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30% off Century Ultra Hi Performance 4x4 and Deep Cycle Batteries $194.99 (Was $279.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Saw this 30% off deal on Century batteries just on time while looking for a battery for my vehicle.

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  • Doesn't fit my vehicle. Dang. Honda CRV. Maybe for 4x4 only, the vehicle fit tool on the website is quite good.

  • I used these last century, they were pretty good.

  • These any good for battery boxes to take camping?

    • had the same question. Would this be any good to take for my Engel fridge?


      • I'd go an AGM deep cycle over a lead acid for an engel. More expensive but will last longer and less potential to die.

        • thank you kind sir!

        • +1 on that, I have one of the ultra-hi performance batteries as a starter but run an AGM (Optima but there are others out there) for auxiliary items like Engel and lighting etc.
          These batteries (the Century) don't like too many cycles of discharge before you lose capacity.
          AGM is built for discharge and recharge cycles.

        • do u need a different battery charger than the ctek ones that are often recommended here or nah to do the agm ones?

          • @Zachary: No. Any good quality multi-stage charger will do.

            • @Possumbly: But you need a different one to charge lithium ion and nickel calcium or nickel magnesium batteries? Or let me guess, you can still use the same ctek chargers that were meant specifically for lead acid batteries but will work on any other battery types, lead acid, agm, lithium ion, nickel calcium or magnesium, you name it!

              • @Zachary: AGM is essentially still LA so my answer stands. But why guess, why not do the research yourself? It should take all of half an hour, or 5 minutes if you only want to know what these CTEKs can charge (manual is online).

                What you should find is that typical 12V chargers are made for commonly found mass-market batteries - mostly LA, flooded or otherwise. Some later/more expensive 12V chargers ALSO have algorithms for Li ion (LiFePO4). You'll likely need a separate charger for any other 12V chemistry.

      • No. AGM or LiFePO4 ("lithium") is your answer. LA batteries don't like to be discharged/recharged regularly.

        Most car batteries have a relatively small aH capacity (this one is 85aH). Depending on how long you're "off grid", how hot it is (hence how often your fridge will be powering on) and what else you want to power, 100 aH would be a minimum for AGM. There are many variables which affect your fridge's power draw (ambient temp, fridge insulation, size, compressor quality, how you pack, how often the fridge is opened, how much air is inside the fridge - less is better, where it's located etc) but if you estimate around 25-30 amps per day you won't be far wrong.

        Lithium can be run to "0" capacity regularly (BMS will ensure it's not actually zero) but it's better to recharge at 20% of capacity, while AGM's generally perform best if not taken below about 40% - so 40aH cut off for a 100aH battery. Therefore you can get away with a smaller lithium, generally speaking. Good lithiums are more expensive than an AGM but last longer, are lighter, and are more flexible.

        Personally for a battery box/fridge setup I'd look at something like a Solar King 100aH lithium for about $630.

        • If that lithium price shocked you here are a couple of decent AGMs:
          Power AGM 135aH $270
          Fullriver AGM 129aH ~$440

          Fullriver AGMs are very highly rated by buyers.

        • You also need to make sure (so people understand) to run a proper BMS that will deal with that battery chemistry, you can't just connect these off the main battery and think all will be OK either!

          • @91rs: It really is quite simple with a battery box and a decent LiFePO4 battery but I agree it's wise to do some research before you buy. There are plenty of youtube videos and in-depth articles on battery boxes, battery and charging options, and connecting fridges etc.
            eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD8RFaQ6J3Q

            In-vehicle dual battery systems on the other hand need a much more complex - and expensive - management setup

    • You would be better off using a Deep Cycle battery for that and then you shouldn’t allow it to get below 50% of charge if you want it to last.
      Make sure the battery you choose is fully sealed you don’t want it leaking if you 4wd also.

      Solar panels are cheap enough these days to keep the charge up in your battery box..


  • For what it's worth, this is pretty close to SCA's staff pricing and Century batteries have worked well for me.

    A lot of comments in previous Century ozb posts say to check out Bunnings for car batteries though

  • Recommend these batteries over the cheap Autobarn Supercharge ones any day of the week if you have ANY electrical aftermarket devices in your vehicle.

    • Err going to say the opposite based on my experience - especially deep cycle marine…as always YMMV

      • Yeah i had 2 supercharge batteries die on me in as many years. Car is driven twice a week. The aftermarket rearview camera was draining it dead, at least that was my guess. The retail guys behind the counter at autobarn and supercheap couldn't offer any better explanation.

  • For batteries, don't forget to ring Costco if you have the membership. I am looking for a XDIN55MF battery.

    Most places are selling this battery for ~$180. Called Costco, they quoted $122.

  • From my past experience, you could insert your car model also to add the battery fitment service for the same price as $194.99 with extra $15 discount.

    • They wouldn't touch mine because it has fuse. Apparently, their company policy prohibits them from providing battery fitment service on any cars with fuse on the battery.
      Actually glad they didn't do it. It's so dead easy. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

      • OK. I have not got a fuse. I did as fitment service included old battery recycling as well.

        • If you bring in a battery to be like "I need this model", theyll take the old one anyways.

        • People actually pay for old car batteries as they have recyclable value. Used to get $10 the guy who used to show up to my workshop offering $ for batteries. Either way disposing of them shouldn't be an issue.

  • I bought similarly priced century battery recently during the recent 30% off sale. Paid with GC which got me further 8% off and also got $20 store credit.

    Looking at Bunnings, the Exide batteries seem very competitive in terms of pricing and spec?

    I guess only time will tell how good century batteries are for me, but so far so good.

    • Lol Century is way better than Bunnings elo cheapos. Unless they are like 30-50% of the price not worth.

      • The exide extreme have a 40 month replacement warranty and still work out cheaper.

        • I'm a bit biased to this brand having owned 3 and been impressed each time, I don't know Exide quality but honestly the warranty is a moot point. My Century Hi Performance had 36 months (they're 30 now) but you'll get 10 years if you look after them. And if they're a defect they'll probably die much sooner than 30/36/40 months anyway. So I wouldn't worry too much about that. I'd expect more than 40 months out of any battery I buy.

        • Exide used to make marshall. I rate exide. Looking at the ones in the bunning rack they appear to be good quality and well backed. I bought a made in korea neuton power for $109 recently which I thought was good but on the way home i picked up some stuff from bunnings and noticed the exide stand and the equivalent at $140. I had buyers remorse. I would rate century lower than neuton power. Still for a NS70 top grade this century from bricks and mortar is still a deal.

    • Yeah see my post below. Don't cheap out on batteries. I've gotten >10 years out of 2 Century batteries and the 3rd is probably still running but that car has been sold. I wouldn't be confident cheaper no-name will be getting the job done in 2030. Unless the saving is close to 50%, it's a false economy.

  • Normal price must be pretty jacked up.

    When I was looking for a battery last month, I found my local Total Tools to be the cheapest.
    Their normal price for a Century N70ZZLMF is $179.

    Supercheap only slightly cheaper at $174.99 with 30% off (Reg $249.99)

  • I almost needed one of these the other day. My battery got drained from leaving lights on, but my trusty CTEK MXS 5.0 has brought it back to full health!

    FWIW this is the only brand I use. I typically get 10 years out of them, having a smart charger will pay for itself in short time. During COVID when we weren't using our cars I plugged mine in for example. A little TLC will buy you another 3-5 years on these easily. I have never had a Century fail inside 10 years.

    Don't cheap out on batteries folks, false economy unless your selling your car soon, someone else's problem then I guess.

    EDIT: Interesting it states 30 months warranty. I just checked mine (Ultra Hi Performance) I bought 7 yrs ago, it had 36 months warranty. Although, these will never die inside of 3 years anyway unless its a defect or you completely neglect it.

    EDIT2: A tip, if you plan on keeping your car long term is I like to buy a higher capacity battery than my car requires (provided it physically fits). Costs more but it'll see less drain especially on those winter cold starts / short trips and generally last a bit longer over the course of its life. This does come at a premium $ of course.

  • How do the RAC/NRMA batteries compare? Are they any good? Anyone know where they source their batteries from? They seem pretty competitive on price.

    • at least a few years ago the NRMA one we got was a century. but it died this week. SCA had 25% of regular century batteries until yesterday

    • Beer goggles? ;-)

      Similar specs, Century is Au made. Both have very solid reputations. Generally it's not the battery's fault if it fails early.

      • I remember you from last time when you got salty. I've been using the Exide which has been better for me on a variety of metrics. I don't value where it's made, as long as it's performance and value do well. I'm really sorry if I did offend you last time.

        EDIT: Looking at the deal it still seem bunnings comes out cheaper, even with the sale for the similar spec unit?


        • Funny, I don't remember you, probably for good reason looking at your comment above.

          • @Possumbly: Your bad memory and posting seem to continue lol.

            • @Kranbone: Yes I try to forget drivel quickly.

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                                          You (plural) might want to have a little think about who's trolling who here? You both followed me onto this deal and have added nothing at all to the deal while expecting me to not respond to your childish provocations? Perhaps you were being ironic.

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  • Repco branded batteries are made by Century and are often on special and cheaper.