniors Card.
        If you are working more than 35 hours per week - apply for the Seniors Business Discount Card.

  • Wish discount is around 2%

  • Ozbargain has a list of discounted gift cards through different sites in the wiki

    • Nothing listed for the Seniors Card. Mind you I couldn't find any when I searched their site so not sure what is on offer?