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[PC] UPlay/Epic - Free - Watch Dogs: Legion: El Rubius Bundle DLC - UPlay Store


A freebie for the recently released Watch Dogs: Legion.

You will get the character Rubius (who is modelled after El Rubius, a popular Spanish streamer)!


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  • I'm assuming you need to own the game because I am getting an invalid code error when I try to add it to my account.

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      You don't need to own the game as we found out. The DLC can be added even if you do not own the game yet.

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      I don't have the game and it seemed to work. After I click on "Go to Deal" on this page, pasted the code, then logged in with Uplay account it said "Congratulations!
      You have successfully unlocked: El Rubius Bundle. It will be available next time you start the game."

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        I tried again using Chrome and it worked. Not sure why Firefox didn't like it but yeah, got it added to my account now. :)

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        yeap worked

    • But why do we need the DLC when we are not owning the game? We get the DLC first and wait for the game to be FREE (maybe next 3 years) ?

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        Come on mate, you are not new here.
        Of course, that is how it works. Free or cheap. ;-)

        • yeah, was just wondering how many people are same as me - getting DLC for FREE and wait for some years :)

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    I own the game and it's still saying the key is invalid.
    My bad, i assumed you could redeem it via Ubisoft connect like a game key. only works via the link in this deal.

    • Yeah. I initially tried to 'activate' it via the uPlay app and it failed. Strange that you need to go via the website when everything else they try to do involves their App.

  • Worked for me, own it but yet to install.

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    Worked for me, and I do not own the game.

  • Thanks Lysander. Grabbed it using the code and worked. Owned the game but yet to install and play so might need to give it a go tonight.

  • Ok. Thanks guys for the feedback. Changed the description back.

    Good to know it can be redeemed even without owning the game.

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    Didnt work for me when trying to redeem via uplay

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      Just try with the link (Go to Deal) provided.

      • Thank you :)

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      Can't redeem WDL codes using uPlay.

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    Whoever reported it as expired is wrong. Just tried it on a brand new account and works fine.

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    Thanks op enjoying the game btw

  • Worked, thanks! :)

    Note: as with other WDL codes, it won't let you redeem ingame or through uPlay, you need to go to the website to redeem.

  • Why would they release a new game for free?

  • Thanks!

    Worked on Firefox Developer Edition

  • Title says UPlay/Epic. How do you claim this on Epic? Code doesn't seem to be working there.

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      It means it works with the games bought on Epic too which is logical given that even if you buy the game at Epic the UPlay launcher will be started and the game redeemed there as well. So both are really UPlay, one direct and one indirect.
      The code must be redeemed via the link but it works for WD: Legion bought on Epic too. That's what it means.

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    Side note:
    This code is to be REDEEMED through Uplay and not Epic.
    Spent 5 minutes trying to redeem on Epic

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      it has to be redeemed through the link in the op. it will be an invalid code in the uplay client

      • I'll fix up my comment, cheers

        Appears I can't edit it now but you get the drift.

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          yeah I think you can't edit comments once someone replies to you

  • Redeemed now just wait for the free game lol
    Thanks for your hard work Lysander

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    Not sure when it happened but Uplay is now called Ubisoft Connect.

  • Worked for me via the link. Cheers

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