[Price Error] Logitech MX Master 3 (Black) $71.98 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ CPL Online

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Great price on the Logitech MX Master 3. Lowest ever I believe!

Alerted by Prino App that tracks prices for my 28 Degrees purchases for price protection claims.

I bought mine at $128.95 recently but unfortunately different Model # - hopefully the claim goes through anyway. 🤞

Update: 28 Degrees honoured my price protection claim.

Mod 31/10: Price error, orders are being refunded due to system glitch.

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CPL Online


  • Not purchase on this site before. Is this legit?

    Edit: looks like a lot of deals from this site posted here. All good :)

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      They're your typical IT supplier catering to nerds who know what they want and are happy to sacrifice quality-of-service for good prices.

      Needless to say, ordered :)

      • Good price nevertheless if not notice error, but a mouse is a Mouse, shouldn't cost more than $100 mark IMO

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      I was physically in one of their stores last week. They are one of my preferred stores right now.

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      They are legit.

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      You may also want to see these https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/262618/84040/img_7598....
      I think it would be a price error

      • 85IN for only $129.88?? That's a freaking steal

  • Pity about shipping to WA

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    Surely this is a price error? Never seen it even close to this price before!

    • Probably, they have another listing (Graphite) marked as $139 at the same time.

      • Yep. I've decided to hold off. Too good to be true and also not the same model number, but if I miss out on a genuinely good deal, then at least it's really only about $30 cheaper than the previous cheapest.

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    Whys shipping so much..

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      because watches are not cheap?

  • Seems like some good prices for 1080p monitors if someone wants to make a post, fair few under $100

    • Yes, some of the monitor prices are incredible.
      $78 for a 24" Philips that's $280+ everywhere else?
      I hope there aren't pricing issues across their website.

      • Really want to buy it. Is this website dodgy?

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          CPL is a massive PC part distributor in Melbourne. I used to work closeby to them and they are definately not dodgy.

          • @fuzor: I've ordered quite a bit from CPL over the years when I worked near one of their offices. Never had a problem and they seemed to be a decent sized operation.

  • Great price if you can click and collect

  • Thanks Op, got one. Yesterday got Logitech G602 from ebay for $109. Will keep one of them as a spare.

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    What’s the difference between this one and the Advanced model?

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    $68.35 with Officeworks Price Match if anyone wants to try and call them on 1300 OFFICE (633 423) :)

    • 🌊🌊🌊

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      Different model # though? There’s an earlier comment asking for the difference between the one linked and the advanced model, even the same seller has the advanced for a higher price

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        The one at Officeworks (910-005698) is graphite, the one on this listing (910-005710) is black.

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          Retail vs Commercial (black)

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      Just tried. Price match rejected as different model numbers

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    OP, could you provide a link to the app you recommended? I was unable to find it online.

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    Ordered one, thanks OP. With shipping it was $89.28 which is still cheap.

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    The site is being OZBd

  • Good price, but shipping expensive… pity

  • Ordered pickup in Melbourne

  • Price match with JBhifi?

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      Don't wait, buy it now otherwise will be gone soon. Its being ozbargained

      • Hahaha it's true that to be a true Ozbargainer you need to buy first and ponder later

  • This is an insane price.

  • Good stuff, ordered immediately as I don't have time to deal with price matching this morning.

  • ordered. thanks OP

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    Great price! But note the difference in the normal "retail" version that comes in full retail packaging and this "commercial" version, which comes in just a OEM card board box.
    We run this in our offices and I've noticed quality differences in the OEM / Black version. Buttons feel less clicky and some samples are lighter. 8-10g lighter.

    -OEM - Commercial (BuisnessEdition) Brownbox
    -Retail version Graphite Fancybox
    -Also there is Mac Edition which has the SpaceGrey shell. I've not noticed ANY difference in connectivity or features other than the colour scheme.

    • hesitate…

  • Price errors all over the shop. Waste of time

  • lol, whole website is down

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    site is down now.. :)

    There has been an error processing your request
    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 1461251912000

    Magento is a trademark of Magento Inc. Copyright © 2014 Magento Inc.

  • Site is a little shady, couldn't find PayPal even though it mentions it but bought anyway… Upgrading from a first revision MX Master that I've been modding to keep alive for the last couple of years.

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      It says PayPal is for orders over $100. They are a real company with brick and mortar stores over Melbourne and have been around for ages.

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    Site down now

  • Website is down I think

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    "There has been an error processing your request"
    It has begun

  • Thanks OP!

    Purchased. Didn't really think I needed to upgrade from the 2s, but at this price I'll probably sell the 2s for not too much less?

  • Its funny, just keep refreshing this page and see the clicks increasing by 10 almost every second.

  • Ordered one from my local store. Thanks!

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    There has been an error processing your request

    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 418646309373

    Magento is a trademark of Magento Inc. Copyright © 2014 Magento Inc.

    • Neither am I able to order. Giving up.

      • Yeah, it's out for the count.

    • it works after many tries. Its being OZ bargained.

  • OOS

  • Interesting some very poor reviews on Officeworks

  • Their site is down?

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    their website is crashed coz the ddos attacke by ozbargainers…

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    The ryzen 5 3600 is $89.13… I’d say it’s a pricing error

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      I don't think they will honor anything tbh

    • I've placed an order but haven't actually paid yet.

      Will be interesting to see if I get a cancellation today.

  • Maybe they're showing cost price :D

  • Can't get in. Website down.

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    Called up OW to confirm price-match - they said they were getting numerous calls about it already and that their model # ends in 698 (not 710 like the CPL version) and because they're "different" they won't price-match. :(

    • Yep, I've been on the phone to them for the past 15 min and was eventually told the same thing.

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      Its same product, just some BS officeworks saying to not price garentee like they advertised because price difference is too great.

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        This. I innocently asked the difference and the lady just said "I dunno hey."

      • Strangely enough the model number ending in 698, which is the one stock by Officeworks, is described as graphite in colour. The one ending in 710 which is stocked by CPL but also other retailers, is described as black in colour. Pictures look the same though.

  • The reason for the discount is probably because there's a new MX Master Advance. This one is a non-advance model. Don't know what the diff is. Haven't read up on it.

    • Advanced is the Mac version

      • Its exactly the same. Difference is the packaging and shell colour to match the Mac "Space Grey"

        • Source? Wasn’t able to find any myself; ordered nonetheless but would be reassuring

            • @O O: But that page shows a different part # (910-005700) to CPL (910-005710)

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            @ack84: My SOE team. We tested for compatibility since we run mostly PC based environment but have few Linux / Mac depts.
            Bluetooth module in all 3 versions the same. Logitech Unifying receiver all the same.

            Only differences were the the price, PN, shell colours and some samples were lighter

      • Perfect marketing for that crowd then.

        • Ironically it was for Marketing dept Macs. 30% mark-up.

          • @pegasusx: I hope it works. I've tried those magic mice and they're terribly uncomfortable.

  • game over

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    I've never used a gaming mouse. I work on a laptop for 8 hours a day. does it have a lot of advantage over normal mouse for day to day office work?

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      This is not a gaming mouse

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      This is a productivity mouse - and arguably the best productivity mouse out there. I love it so much I have the v1, v2 and looking to upgrade to the v3 for that sweet sweet USB-C.

      Checkout the product page to see if the features are worth it for you.

      That said, this looks like a pricing error.

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      This is my go to office mouse. Side ways scrolling helps a lot in spreadsheets

      • my productivity tip for excel is to change the scroll setting from 3 to 10 to speed it up

    • thats great to know.. is it compatible with MacBook?

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    website down at 8.13am

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    JB HiFi won't price match as a different model number as a heads up.

  • can’t add to cart

  • web is down

    • So this business cannot handle maybe 1k requests right now…..imaging Black Friday….Trick Frenzy….?

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        They wont want us to mess up their system. Trust me lol. Its primarily a brick and morter shop that privides better service than MSY.

        • I agree with this and have shopped at their stores since way back, but in this day and age this does not look good is what I am trying to say.