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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, Mystic Silver - 256GB US$603.69 (~A$858) Delivered @ Amazon US


Was comparing the prices of Galaxy tab S7 on Amazon US and Australia and found the price difference there. Price on Amazon.au for the same tablet is AU $1335.

Price breakdown:

Tablet price = $833.42
Coupon discount = $71.85 will be applied on checkout
Shipping $27.04
GST $78.86
Total = $867.48

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • This is tempting

  • LCD screen not amoled.

  • have s7+?

  • warranty ???

  • I'm curious as to what people do with Android tablets. I use Android for my phone, but personally for my use I can't see why an Android tablet would be any better than an iPad.
    I use my iPad for note taking, drawing diagrams, that's about it - a glorified pen and paper. Just interested to know what people buying these would use it for generally

    • Samsung dex and multitasking is way better than ipad.

    • Same as iPad but android.

    • tablets are for reading scripture

      seriously though i read srimad bhagavatam (the ripened fruit of the tree of vedic wisdom) my s7 plus, the amoled black is a power off state

    • I primarily use mine for media (watching tv/movies).

      Used to use it a tonne during work travel (flying in/out once a week). Now still find it nice to just watch in the house in various places. Also have rooted it so I can remove all ads from any location which is nice - makes watching things like Twitch a lot easier.

      Surprising as I pretty much stopped using the TV entirely.

    • I use my 8" galaxy tab s2 at home instead of my phone for most things, especially when I'm on the sofa. Fits in one hand like my phone but bigger screen and better aspect ratio for web browsing, email, ordering food, puzzle games etc.

    • The S7 has way better speakers than the iPad. Compared side by side the iPad is just terrible and being most people, myself included, use their pads for media use its a bit of a buzzkill on the iPad!

    • I use my iPad Pro for: work (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, etc.), study (Coursera, Udemy, Google Docs, etc.), reading books (Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books), photo editing (Lightroom, Snapseed, etc.), communication (iMessage, facetime, Line, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, Webex Teams, email), games, drawing, writing, news and social media consumption, watching Netflix and other streaming services. I use a wireless trackpad, and a wireless keyboard to control the iPad Pro. Samsung tablets can probably do most of these things.

    • I use it as a light laptop/2 in 1 that I can write notes on when I read pdfs.

      I have an iPad, and had a surface pro and an Android tablet. I found Android to be better suited for me.

    • drawing things in mspaint.apk

    • Work provided iPad

      Used at work for note taking (and transcribing), diagrams and flow charts, conference calls so my laptop is not occupied etc

      At home used for media consumption (youtube, netflix), browsing, music control via bluetooth/sonos, reading and recipes

  • No headphone jack now even on tablets. Sticking with my tab s4.

  • Pretty good price, my S7 from the Edu store cost $869 just for the 128GB model. I use mine alongside my MBP since not quite a laptop replacement like they market it if you do more than basic productivity but neither is the much pricier 11-inch iPad Pro (2020) for most industries which is why I opted for the cheaper S7.

    I don't mind the LCD display honestly, for work where static UI elements are open for hours I don't want to deal with the burn in problems of AMOLED. The fingerprint sensor on the S7 is flush against the chassis which makes it annoying to feel for though.

    I doubt the book cover keyboard is included. Samsung US had a preorder promo where you would save on the keyboard if preordered together with the tablet, while the pre-order promo in Australia was a free keyboard but the tablet sold for RRP. The keyboard is nice too, keys aren't too cramped except for the \ key, feels good to type on with a passable trackpad. The rear stand part of the case is also properly held on by magnets instead of unreliable adhesive like on my girlfriend's Tab S6 which drops the tablet routinely.

  • Once you go Super AMOLED you won't go back, not sure why Samsung put an IPS LCD screen on their Tab S line up this year, shame on you.

  • Better price than Samsung EPP store

  • so tempted. would've bought it if it had Australian warranty and tax invoice for the purpose of tax deduction.

  • How to people get used to no headphone jack? I bought the s20 fe and already miss the jack.
    I have galaxy buds and airpods as well but prefer to use wired.
    Especially with tablets, you use dongle, Bluetooth headphones or are there any decent usb c headphones?

  • It looks like the coupon is no longer available.
    Has the deal expired?

  • Black for $580. Not sure if it gets even cheaper with coupon.

  • What I can't figure out is why tablets have become more expensive in recent years rather than cheaper…

    You shouldn't have to spend close to $2k for a decent tablet.

    For now I've gone with the s6 lite as I just can't justify those prices.

    • Probably a couple of reasons, but primarily lack of competition in the "premium" range.

      Tab S7 and S7+ are definitely top of the line Android tablets. There are a plethora of decent tablets from various Chinese manufacturers which work prefectly fine too.

    • Great question.

      IMO most people don't need a tablet (phones are bigger, many laptops are touch screen and/or 2-in-1), and the manufacturers decided that the people who needs/wants a tablet don't mind paying a higher price for it. Using myself as an example, I use a tablet for work note-taking and general media consumption I tried the S6 Lite but the screen quality and S-Pen lag was not up to par (ymmv, i'm just speaking very subjectively). I got the S7 this week and the near-zero pen lag and the 120hz display is a game changer. Do I mind paying $1k for it? I do. But it's the cheapest device that does the job. The ipad air 4 + pencil + keyboard is way more (and not even mentioning the ipad pro). This means the tablet space is polarized with mid-range being left out.

      Playing devil's advocate because I know some of you will: a pen and note pad also does the job. Yes it does, but looking good at work and in meetings are very real, very material benefits.

  • The black S7/256 is on at the same price USD 603 (the USD $50 coupon offer needs to be checked).

    On a slightly related note, does anyone else notice amazon.com advertise "no import fees Deposit" to Australia, yet they still charge GST at the checkout.