Your best bargain ever that you kept secret because you didn't want it OzBargained

There's been some interesting deals in the past which have quickly evaporated due to the merchant shutting down the offer after getting OzBargained. One example is the Maccas buy five babycino get any free loyalty coffee in any size of your choice: So I'm wondering if there were any killer deals you found in the past that you were just too greedy to share in the fear that you would miss out.

My top one was this: Before COVID, the Velocity Rewards store had a price error for Bose Home Speaker 300. It's usually worth $399 (RRP), but was priced at 2,614 points. If you equate one point to one cent, that's about $26.14. I only found it because I was trying to use up some points before they expire, so set the search to look for items under 5,000 points. I remember seeing a Priceline $10 gift card and the Bose speaker! So my dad and I snapped up one each, thinking that they're not going to honour it, but we would take our chances. Sure enough, 24 hours later, the deal was removed and it returned to the usual price 71,830.points. I never ended up posting it to OzBargain in time because I was hoping the order would first ship before realising the pricing error. I knew as soon as I posted it here there would probably be more than a thousand orders, meaning that no one's orders would ship as they wouldn't be able to fulfil them all. Sorry guys! And who knows, they may have gone into administration more quickly.

Anyone else with similar stories? Size of the deal doesn't matter. I think I got really lucky on this one.


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    Did you end up receiving the Bose speakers?

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      Yeah I did, but it took more than a month. The order was marked as 'processing' for about two weeks without action. After a few calls it eventually got moving. If it happened a month later I doubt we would have got them because Virgin then went into administration.

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        I bet the loss on fulfilling that order for Bose speakers is the straw that broke the back of the company's finances.

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          LOL. I should have been designated a creditor, and sat in on the hearings, along with the unions representing the employees…

          Lawyer: "And on the matter of the two Bose Speakers, for credit receipts totalling $798 dollars only, is thee in favour of the sale of the company to Bain Capital?

          Me: "Nay."

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    I can only say there are a lot. The best one was getting Google Home Nest Max for $188.

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      OzPriceError and OzFraud have better deals IMHO.

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        I have a 'hack' that is bit unethical… which I dare not post …
        … maybe on Reddit one day

      • Sharing is caring :-)

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    Many years ago, I accidentally discovered a 'hack' that enabled me to have free Qantas Club lounge access and perks before any Qantas-operated flight, without a paying membership. After successfully trying it out a few times, I wasn't sure whether to post it or not as it would have been unethical. It was patched soon anyway so I didn't worry about it anymore.

    • Really interested to know how that worked, since it's now no longer available.

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        Basically, I started the sign-up process for Qantas Club membership. After going through the application form, it directed me to an old-school bank payment processor page. However, I decided membership was too much and abandoned the application.

        To my surprise, my account tier changed to 'Qantas Club Bronze' soon afterwards, and it hung around for a few days. I had a flight during this time and upon checking-in, my boarding pass showed 'QC Bronze Member'. It let me into lounges with no problems at all. My status reverted back to normal a few days later.

        I tested it a few more times and it kept on working - sign up for a membership, then abandon it at the payment stage. Even my parents got access to the Singapore International Business Lounge at the time. It doesn't work anymore as Qantas has now integrated payment into the application form.

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      I often use that 'hack' too. Its called inviting my in-laws with qantas memberships on our trips and being their complimentary guests.

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        But then you've got to deal with the inlaws..

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      I often took more than one guest into the Qantas lounge using number of different hacks.

      The most I ever took was 4 colleagues, it was hilarious.

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    i ate almost a year for free using a known food app :)

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      how did u do that?

    • Are you just talking about the rinse and repeat sign on offers?

    • Did you become a fat bastard after the year?

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        No, because it was patched after 7 months.

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    They offered a $20 credit for sign up so I subsequently made 100's of accounts with fake emails. Basically lunch was free everyday

    • You didn't need a unique mobile number?

    • How about breakfast and dinner?

    • you can still do this, where did u get the 365 sim cards from?

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        let alone 100 SIMs?

        • there is plenty of free receive SMS or you can buy number online

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      I know it is tempting, but isnt someone out there losing money over this "hack"?. I personally won't do it.

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        It's as good as stealing.
        But no thief would admit to be a thief, so a nicer alternate name would be provided

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    My best one was a pricing error at Anaconda.
    They marked down their 60L esky to $129 for a sale but incorrectly put it in the system missing the 9.

    Headed over to one of their stores and waited for them to open, got inside and confirmed the price. They were stumped but said if it was on the website it was correct so I bought 3, shortly after they had taken the product off the website.
    I sold all 3 for $120 each.

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      I sold all 3 for $120 each.

      To whom? Who buys an esky from a private individual for only 7 % off?

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        People on Gumtree and Marketplace thinking they're getting a bargain just because it's not on the retailers site.

        • If it still looks brand new then it must be one hell of an esky, maybe they thought.

        • Same as ebay… not on manufacturers site = win :)

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        Might have been a bargain to them because $129 was supposed to be the discounted price, and it was no longer available on the site by then.

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        At the time I sold 2 of them the sale had finished and the price had gone back up to around the $200 mark, now it looks like they are listing them at $329…

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        I watched a bunch of people pay above retail price on a auction site with 22% fees for new products that don't have warranty. People are stupid.

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    Kinda a bargain more so a way i made a few hundred in a few hours easily.

    Big W was selling iphone SE for a good price (i don't remember the price it was a few years ago) and bought the phones at a higher price than big w sold them for i know i made $75 profit on each phone.
    Three trips to big w buying three iphones each time and sold all the phones to webuy the same day since they have a store close by, i'd of done it more but after the last trip they told me they wouldn't accept anymore.
    Made like $600 or so from this.

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      I did this too!!

      Made almost $300 from this little venture.

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    Not what you asked but…

    I liked the Bunnings drone error, didnt get it, but did get the 250 voucher

    Also the nest hub max for 129 back in April, had JB price match it.

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      Jumped on the Nest Hub Max deal too - best score from this website so far! Almost offsets the amount I've unnecessarily spent thanks to this place…

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    Back in Nov 18, Myer had a ~50% off sale for Oakley sunglasses online. I was after Snow Goggles for Christmas skiing in Japan, and though the Oakley Snow Goggles weren't listed on the Myer sale page, a specific search priced them at 50% off too. Couldn't believe my luck!

    Oakley Snow Goggles are rarely on sale and the max discount is 10% off. I ended up buying two pairs. They were stuck at shipping and I thought it would be cancelled, but I used Myer chat to follow up and the assistant shipped them out to me.

    - Oakley Canopy Goggles for $114 (RRP $242)
    - Oakley Line Miner Goggles for $80 (RRP $155)

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    Just for this thread, I hunted down the bargain. I kept quiet until I got it, expected someone else to post it given it was on Whirlpool but no one did

    I'm gobsmacked that 6 years on and one less lens, the price is higher

    • Hey, I think I bought this deal too. Sold the 4yr old camera body, 30000+ shutter count, by it self last year for about 500$ too

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    Enroll in the RSS feed and filter for removed listings

    • Can you enlighten on this ? RSS feeds is a myth for me 😔

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    for me, was with ADSL2+ TPG. I got a discount of $20/$30 monthly on my bills for over 5 years.

    • How?

      • If they told you, it wouldn't be a secret because you didn't want it OzBargained anymore.

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        I knew a customer who did this with his friends many years ago.
        Sign up for ADSL2 with TPG and then cancel it. Then get credentials from a friend/family member with unlimited, put them into your modem, and it'll work. You can both be online at the same time on the same account. He has like 3 or 4 people sharing an account from different houses, splitting the bill.

        • Hahah, nice. Cant believe TPG's system could not catch that.

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          exactly right! this what we did before moving to NBN.

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          Haha, i did the same thing with exetel way back. all you needed was their name, address and phone number from the phone book which I already had. It was more like when my service was frozen due to parents asking the company cause i played too many vide games. Used my mates and bang, up and running again.

    • If you somehow still have ADSL (especially if it's with iiNet) and an ABN, you can switch to their Business Value plan which includes the PSTN and unlimited quota for $79.99/m. Once that's done, switch to Business Essentials for $59.99/m which doesn't include the PSTN and only allows for 500GB quota.

      Due to someone not setting up the bundling correctly, the included PSTN doesn't charge after the plan change and the 500GB quota isn't enforced due to a 2018 TPG directive.

      Same price as residential ADSL but with business support and a static IP.

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    I have 2.
    The first wasn’t that I kept it a secret, I just didn’t think it could possibly go through.
    Last year David Jones had 20% off Trenery items, but actually anything that I added became $20, including $500 blazers and stuff.
    Every order was fulfilled, my sister and I ended up getting $5000 worth of clothing (actual worth obviously not that high), for a few hundred dollars.

    The second I also didn’t think would go through so didn’t share it.
    Last year the iconic has 2 for $150 on all the RM Williams belts, I added 2 and in the cart they were actually coming up as $50 for the two
    All the men in the family got belts for Christmas last year.

    Those were the only two times I’ve found a real bargain myself, and they were absolute rippers.

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      That's insane DJ filled those orders.

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        Yep I couldn’t believe it!
        Once they picked it up they actually cancelled the last order and refunded me, but then that order was delivered too, was amazing.
        Unfortunately/fortunately my partner has lost a bunch of weight and barely any of the clothes fit him anymore, but he was looking very sharp for about a year.

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      All the men in the family got belts for Christmas last year.

      Were you torn between keeping quiet about the bargain and appearing very generous to your family, or bragging about the great deal and appearing cheap?

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        I came clean, didn’t want to set a very high standard for future years haha

    • 2 for $150 on all the RM Williams belts

      2x Belts for 150? Diamond encrusted?

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    My favourite one was Hungry Jacks when you buy a $1 frozen slurpee and the receipt says do the survey after spending anything for a free bbq cheeseburger, I did it so many times I think they stopped doing it and changed the promo to free fries and drink if you buy a normal priced burger.

    And another rare one was eBay’s birthday offer I asked customer support for a 10% discount and complained that I didn’t receive one, so over the phone I told them I wanted to buy something $1000 so they gave me $100 coupon. That was my best one that only worked once. And nowadays they no longer do the 10% birthday deal and now they do Eligible deals :(

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      At my local if I used the survey to get the cheeseburger on the next receipt they gave me they'd tear the survey part off the next receipt despite how much I was spending.

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    The best bargain I got was a Wii U Skylanders Bundle for $24 from Big W - I did comment in a thread about it at the time - but didn't make a separate post as it seemed to be perhaps too good a price. But come November that year it was actually delivered.

    • lol they sent it, but 5 months later! wow :)

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    Sign up a fake email from anywhere
    Get YouTube premium for free for a month.
    Cancel as soon as you sign up. Rinse and repeat every month.
    Been doing it for 2 years. Haven't never paid for YouTube premium once. Have seen ads ever.
    Can be done with other services like prime video, stan, etc they don't check IP addresses

    • They don't check CC/PayPal credentials either

      • asks for CC credentials for me and random numbers dont seem to work for me

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          Why would random numbers work?

          • @BartholemewH: The comment above said they don't check cc/PayPal credentials so I assumed they meant random numbers was all U need but guess I understood wrong.

            • @DOGGYWOWWOW: It has to be a legitimate credit card number in order to work. Lol

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      I just use an ad blocker.

      • Which one works for YouTube? Any recommendation - for desktop and mobile?

        • the best part is for watching youtube on your tv. i dont believe theres any easy fix for ads besides youtube premium.

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          AdGuard is great for desktop and mobile. It works system-wide so in-app ads get blocked as well as in your web browser. It's currently on sale too.

          If you want a free option uBlock Origin works well, but it's only a web browser addon so ads won't get blocked in other apps.

          • @matthiew: AdGuard costs money??? I've only ever used the free one and never get youtube ads.

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      To much of a pain with subscriptions though

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      I just use YouTube Vanced.

      • I used to, but then it didn't work for a long time. Might have to look into it if it works again.

        • The secret is not to update the Youtube App.

        • Don't use the magisk version anymore, it isn't updated. Get the manager from their website and it's super simple to install

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        SHUT UP people. Jeez

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      But then your reccomendations are not there

    • Ways to watch YT ad-free, without creating google accounts

      1. Use Kodi
      2. Alternative app such as NewPipe
      3. Many more
    • my mate was doing that for a year and then got caught…… lol

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    This whole thread seems to be full of pricing error deals or Brodens flipping for profit.

    Anyway, was at Bunnings a few weeks ago, needed to buy some work bench/shelving for home. Someone had done up a sign and stuck it to a stack of flat pack rack type stacking shelves and had flipped two of the numbers. Instead of writing something like $292, they wrote $229.

    Didn’t bother sharing it because a: just another pricing error, b: I don’t think other stores would have honoured the price, and c: I needed to go and get the truck from work and load up as many as they had in stock. I needed 3 for home, but ended up taking the truck back and taking the lot (about 9 flat packs). The girl at the trade desk scanned one, said it was the higher price, I showed her a photo of the sign, and she just said, “oh, ok, I’ll put them through at that price…”

    • -3

      You'd think checkout chicks would become suspicious when you've already taken a photo of the price on your phone. But I do this too when I suspect a price error.

      Hopefully they are, but just realise that it isn't coming out of their paycheck and prefer to deliver better customer service.