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Vittoria Organic Coffee Beans Organic 1kg $18 (Was $37) @ Woolworths


I was at my local store and saw these coffee beans on special and checked that it is also available online, so that means all stores I guess.
I have never tried this particular bean myself. I got myself a few Kgs from this deal which is still active. This is more expensive but the beans are freshly roasted.

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  • I bought it fortnight ago when it was 50% as well, I find that I need to adjust my grinder to 1 or 2 finer dial to get the best extract. Taste wise is not that bad.

    • Same. Need to adjust for a finer grind. No idea why.

    • Yes I also had to adjust the grinder and also the coffee extraction from my Breville machine was very poor using these coffee beans. I never had any issues for 2 years using any other coffee beans varieties . Have now changed beans and now everything is back to normal. My advise is do not get these Vittoria Coffee Beans! No issues with the Aldi Coffee beans.

  • will try one. thanks for sharing.

  • Always grab these when they are 50% off. Use these when making cold brew and rate them over some of the other brands stocked by Woolies. Thanks OP.

  • 50% off Vittoria Organic Coffee Beans Organic is the best value for money I have found.

    Always keep 2 bags in the house. Thanks for sharing!

    • Except ALDI Dark roast, $12/kg , may have gone up a dollar. Get great results from my combo (and technique) using them. Was buying their single origin stuff in the past which was great and disappeared for a while, but noticed they have them again.

      Wouldn't mind trying tho, is it different to the usual Vittoria? Bit of a run of the mill type coffee, like Merlo ( both probably consistent tho)

  • for me this is much better than aldi's one

  • Yeah great taste and quality. There are always the cheaper Coles and Woolies self named brands but these ther are good. I will get the non organic ones for $14 on special fairly regularly also.

  • What's the roasting dates?

    • You won't find them on the packet unless you can decipher the batch code. If roasting dates are important to you (I'm not saying it doesn't make a difference - it does, just if you care or not) then Vittoria are not the beans for you

  • Personally I prefer the Vittoria Mountain Grown variety that's normally also on special as it's a darker roast, but both are good

  • This coffee is a bit hit and miss in terms of freshness. No roast date on the packaging, so no way to tell whether it was roasted this century or not. I've tried it a few times, and I've only had it taste fresh (ish) once. I've had good results in on my Delonghi Magnifica with the Coles $12/kg house blend. It's a bit one-dimensional, but consistently decent quality.

  • Got 4 bags of this blend when it was on sale last time. Very happy with the taste. Putting it through a Breville Smart Griner and Sunbeam EM6910 which I assume most of you also have.