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Sony 85" X9000H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $4495 (RRP $4995) @ The Good Guys


Been waiting for a better deal on the 85", which for some reason was not discounted with the smaller sizes in the original promo GG TV promo.

Not a massive saving - might still wait on for Black Friday Sales but finger itchy…..

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • The Good Guys link takes you to the 75" Sony.

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    Just an FYI there is a topic in the forums about Hdmi 2.1 issues. That sony don't plan to address at the moment


    • Wow….might pocket some mulla and go for the Sony 85" X8000H instead because of this.

      • Don't do it. I had an older 65" 8500C and the edge lit was terrible for blacks and blooming. It will be much worse when it's 85".

        • Ye i think your right, not worth the potential issues on the cheaper versions.

          I'm stuck between this one and the Q70T Samsung at the moment, i think whichever is cheaper come Black Friday will be best value for me.

          • @ImpulseMan: If you have to go that size and can afford it get a full array backlight.
            However if all you ever watch is sports then the X8000 will be great for that.
            For some reason I've never looked at Samsung TVs. I find their model range confusing.

    • Seems like it is an issue with the 30X0 GPU they are using. People online have reported the issues being non existent when playing 1080p 120hz games on their Xbox One X.

      • This would mainly be used by PS5 or Xbox One Series X console users… which we are worried about.. I wont buy this TV unless it has been addressed. Not sure many would actually use a RTX3080 with this TV, Just Vincent Had No other Source material..

        • Yeah there has been people testing with their PCs and showing issues with 1080p 120hz as well, whereas others testing on a console have shown that there are no issues, which points towards it being an issue the TV is having with the GPU or PC information it is displaying. If the One X is having no troubles where the PC is, it is safe to assume that the PS5 and Series X will also perform similarly.

    • Yikes, this caused me to second guess buying the 55". I don't put a whole lot of emphasis on 4k 120Hz (though I do plan on getting an rtx 3080 at some point), but this does leave a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Yeah, I have a 55" and while I don't plan on using 4K120 anytime soon I might in the future…. Already opened a case with them.

        • Be interested in how it pans out. Really seems like there is a few missteps with hdmi 2.1 from tv manufacturers and av reciever manufacturers, let's hope xbox and Sony built the consoles correctly ffs

  • Jury still out for me though.

    Size or smaller OLED?

  • Really an LED display, or LCD and ImpulseMan is gullible?
    People are gullible or they would not tell such lies.

  • Ideal distance to sit from an 85" screen?

    • Got my 85" x9000h a couple weeks back with the harvey Kayo/Latitude gift card promo. Wall mounted in a 5m x 5m room with couch against opposite wall and a couple bean bags in front for the kids. Seems to be the perfect distance for all. Between 2.5 - 4m.

  • I bought a box damaged 85" a couple of weeks ago for 3821 from sonyaustralia ebay (on top also scored 5% cashback). Got it delivered in 5 days and have it on wall now. No visible damage to the box or the TV and couldn't be any more happy with the picture quality. Awesome TV for the price imho.

  • No one waiting for black Friday sales to get a tv?

    Hoping can snag a 55 x9000h for 1200 but doubt the sale will be good this year

    • The Sony was just released and has had a price drop already, so I think people don't expect a massive price. drop in the sales..
      But with this 4K 120hz HDMI issue, they may do a fire sale if Sony doesn't fix it.

    • I wouldn't get my hopes up for Black Friday deals on TVs

      I remember I once spent many months looking for good TV prices and usually near the end of the year and around February-March (Just prior to releasing the 2021 TVs) is when you'll see the big price drops.

      I remember back then Sony was probably the most annoying in terms of getting good discounts on their TVs.

      However, this was like 3 years ago so it may have changed since then.

    • I was speaking to the guy at the good guys the other day and he said Sony have dropped the price of these to have a sale now knowing that they are in demand for the PS5 and they wont drop for the black friday sales. Not sure how true it is but makes sense.

      Then again with the reported 2.1 issue i will be looking at something else now for my PS5, so hopefully the black friday sales helps with other TV's

      • Amusing story, bought mine at Harvey 15 days ago, back before the price drop, haggled down to 4800 with the kayo 1yr sub and 200 Harvey gift card via Latitude gocard.

        Aaanyway, while haggling, I asked the sales guy if he thought the price would drop and he said no, but that he'd offer me a 14day price guarantee so I bit the bullet.

        Low and behold harvey has now dropped to match goodguys, and of course 1 day after my verbal 14 day guarantee.

        So I try my luck and call him up anyway. Long story short, he cut me a break. Because I hadn't registered my kayo sub yet (worth300 - didn't want anyway), he credited me 305 back on my receipt and scratched out my kayo code so all said and done, paid 4800 and walked away with $505 in credit.

    • Hey man, i brought the 85" today and did ask about Black Friday. The store rep at JB said unlikely to go on a bigger sale unless they have surplus in a particular size. So you never know, there might be a chance. Stock levels on the bigger screens are low though in NSW apparently.

      • Thanks for info. Will wait either way and see worst case it will drop same as Sony box damages I guess

  • With ultra wide gaming screens being a thing now I am kinda hoping they try making Ultra wide TVs again.

  • Laggy OS in Sony tv’s has put me off this brand altogether …