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Razer Blackwidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Green Switch) $132.90 + Delivery @ Amazon US via AU


For anyone who missed on the Amazon Prime Day Deal. Only green switches available at this price. Comes out to be about $160 with delivery.

Edit: Didn’t realise free delivery is not available. Making this deal not that much of a good deal anymore. But still here if anyone wants it. Delivery kind of kills the deal compared to prime day.

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  • Was going to post it myself, but it not Free Delivery with Prime.

  • Anyone tried a green switch before? Which would be the best for typing fast.

    • Yes I have Blackwidow chroma green switch and I will recommend for fast typing, if you do touch type. However, it could be very noisy. After couple of years the key cap may break and I recently replaced with double shot PBT keycaps and they broke as well. I would say typical razer quality.

      • Woah you broke your keycaps?? +1 for noisy, dunno what's going on with your keycap situation :/

        • Yeah mate, I am fairly surprised why the PBT double shot key caps broke. They were initially ok, a bit stiff when I installed them but later broke so many of them.I would also say that I like the typing with the original key caps where the double shot key caps felt the sound is dampened.

    • Yellow Is best for typing fast.

    • Not greens -> you want lighter switches for fast typing, and lower travel. Cherry and the others sells "speed" switches. Dunno how much of a gimmick they are, but imo, just get what you like the "feel" of. I got mx blues and zilent 62g switches… should have gotten zelios instead of the zilents but they're soooo smooth.

      • Trust me I have got Corsair K70 Rapidfire switch earlier version and with no tactile feedback it's tiring to type. For typing you definitely need a switch with tactile feedback. I will not recommend linear switches with no feedback.

    • I got mine yesterday and im loving it.I moved from microsoft keyboard back in 2007 to this one. I like the clicky noise it feels nice

  • I've just moved (like 10 minutes ago) from my old Razer Blackwidow with Greens to a new Blackwidow Elite with Yellows. Definitely a different feel, but I like that I'll be able to type a bit quieter once I get used to the key 'weight'. Won't always have to mute myself in Zoom meetings as I type a note/message to someone.

  • Wait for Black Friday to get this, my fav one would be the orange switch, second yellow , I don’t like loud keyboard.

  • Anyone know why the Prime international orders over $49 offer didn't apply to this?

  • I got this a few months ago with free PRIME shipping from the USA.

    It broke so they accepted a return.

  • Being lucky to try both switches orange and green… i prefer green switches.
    it felt more lighter for some reason even though it has the same acutation point.

    typing wise felt more better on green.

    brown sounds better.
    just my imo

  • Accidentally found it to be in stock with free Prime shipping today