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Razer Blade 15 Base 15.6" 144Hz/i7-10750H/2070/16G $2,599, Advanced 15.6" 300Hz/i7-10875H/2070S/16G $3,099 Delivered @ Centrecom


Found these 2020 Razer laptop deals as part of Centrecom's Halloween sale. Ends 11pm 31/10.

Razer Blade 15 Base Model 15.6" 144Hz Core i7-10750H RTX 2070 Laptop - $2,599 (Was $3,399)

144Hz Full HD, Up to 100% sRGB, Wide Viewing Angle, 16:9 aspect ratio, matte screen w/ 4.9mm bezel, Individually factory calibrated
6-Core 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10750H processor, 12 Threads, 2.6GHz / 5.0GHz (Base / Max Turbo), 12MB Cache
16GB dual-channel DDR4-2933MHz (8GB x 2)
512GB SSD (M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4) + Open M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 Slot
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 with Max-Q Design (8GB GDDR6 VRAM, Optimus™ Technology)
Windows 10 Home
1 Year Warranty

Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model 15.6" 300Hz Core i7-10875H RTX 2070 SUPER Laptop - $3,099 (Was $4,399)

300Hz Full HD, Up to 100% sRGB, Wide Viewing Angle, 16:9 aspect ratio, matte screen w/ 4.9mm bezel, TFT-LCD, Individually factory calibrated
8-Core 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10875H processor, 16 Threads, 2.3GHz / 5.1GHz (Base / Max Turbo), 16MB Cache
16GB dual-channel DDR4-2933MHz (8GB x 2)
512GB (M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4)
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER™ with Max-Q Design (8GB GDDR6 VRAM, Optimus™ Technology)
Windows 10 Home
1 Year Warranty

A few others discounted too, see here https://www.centrecom.com.au/products?q=razer%20blade%20lapt...

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  • +6

    Good price for the Advanced

  • +12

    If you understand why the Razer blade series is different compared to cheaper, same specd laptops then this is a decent deal.

    • they have decent monitors ?

    • Hi mate what is the difference compared to cheaper same spec models? Is there better built quality/heat and fan sound management? am looking to buy a laptop..

      • +4

        They're premium/luxury style goods promising better build quality, design aesthetic, etc…

        I personally have a Blade 15 Advanced because I wanted that Surface Pro/Macbook style build quality which it delivered, but if you're just going to sit at a desk and play games at home all day, you'll probably be better off with a Metabox or something.

        • -2

          Thanks mate. Damn I just got approved a qantas cc with bonus points needa wait for it to come in so I can get the bonus points with this big purchase. Fingers crossed in before the deal ends!

        • +3

          It's the same idea with premium car brands. BMW and other euro models are priced because they're supposed to offer an all in one package - performance, comfort and style at very high levels. And as such, they price it in a way that makes them appear premium. An Asian car with similar specs can be found much cheaper, but they don't encapsulate the holistic idea of "everything done to perfection". And of course, we can talk about the reliability and serviceability of premium branded cars, but you get the idea.

          At the end of the day, this laptop offers something that others don't do as well: performance and style with quality manufacturing processes. And so they can charge more for it.

        • -1

          Hows the cooling?

          also, no display port?

          • +1

            @Ceri: cooling is fine. No DP hasn't been an issue for me since I use a USB C dock which has HDMI output… the proprietary and expensive charger was annoying though (since there aren't any generic equivalents like you can get for say, Dell/Alienware).

            Only thing with my 2019 model is there's a bit of coil whine every now and then. And the "s" key ocassionally feels like it's a bit stuck.

            Nothing too worrying though and that's why I bought from JB Hifi with their extended warranty so I don't have to worry about being stuck dealing with Razer service.

            • @jace88: Pretty tempted to pull the trigger on this but I feel like it'd be a bit of a waste to drop 3.2k on a machine which may be superseded by 30 series GPUs in 6 months or so.

              How's your experience with temps / noise with it on full load, and in terms of serviceability, is everything within easy reach?

              • +1


                1. Whilst 3xxx GPUs will definitely thump it, I don't know how they're going to do it within the power/thermal envelope.
                2. It can get a bit loud but it is bearable to me. I think my Alienwares were quieter though oddly enough - probably with the chunky chassis they didn't need to spin up so much.
                3. Serviceability…. hmm… there's not much you can really do. Once you get the torx screws off, there's only one SSD slot, the RAM slots and that's it.
                • +1

                  @jace88: Thanks mate - apologies didn't realise you had responded and appreciate your thoughts. The ability to access the SSD and RAM slots is great - at least the RAM isn't soldered like the new Alienware M15s….

                  I decided to hold off for now especially considering how competitive Big Navi is looking - so the laptop space may be very interesting in the next 6-9 months when nVidia / AMD start turning their attention to the space.

                  As for 30 series GPUs and power / thermals, they actually offer pretty decent performance per watt when not pushed to the absolute limit - which nVidia had to do for the 3080/3090 to stay ahead this time. If they run the laptop versions with lower voltage, clock speeds and a sensible power limit, they will still have excellent performance.

                  I tried a pretty aggressive undervolt on the 3090 which resulted in power draw of ~250W (same as a stock 1080 Ti) and FPS was only about 10-15% lower compared to stock. This was still an 80-90% performance uplift compared to the 1080 Ti using the same amount of power. This should mean that something like a 3070 (which, in desktop form performs on par with a 2080 Ti but using less power) with a sensible voltage and power limit will still absolutely stomp in a laptop.

                  Big Navi mobile versions might be even more interesting once that becomes a thing

        • What are your thoughts on a metabox? Looking at their website seems like a barebones, mix and match use case to build your own laptop. Windows Home is additional $160. Can anyone here shed light on metabox as a manufacturer or if they've used one of their machines?

          • +2

            @WarChief: Metabox uses the same chassis and internals as Clevo / Sager branded laptops in the US (you can look up the equivalent model number and there should be plenty of reviews). They are proven and well put together, but not quite on the "premium" level in terms of materials used (still use lots of plastic).

            Like you said, they are as close as you can get to essentially "building" your own laptop. You can spec it up as much as you want or keep it as barebones as possible and populate your own RAM and SSDs (which you can generally do for cheaper). You don't have to select the $160 windows option and simply….source your own copy.

            The benefit of their high ability to be customised is that they are also exceptionally easy to service, since by their very nature all components need to easily accessible so the store can put together your specific build.

            I've got a GTX 1070 powered Metabox 15.6" laptop from back in 2016 and it's still running flawlessly. I kept it as barebones as possible during the order (the only thing it came with was the "free" 8gb of RAM and a "free" 525gb SSD) and added in my own parts after receiving it. The cooling system has been excellent and the fan curve is easily adjustable, but you'll need to check with the specific model to determine if that's the case. It's not a thin, light or pretty device but it's been through many international trips, airports, hotels etc. without missing a beat. The ability to simply pop off the whole bottom panel to access the entire motherboard has been great too maintenance wise.

      • +3

        Razer products don't have the best reputation when it comes to quality though. Dave Lee did a YouTube video on this topic.

        • -1

          Their quality has gone up overall since that video.

        • I dont really think its a quality/build quality issue but more of a quality control issue

          • @zjz93: I'd agree with this statement.

  • +2

    Pity about the support though….


  • +6

    quality are a hit and miss.
    Not worth it for the premium $$$$$

  • +2

    will this run Among Us?

    • +3

      Anything slightly better than a screen attached to a potato will run Among Us fine.

  • I'd be waiting for the 30 series mobile GPU

  • +3

    Fudge Fudge Fudge… Bought Razer Advanced from Mwave yesterday for $3,500….

    • return it and get this

      • I wish, there is a no return policy if I just changed my mind.

  • Hmm kinda interested but I'm over overpriced laptops.. My $2.5k MSI GT72 with 970M has served me well over the last 6 years I suppose

  • Base or Advanced. What people thinking? (work laptop with light gaming)

    • This is a bit overkill for light gaming honestly, unless you're rich.

      • +24

        Yeah you're right.

        I got the advanced version.

  • +1

    Incase you guys are wondering why this laptop is so expensive… The build quality, design and overall user experience resemeblences what a Windows Gaming Machine by Apple would be like :)

    This laptop looks absolutely stunning, and the build quality along with the screen are much better than the average gaming laptops - For example, the Acer Nitro 5

  • Chuck an Nvidia 3090 into a Razer Core for added horsepower.

  • +1

    I don't see how this will be advantageous over a $1000 decent ThinkPad/Dell machine that pops up on Ozbargain time to time + $1500 decent PC (much more powerful than this laptop) for more intensive tasks. Since most people are working at home anyway for the foreseeable time being…

    • As someone who owned an Xps 17/15 and Alienware M17 R3 this year… trust me, don't go Dell.

      Lenovo though, they look pretty solid.

      • I'd be keen to hear more on why you say that. I previously went Dell and Alienware and in hindsight I would've stuck with them had I known about the newer M15/M17s coming out. I only switched to Razer because I didn't want such a chunky laptop but I loved my AGA, upgradability (at least on my 15R3 and 13R3) and interchangable power plugs with other Dell's (as long as sufficient wattage).

        • M17 R3 had massive issues with the Alienware Control Centre. So much so that I was on the phone for days with the tech guy reinstalling windows, installing the control centre, trying to watch the modules load in and just watching this never ending cycle of pain in the assery. Basically meant I couldn't use my fan control or lighting control (and no rgb = whats the point of having a laptop like that). This issue was eventually sorted but there was a few other issues that occurred. On all of the Dell Laptops, my Samsung SSD T5 drive would not be recognised in USB-C to USB-C. It worked in any other device, but due to there being some issue with Dell's USB-C ports not powering it enough, it wouldn't power it up (unless I plugged in another device into the second USB-C port on that side of the laptop, then it would make it work for some bizarre reason).

          For me the final straw was on the last day I was trying out some game benchmarking, the CPU just started overheating and thermal throttling like crazy. This was on a cooling pad as well. Not sure why this started happening a couple of weeks into it as the heating wasn't an issue to begin with. Was weird because I barely gamed on the device and a few weeks into owning it, it was over heating like crazy.

          The Xps 17 had the USB-C issue + when I would shut the device and close the laptop, it would randomly power itself back on in my laptop bag. The next morning I'd take it out and almost burn my hand off. Lucky there wasn't a fire + the screen didn't melt with it cooking itself all night. This was something to do with the windows wakeup / hello on the device being buggy. After this happened a few times (and the premium this device cost) I returned it.

          The Xps 15 my friend got (shortly into my ownership of my 17 before the issues starting popping up) came out of the box with the screen having screen lines on it and had looking like a refurbished model.

          One of my students bought a G17 on the Dell Ebay special for 2k. They've since returned it due to insane overheating and thermal throttling.

          So yeah…. Had massive issues with both Dell and Alienware across a wide variety of laptops in the last 6 months. Got the Razer Advance now. Mostly loving it as the build quality feels solid as + love the look of it. I've noticed after a few tests this puppy still runs hot, but in games it doesn't appear to thermal throttled (yet). Overall probably going to keep it as I just love the look + good for what I need it for, but it is annoying how hot all these gaming thin laptops run…. / end rant

    • +1

      That is a thick boy and aim at different market and different build materials.

    • Very similar, you're paying extra for the Razer brand and build quality (although I have the G7 and the build quality is immaculate).

      In fact, the G7 has a better graphics card (non-max Q version) and a bigger screen.

      • I got the G7 17”. It’s worth it.
        Saved some money and got an iPad for light work.

  • Been waiting for a Razer sale that drops these down to reasonable prices. Was leaning towards the Base model because of the extra SSD slot…. but then just couldn't help myself.

    Advanced all the way (same model is 4900 on PCCG and 5000 on the Razer AU site so quite happy with that saving).

    Got a 970 Evo 2tb laying around that I can drop is as well. :D

    • I put a 970 Evo Plus 2TB in my Razer Blade 15.

      Have to admit the damn little Torx screws are a pain to undo and open up vs say, my previous Alienware 13R3 and Alienware 15R3. I really wish Razer had included more than one m.2 slot in the Advanced model… especially given my Alienware 15R3 managed to have space to fit a 2x 2280, 1x 2250, and a 2.5" drive.

  • How many instances of mspaint.exe can I open with this. Asking for a friend

    • Exactly 7.

      IF you do it in Microsoft Edge. Which is the fastest browser in the world. Just try it. PLEASE TRY IT!!

    • 38bn.

      • need 2tb ram then. no sale.

  • Lovely laptops - but I need to maintain the rage and hold out till AMD bring out their 5000 series chips and start plonking them in laptops. Hopefully at that point we will also have a bit of competition in laptop GPU's to drive down prices.

  • Any word on when Nvidia 30 series GPUs will be made mobile? Seems a bit funny to spend $2600 right at the end of the life of the 20 series.

    • +1

      Only rumours but I've heard not well into 2021.

      • Ah I see. I mean my gaming laptop is still very strong, despite only being powered by a 1060.

        • I've got a 3090 / 5900x build coming so this is just for gaming when I'm not home. Otherwise I woudlve waited for the 3000 series.

          • @Ruddaga: Nice, so you bought this deal?

            • +1

              @freakatronic: Yeah grabbed the advanced one. Was leaning towards the base model (mainly for the extra SSD slot) but then read the advanced model had better cooling so changed my mind last second. Will post how it is when I get it.

  • These are at least $500 overpriced.

    • It's like Apple. You're paying for the brand. As for their rrp, these are hugely discounted.

  • alien competitor

    • I had alienware. Returned it after a month.

  • anyone know if the battery life is better on the newer models? I have the 2019 Adv model and battery is balls.. barely get 2 hours from full charge on balanced battery mode.

    • None of the gaming laptops with big discrete graphic cards have a battery life worth mentioning.

      • even when not utilising the discrete card in battery and using the intel card instead…?

        • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 has decent battery life, when you are not gaming. But like all of them when you crank up the graphics you smash your battery life

          • @hardjards: Yeah with my RB15 adv (early 2019) even with balanced battery mode and not using the rtx2070 I only get 1.5-2 hours battery. I’d like to be able to use it as a regular laptop at times even just to browse/watch some tv shows or movies.

  • Wish Razer moved to a 16:10 screen.

    16:9 is just too cramped for me.

  • Razor & Blade?! They're flakes!

  • This base model or a dell G5 15 2070, which is currently at $2370 (after discount) using the %15 + %7 that's currently available. Pretty much same specs. Opinion anyone? Thinking of getting a new gaming laptop to upgrade from my 1060 one.

    • I can tell you from personal experience that Dell has shocking quality control issues and this was from buying their top of the line models this year (Xps / Alienware). The G5 15 will have massive over heating issues and suffer from poor build quality.

      I purchased the advanced model of this one but the base model has benefits (Extra SSD slot).

      • The thing I like about dell is their after sales service. I've owned an inspiron years back, and a month before the warranty ran out, I contacted them regarding how my battery was not lasting as long, few questions later, they came the next day to my place with a new battery. Currently using an Alienware 15r3, have had it for a few years, no issues so far, was overheating last year, but I managed to change the thermal paste and that fixed it. But I do like the look of the Blade compared to the G5. Uhmm, decisions decisions. Gonna have to make up my mind soon.

        • Comparing Alienware to G5 to Razer is like comparing BMW to Holden to Ferrari.

          Also something worthy of note, you get premium service on Alienware that you don't get on their non Alienware products.

  • That’s a solid price point for the new razer blade 15… really good machines, as portable as the dell xps but much better cooling, finish and qc

  • +1

    Thanks op, bought the advanced model.

  • Damn, advanced model out of stock!
    Hopefully the price gets matched again soon!

  • +2

    I had JB price match the Advanced over the phone. A little better when it comes to warranty and post-sales support.

    • Amazing, reckon you could pm us a receipt? My local JB in WA wouldn't do it!
      Or let us know which number you called?

  • +1

    Thank you so much! I was able to order one today to WA :D

    • No worries! :)

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