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Bonus $200 TGG Gift Card with Telstra $90/Month nbn Plan (Unlimited Data, Calls & Free Modem for New Customer) @ The Good Guys


It’s $76.66 per month over 24 months less $120 (for $10 off for 12 months) and the $200 eGift voucher).

  • Telstra unlimited home nbn (50/20) and calls for $80 per month with $10 credit (for 12 months)
  • $0 free 4G enabled modem
  • No $99 connection fee
  • PLUS BONUS $200 eGift Card (upon completed connection with The Good Guys).
  • 3 months BINGE (redeem by 18th Jan 2021)

Telstra don’t charge (like other Telcos) if you call 13 or 1300 numbers (up to the value of $500 per month).

Don’t forget the Telstra Plus - the rewards points and discount offers program.

Includes: Telstra Broadband Protect - https://www.telstra.com.au/internet/extras/broadband-protect...

For more details of the packages:


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  • Anyone know if you can get a telstra NBN connection without the smart modem?

    • Keep the modem and use your own router

      • Better off not taking their modem. They charge you $9 a month until you finish 2 years, if you migrate to some other provider.

        • Do you mean the white box looks like Series X, they let me kept after ending contract, and I use it with superloop now.

          • @kendo: Yea that one. That's what I meant, if you haven't finished the contract and want to switch over to another NBN provider, Telstra will slug you with 9per month.

            There's no option to return it either.

  • How do you get $10 credit per month??

  • Can't stand when some NBN providers have a connection fee 🤦‍♂️ I would recommend superloop or Aussie BB for way better customer service

  • I would say Superloop & Mate are both great. Heard good things about Internode. Anyone used them? What are your views?

    • I've got superloop and am very happy with it. 100mbps on FTTP and its just as good as Telstra was but much cheaper. They also don't overcharge for a static IP

    • Internode are TPG in disguise. Simon the founder of Internode even left them for Aussie BB.

  • I wish I could get 100Mbps +, but given I am flat out syncing at 30Mbps on my dodgy FTTN connection - it remains a pipe dream. I can only hope that we get fiber remediated one day, or that 5g comes to the rescue.

    • You might need to look at upgrading your router. I was in the same situation. Upgraded the router and went from 30mbps to 45mbps.

    • Same boat here, even worse at 25. 10 times slower than my mobile connection. YouTube load a 4K video at peak hour…

    • I was the same as you, was syncing at 35-40mbps with FTTN, I got a cable guy to come and disconnect all the phone points and run a cat6 cable from where the phone line comes in to just one socket near the modem, now i'm syncing at 110Mbps and getting 97Mbps down with Superloop 100/20 plan, must of had a dodgy cable in the house somewhere causing the speed loss. here is my speedtest just now https://www.speedtest.net/result/10329611218

  • $90/month for 50mbps lmao

    • $80/month after $10 credit
      50Mbps TES as compared to 40-46 from others.
      Free smart modem (have to stay connected for 24 months though)
      Phone line and unlimited calls to standard phones and mobiles.
      Pre-activated 4G back-up though capped at 12/1Mbps - still better than nothing.
      Telstra Air to connect to WiFi hotspots - domestic and international
      Telstra Broadband Protect

  • i'm on telstra cable at 110mbps.

    haven't got the we're going to come to your house and cut it off yet. when it does come, what alternatives do i have? optus gave my dad 3 months free.

    • Check your address and see what will be available, I was on Optus cable and got NBN via HFC through Telstra.

    • I got 100 mbit NBN for the same price ($90 / month) for 12 months when they forced me to move away from cable.

  • +10 votes

    Good luck trying to deal with Telstra ATM.

    • Yeah, they have zero customer service on the phone. Nil. Nada.
      Kinda sad for a phone company.

    • It seems not only me feeling that their customer service went down under. Today was on the phone and I almost felt that I was hitting a wall and finally I figured out how to retrieve some info but the other end just lost patience and hang up.

    • Their message service works fine. You just send a message and then when you’re top of the queue they’ll message you back and you can communicate through that.

  • Mentioned in the T&Cs - This is available to new BB customers who don't already have an internet connection at their house.
    Checked it in the Oxley store last week and was told the same.

  • I couldn't find the upload speeds after going through a few pages, sounds like orc mischief to me.

    On a serious note.. Their advertised speeds only apply to Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) and "select" Fibre To The Building (FTTB).

    Most people will be FTTN (Fibre To The Node), if so, your 100Mbps plan will cap at 50Mbps.

    Their $130 plan, in my opinion is probably the only one worth considering. It caps at 215Mbps, and appear to be significantly cheaper than the other providers when trying to get your download speeds passed 100Mbps.

    I'm unsure though what your expected speeds are during the day, you'd definitely want to find out what those expected speeds are before investing in any of their plans.

    • 20Mbps is the upload speed.

      100Mbps doesn't cap at 50Mbps if you have a short line to the node and you get the full 100Mbps if not a little more. If you're say 800m from the node then sure your max could be 50Mbps.

      The $130 plan doesn't cap you at 215Mbps. You can get around 280Mbps.

      Nah there are cheaper ISPs. Telstra is one of the most expensive ISPs.

      • Negged for giving the right speeds. Good job team.

        • Mentions cheaper ISPs, doesn't actually say who.

          Mentions upload speeds, doesn't say which plan.

          Mentions maximum download speeds, doesn't say the average.

          Disagrees with FTTN speeds, even though I was quoting their page on that part.

          Also, I wasn't the one who negged you.

          • @Beyond246: Tangerine, Aussie BB and Superloop are cheaper for 250Mbps.

            20Mbps upload is for this 50Mbps plan.

            The typical evening speed is 215Mbps because the plan is still new and there is not enough data. ISPs mention this in their critical information summaries and will be updated in time. You'll find 215Mbps is much lower than what speeds you actually get even during the evening.

            Telstra lifted the 100Mbps FTTN stop sell.

            Yeah I know it wasn't you.

            • @Twix: You said "There are cheaper ISPs", and these three below were the exact ones you mentioned.

              Telstra is $130 for 12 months, then $140.
              DLs YOU say go up to 280Mbp/s. ULs unknown.

              Tangerine is $110 for 6 months, then $120 on an nbn250.

              Aussie Broadband is $130 on an nbn250.

              Superloop is $130 on an nbn250 plan.

              If that's your idea for "one of the most expensive ISPs", and those are your examples for a cheaper service, that's rubbish. The only one that holds merit is Tangerine, which is $20 cheaper.

              I just wasted my time. Don't bother responding, I'm not in the mood to guess which of your sentence are factual.

              • @Beyond246: $129 with Superloop & Aussie BB. Every $1 a month saved counts on OzBargain. Make that $11 a month saved when the Telstra promo ends.

                Download speeds do go up to 280Mbps. Go look up how NBN over provisioning works for download speeds. The upload speed is 25Mbps.

                The download/upload splits are 12/1, 25/5, 25/10, 50/20, 75/20, 100/20, 100/40, 250/25, 1000/50, 1000/400.

                Good day.

  • Anyone successfully change their plan to discounted rate while being on same plan

  • Per the T&C, looks like they're using the NBN deal which offers ISPs a rebate if they sign up customers without NBN internet. If you already have NBN (regardless of which internet provider you use), you won't be eligible for the offer.

    And to be honest, it's not that interesting, even if you were eligible for the offer.

    • Are their better deals for people signing up 1st time? I disconnected my service before nbn was available here so I'm trying to figure out the best way to get a nbn compatible modem/router/plan without a contract preferably. I assume my old ADSL router/modem would be useless. Good to know there's ndn incentives out there maybe that'll subsidise my equipment. Thanks

  • "…incredible 50Mbps…" is a joke already

  • I just switched today from Telstra to Launtel, all done in 15 minutes, I didn't have to touch a thing. Follow up by email and FB messenger to check everything was good at my end as they couldn't see issues from theirs.

    Had been told be Telstra my max speed World never get over 25….. Ran a speedtest straight after connecting to Launtel and it came back at 33.5 using the same Telstra Router.

    A great customer experience so far!

    • Do you have to disconnect from Telstra? Had a mate who went from iinet to ABB when they launched gigabit and he had to disconnect from iinet. He has two active connection at once.

      • Yeah for FTTP you should cancel the ex ISP because FTTP is capable of 4 individual services at once.

        FTTN, HFC, FTTC can be automatically canceled. It's best to get in touch with your ex ISP to make sure.

  • how is this a deal? typical nbn50 plans are 10-15$ cheaper in any case with most providers. A $200 voucher changes nothing.

    • after connection fee is taken into account, it's essentially a $100 voucher. Not a good deal unless you need telstra for some reason, or you're doing something dodgy with tax

    • It’s $76.66 per month over 24 months less $120 (for $10 off for 12 months) and the $200 eGift voucher). Prove to me a better deal out there..

      • Belong, internode or TPG, sub $70 per months, free modem and contract is 12 months.

        The Telstra premiums service isn't quite as premium now nbn is here.

        Internode even does $59 per month for first 6 months no lock in contract.

        phone is only $10 add on but seriously for call who doesnt use their mobiles?

        • I need the landline, that’s further why the Telstra is better value again. No additional $10 - $20 calls additional charges a lot of other Telcos charge. Also other Telcos charge for 13x Numbers, Telstra provide up to $500 worth of 13x calls a month. Still can’t find a better competitor offering cheaper prices for my needs. Dare you to find me one, you’ll have no luck for sure.

  • In my opinion Telstra are using covid as an excuse for ridiculously poor customer service

    I was actually quite surprised with their customer service last year but it's become pretty much non-existent all they want you to do is use the 24 seven app to send them a message then they will respond then enjoy going back and forth with somebody for hours and hours and hours

  • "Ends 2 Nov 2020", better get in quick

  • 1) not a deal as noted above
    2) my mum's internet is down until 5/11. 132200 doesn't work. Also noted above, SL ABB Launtel et al have customer support.

    Just don't.

  • They are pain to deal with once you decided to leave them. 3 months on, I am still waiting for my phone to be transferred to other provided and already spend lot of money in trying to do that. Your $200 gift card will be sucked back by the company anyway.

  • How do i get Good Guys gift voucher? How do I get Good Guys to complete connection? I don't understand why is good guys involve in NBN connection.

  • It’s $76.66 per month over 24 months less $120 (for $10 off for 12 months) and the $200 eGift voucher).

    I’m so impressed with all the haters with this plan, that are all talk!

    I challenge you all to find a better deal and advise that offers:

    • unlimited nbn (50/20) and calls for $80 per month with $10 credit (for atleast 12 months)
    • $0 free for a 4G enabled modem
    • No $99 connection fee
    • $200 eGift Card (upon completed connection with The Good Guys).
    • No charges for 13 numbers

    I know you’ll not find a better deal on price.

    And to sweeten the deal, $30 value of 3x of streaming Binge.

    And also, points (the Telstra Plus) that rewards for just paying your bill.

    Again, there isn’t anything currently on the market that betters this deal.

    PS For customers like me (and the majority) that have copper (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) install - from the node (Street pole), there is no point for the 100 plans as there is no guarantee on getting any speeds decent to warrant paying the additional expense.

    • $0 for the Telstra modem if you stay with Telstra for 24 months. If you leave early you pay $9 a month x how many months remaining and up to $219 for the Telstra modem.

      HFC does 100Mbps with ease. HFC can even do Gigabit and those who don't have the option to get Gigabit will be upgraded by late next year.

      • This for your response. however I plan to stay with Telstra, so the concern for a monthly $9 charge if I left is negligible.
        There is also a service guarantee (like all Telcos anyways otherwise the Ombudsman will become my best friend).
        I was loyal with TPG over 9 years.. their ADSL 2+ was a joke, I'm getting an average 12mbps speeds ATM, so anything more is great TBH.
        Still no one had been able to suggest better pricing than the Telstra offer for $76.66 per month (less the discounts).
        It's reinforcing to me that people are very salty and when it comes to the punch, aren't willing to put money where their mouth is.

        • Yeah if you plan on staying with Telstra the modem price is a non issue.

          50Mbps is a good jump up from 12Mbps and the extra speed is there if you need it in the future.

  • Well I've been with Telstra cable for a long time. I plugged in the new NBN modem recently, old modem died, assuming I have switched over to NBN and kept my existing legacy plan. Now one month later, I have lost internet for a whole week. Basically they said I need to pick a new plan. Anyway after further conversation, I've been advised I can keep my old plan on NBN which is the 1tb Telstra home complete at $88 a month at 110/5 speed if I recontract for 24 months. Or they can give me the $80 a month promo, I'm assuming this is the 50/20 unlimited plan for 12 months contract. comparable to the TPG $70 plan + $10 phone plan is also $80.

    Our household uses maybe 100-200gb a month. No need for high upload speeds. Maybe 500gb/month in the near future. We don't even have an NBN phone so we can't make any calls to use those call credits.

    What's the better option?

    Legacy? 110/5 1tb @ 24 month, $80 50/20, or possibly the $100 100/?? @ 12 month. Edit: these appear to be then $10 more the next 12 months.

    I plugged in their modem about a month ago so it might be a $9/month charge if I leave Telstra. Plus I loose my Telstra email, I might have used it for some registration??, and my Telstra plus points?

    How many cable users here choose to stay on the legacy plan? I don't think NBN is going to get any cheaper, might get faster though.

    • Does the address lookup say you are connected to the NBN or contact a phone or internet provider?

      110/5 is not a speed on NBN. The plan is 100/20 that is more like 108/19. The $80 a month plan is 50/20 unlimited data.

      The better option depends on if you use the full 100 down or if you can get away with 50 down.

      • Appears disconnection in area began Oct 2020. I just checked, And my account is still suspended, and I thought only the plan was suspended can even pick any NBN plan. Have supplied a new visa last week. Old one on auto debit expired years ago.

        From reading various posts I figure my best option now is to stay with Telstra for 1-2 month, return any modem they send me, use the one they randomly sent last year, and look for an alternative service provider. Terrible messaging support promised a lot but nothing got done.

        Then at the Telstra store they told me I need to make an appointment.

  • I visited Castle Hill TGG yesterday. They said no $10 credit the first 12 months and need to pay $99 connection fee if sign up at TGG but will have $200 GC. I showed him this post but he said you can't get both offers :(
    I need to change to NBN before mid of this month…

    • Go to another TGG store, clearly that person that ‘assisted’ you did not know what they were talking about.

  • I checked online and here’s the T&C on TGG website:
    The Good Guys Bonus $200 The Good Guys eGift Card Promotion (“Promotion”) Full Terms and Conditions
    1. To be eligible, customers must sign up to the $90 Per Month Unlimited Home Data Internet plan with a $99 upfront connection fee to receive a bonus $200 The Good Guys eGift Card. (“Bonus”).
    2. Promotion commences 5/10/2020 and ends on 2/11/2020. Unless withdrawn earlier. (“Promotional Date”).
    3. Offer available to new fixed broadband customers that don’t already have an internet connection at their house, they can have a standalone landline (voice) service already and only the internet will be a new connection.
    … …