iPhone 11/11 Pro Max from $1499.97/ $1599.97 (Delivered or in Store) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Not sure if this deal will be well received. Prices are at least $80 less than at other stores.

iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB(costco.com.au) $1,548.97 Gold
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB(costco.com.au) $1,499.97 Silver, Space Grey, Green
iPhone 11 Pro 256GB(costco.com.au) $1,749.97 Silver, Green, Space Grey

iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB(costco.com.au) $1,599.97 Gold, Space Grey
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB(costco.com.au) $1,849.97 Mid-night Green & Gold

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  • Not a good price on the pro max, apple bump the base model of 12 pro max to 128gb for around 1800. Just pay 150 more to get the 256gb 12 pro max is better option, bigger display, new processor, better camera and 5g

    • no reviews on battery life though. the normal and pro versions have worse battery life than the 11s.

  • I actually think it's a fair deal tbh. Yes storage is smaller, but I have a feeling if you're okay to forgo 5G (which, tbh, in Australia, we're probably 5 years behind any semblence of functioning 5G), then the better battery life and similar camera set up may well mean this is a better deal for you. YMMV - I don't think this deal particularly bad or good.

    • If you turn off 5g the battery is about the same. but the camera is definitely an upgrade, especially in video recording and night mode.

      • I'd hope so too. But battery tests reveal otherwise. Many have shown even without 5G (or a sim card), the 12 pro and 12 have significantly shorter life spans than the respective 11s. Real world tests with 5G enabled may widen this gap. I'd hate to see the 12 pro max be worse off then the 11 pro max, but it looks like it may be headed that way despite what apple will say on their spec sheet.

    • The camera is the reason I’m getting a 12PM. Definitely a big upgrade over the 11PM, particularly in low light situations.

  • Hoping for better at JB before Christmas, XS deal last year was good.

  • Not worth spending now on iPhone 11 models when you can get iPhone 12 models by paying around $100 extra.

  • I been hanging out on eBay and saw a 11 pro max go for 1100 sealed(64gb)

    256gb sealed going from around 1350 or so.

    Just FYI for anyone keen

  • Shouldn't the title read iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max?

  • i want space grey :(
    i guess I'm buying the 12 pro max

    iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB(costco.com.au) $1,849.97 Mid-night Green & Gold