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40% off When You Purchase 1kg of Coffee or More (Free Shipping over $50) @ Undercover Roasters


Hey Ozbargain Fam!

Undercover Roasters is coming at you with a Halloween Flash Sale to celebrate spooky season and the opening of our new store in Abbotsford, Victoria.

To celebrate, we are giving our OzBargain friends 40% off when you purchase 1kg of coffee or more. Just add 1kg of coffee to your cart and enter code SPOOKY40 to get 40% off your entire cart! As always, we are giving our OzBargain friends early access to this spooky sale! This code is live as of NOW.

Happy brewing and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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  • Any chance of having free shipping since the order is over $50 but the discount drops it below $50?


    Peru Single Origin 1kg
    x1 $44.00

    SPOOKY40 (-$17.60)


    Arkadia Spice Chai 1kg
    x1 $20.00

    SPOOKY40 (-$8.00)


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      Unfortunately, we are unable to generate a code that would allow that. I do apologise. If we were, it would override the discount code as you can only use one code at once with our ecommerce platform.

  • Thanks OP

    Ordered the "ISO-2.0 Bulk Discount Pack #1" for $34.20 - (RRP $72.00)

  • WOO HOO! Happy brewing!

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    Does the UCR Dark and Strong come as whole beans or pre ground? About to order 2.5kgs
    Also you might like to put the post discount prices in the title.

    • It comes as whole beans, but you can elect to have it ground! If the drop down menu doesn't appear, please make a note at checkout that you would like it ground and what you would like it ground for.

    • The discount prices vary depending on the blend/single origin :)

  • Hey OP, i just ordered the 3kg BLK or WHT + a FREE Frank Green re-usable cup!, does this automatically come as whole beans?

  • Hey OP, is the free frank green cup the one with cashless payment built into it?

    Also can is there a way to select UCK dark for for the 3 KG?

    • Hey Eman!

      The Frank Green cup does not gave the NFC chip, my apologies. If you prefer DRK to BLK, just make a note at checkout that you would prefer we provide you with DRK :)

    • Hi there,

      Our Frank Green cup does not have the NFC chip, my apologies. If you wish to have DRK instead of BLK, please leave us a note at checkout that you would prefer DRK :)

  • Hey OP, if I were to purchase the 3kg BLK or WHT + FREE Frank Green re-usable cup, can I have a mix of both rather than having all 3kg the same?

    How would you describe the taste of both? Thanks!

    • Hey!

      Yes, for sure, just leave a note at checkout. I LOVE BLK, but I do like WHT. We find BLK very versatile, great as black or white coffee. The WHT blend is also delicious, but it is definitely more acidic and "third wave coffee".

      • for the 3kg pack can I please have 1k BLK 1k WHT and 1k DRK mixed?

      • Thanks OP, ordered the bundle with coffee cup. I left a note to have 1kg of each (BLK, WHT, DRK) if possible, if not 2kg BLK and 1kg WHT will do me. Also would love to have them espresso grind! Cheers!

  • Thanks Op - Generous discount code which can be applied to your bundle offers that are already discounted - ordered some BLK and Hot Chocolate to give it a whirl

    • Amazing, happy Halloween!

      • Bit of a random question! I recently bought a refillable pod kit to use with a pod system I was gifted, I've always used stovetop. What is the best grind option for this? Thanks
        Plunger, Stovetop, Filter & Espresso seen to be the options?

  • The 3kg package after discount comes to $72.

    Best price I can find for the frank cup is $25.50.

    So $15.50 kg with free deliver to the Gold Coast is a banging deal.

    I ordered and cant wait to try these blends

  • Im interested in the decaf (hold fire everyone) is that closer to your BLK style? im hoping so

  • Having a hard time trying to decide whether I want the t shirt ( I'd tamp that!) or a cup haha

  • Ordered again. Thanks guys. Just about to finish off a bag of BLK, so great timing.

  • Anyone has a review of the BLK blend other than its nutty, have cocoa notes and is slightly acidic as described?

  • What's your favourite blend/single origin if you could pick only one or two? I normally drink a double shot small latte.

    • Hi OP - I bought 3kg of the BLK and this is how I have my coffee. Would this be good for that? Double shot small latte.

  • What would you recommend for cold brew?

  • Does anyone know how does this compared to Grinders?

  • Ordered a double ISO-2.0 … can't wait to give it a try!

  • Great deal OP!
    Can I swap out the tee bundle with decaf? (also FYI the "First I do the coffee" tee isn't in the drop-down)

  • Thanks for the great deal op! Also congratulations on opening up your new HQ in Abbotsford, looks damn beautiful! Enjoying the free coffee! 🤎

  • Awesome deal OP. Any chance I can add soy boy to the cart?

  • Thanks op bought 2.5kg keen to try it! Great deal.

  • Thanks OP. Excellent deal. Bought 5kg :)

  • thanks for this. Excited to try all of these and get a much needed keep up.

    Order 2336

    Just wanted to make sure that my order note went through.


  • Hey op what's the best grind for aeropress? Thanks

  • Thanks op.

    Was actually just looking around for more bulk coffee when I saw this.

  • OP - i purchased 3kg with Tee
    Can i swap to the CUP ? I never saw it first time around, but more keen on the CUP? ill email support, see if they get it before order shipped

  • Can you put the Frank Green cup in the microwave?
    Also, I know I'm pushing it but is it possible to get the 3kg + cup with the Peruvian blend?

  • Super interested in hearing your opinion OP. Drinking mostly long blacks, with an Aeropress and a hand grinder. Black/White/Drk? and what single origin would you recommend?

    Looking forward to trying some new beans!

  • Is there any offer for 3kg of beans and the scales?

  • does the code expire 1 Nov? Can I put in an order now but have it sent say 2/3 weeks later? already have beans at home and some are in transit.

  • How long would these keep in the freezer? Planning to get a grinder in about a month's time and want to try that out! Want to get 1kg ground for right now and maybe keep another bag as whole beans and keep them either in the freezer or cupboard until I get my new hand grinder in about a month or so.

    • +1 vote

      They should last quite a while in the freezer, but we recommend you separate your kilo into individual doses (so for espresso, let's say 17-21g) and then grind each dose straight from the freezer when you are ready to use it. Do not defrost prior to use.

  • Ordered 3kg +cup.

    Thanks OP. I added note to get BLK …
    Was not sure how I could select..
    Also wonder if I can get it grinded ?!
    How.. couldn't find option for that..

  • I have ordered the 'SO-2.0 Bulk Discount Pack #1"
    I have added as a note in the order to grind the 1 kg BLK for Espresso, while the rest for a stovetop. That should be OK yeah?

  • Hi OP,

    Would it be possible to advise the roast dates for the coffee in the ISO pack?

    1 X 1kg BLK
    1 X 250g Single Origin (Surprise S.O)
    1 X 250g WHT

    Many thanks!

  • emmm seems that i'll have more sleepless night

  • Hey Guys, keen to pull the trigger on the Frank Green deal if there is any left over stock/more coming in?

  • Hey guys,

    I love expressos and my wife likes cappuccinos. What beans would you recommend in your blends and single origins??? And with the 3KG deal can I have a combination of single origin and blend?

    • Hello! For both espresso and latte drinkers, we recommend our BLK blend! If you were to choose a single origin, I personally would recommend our delicious Ethiopian beans. We would prefer it if the bundle deals were blends only as single origin is a higher price point to produce.

      • Hello! Finally managed to go Abbotsford store and try the BLK blend and it is beautiful. The only thing better than that is the customer service. It just blew me away. Very helpful staff, esp the Barista Aman. He gave lots of useful tips on how to extract using my Breville Barista Express.

        I have finally placed orders for two of ISO 2.0 packs (Order #2897). Would be great if you can send the same S.O in both packs and also something which is great for both Expressos and Cappucinos.

        Now the waiting game begins :)

        A very happy customer.

        • Thank you so much for your positive review, both here and I suspect on google! It has warmed our hearts to hear how happy you are with your experience.

          I sent your Google review to our Barista, Aman, and he was so touched by your comments.

          Thank you for being so kind and for all of your support 🥰

  • Hey Guys,
    In typical ozbargain style I mistakenly ordered twice, can you please help with a cancellation for one of them?

    • +1 vote

      Sure thing, I have sent you a private message, can you please respond at your earliest convenience? I can refund you and cancel your second order, but I need a bit of info from you :)

  • Hi, sorry if this question sounds a bit lame, but I usually have a cappuccino and I've got a coffee machine recently.. which coffee would you recommend?

  • BLK for sure!

    • Thanks. . I live at Abbotsford and just saw your store today. Might drop by tomorrow :)

      • +2 votes

        Make sure you do! All regular coffees are free for our first two weeks to celebrate our grand opening 🥰 We're only charging for upsizes and alternative milks!

  • Thanks OP. I walk by all the time and was thinking of getting some!!

    I accidentally ordered Whole Beans rather than Filter. Are you able to help change it(Order #2726)


    • No problem!

    • +2 votes

      P.S. if you're walking by our Abbotsford store, come in! We're giving out free regular coffees for two weeks to celebrate our opening 🥰

      • Thanks!!! I will make sure to visit tomorrow.

        Is is possible to pick up the order rather than having it delivered? We are 10-15 mins walking distance from the Abbostford store

  • Hi, which grind should I get for a Kitchenaid cold brew?

  • Hi all!

    I made a small error and the sale ends midnight October 31st, not midnight November 1st. My apologies.

  • Hi OP, just wondering if there's any chance you'll get the 3kg+ Frank Green cup back in stock before this sale ends?

  • Hi Op, just wondering how long it takes you guys to get stock out, running low and not sure if I should get something to hold me over. Thanks

    • Hey BoneSetter,

      All orders should be shipped by the end of next week. We are having to roast more coffee due to the unprecedented demand, so please bare with us! It may be a good idea to get a little something something just to tide you over.

      • Thanks for the reply. Understandable, looks like a lot of orders went through. I'm off to find a little something something ;)

  • Hi op, thanks for the awesome deal! I left some notes on my order but forgot to mention I'd like an aeropress style grind please. Order #2727