Milwaukee M12 Brushless Drill Combo Kit (with Inflator) $386 @ Sydney Tools


Milwaukee M12 Brushless Drill Combo Kit (with Inflator) $386 @ Sydney Tools
Clearance Combo - I had to get mine ordered from another store.
M12 Brushless Cordless Drill Driver
12V Inflator Pump
1x 4Ah battery
1x 3Ah battery
1x battery charger dock
1x carry bag
5 year warranty on drill, 3 years on inflator and 2 years on batteries.

This isn't part of the redemption sales on at the moment but is actually better value. The same drill driver is $399 with the Inflator via redemption but with smaller batteries.

There is also a drill driver and impact driver combo for $398 with a sander/buffer or solder iron for redemption however I was really after an inflator and don't necessarily need an impact driver at the moment.

I know the M18V range has more oompf but for around the house stuff 12V is more than capable and doesn't hurt the pocket as much.

Note: I just checked the receipt and I actually paid $360, not sure why but it may be cheaper than what is displayed!

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  • I love the Milwaukee M12 line. Their Fuel impact driver is my favourite tool. I just purchased the $400 impact and hammer drill kit and I’ve swapped out the regular impact for the Surge. By the time I drop off the unneeded items I’ll only be paying $100 for the Surge.

    • Nice! How did you swap out the regular impact for the Surge? They let you do that?

      • I called first and asked if it was possible and they said they would give me a dummy receipt to send to Milwaukee for the redemption and they would give me the correct receipt in store. On the receipt it will just say I purchased the regular impact/hammer drill kit but swapped out the impact for the Surge.
        Generally most of the time Total Tools and Sydney Tools will swap out equivalent priced tools out of a kit.