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HP Reverb G2 VR Headset (1N0T5AA) $999 (Save $100) + Free Shipping @ Rosman Computers


Rosman Computers are taking Pre-Orders for the new HP Reverb G2 VR headsets!
The no-compromise VR headset: Realistic visuals. Immersive soundscapes. Superb tracking and performance.
Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, this breakthrough headset delivers a more immersive experience. Ergonomically designed for comfort. Optimized for compatibility. Introducing the new standard in VR.
Expected to ship late November - secure stock for the first release and for Christmas now!

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  • Anticipating getting mine, pre-ordered from HP @ $900 (dispatched Dec was my last update, though the customer support said mid Nov)

  • I really want to see the real-world reviews on this before I'm willing to upgrade from my Vive.

    Also, I probably need to upgrade my graphics card first. The 1070 Ti works well enough with the Vive, but the G2 is pushing a lot more pixels around.

    • Yep, makes sense, my 2080s should be okay. The reviews do say it's got a lower res mode for lower performance cards, but you'd still get the little to no screendoor affect in that case, screen door and FB is the main reason I want this as an upgrade to my Rift S

  • ETA 01-01-1999

    Y2K bug strike a little late?

    • I asked about this before, the response was:

      When this happens, it just means we don’t have a specific ETA date yet. These are scheduled to be ready to ship to customers in either late October or early November – hence no actual ETA since this is a time frame.

  • I missed out on the $899 HP deal, how likely is it to reach that price again before end of year?

    • I'd say it all depends on demand and stock… VR Headsets are not generally very good at keeping up with demand, but HP has much more access to production facilities

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      HP store had some pretty generous cashbacks around black friday last year, up to 14% IIRC. They would add you to the back of the queue though so you might not actually get it until January.

    • $899 is the US MSRP + GST, so frankly you should be seeing at or very near to that fairly often once initial stock (that was purchased during when the AUD was tanking) is cleared.

  • I'll jump on VR when MSFS is ready for it. Cannot wait

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      In closed beta now. Shouldn't be much longer.

      • ooooo didn't know the progress. how did u find that out?

        • They opened up registration a while ago (maybe a month or so?) and someone posted in one of the flight sim subreddits saying they've sent out phase 1 beta invites this week.

        • Also I just got my invite today so I guess that confirms it lol

          • @v8o: So it's usually quick from closed beta to final release? I guess it goes well with the G2 release date

            • @cosmokram3r: No idea! But considering that during development they said VR wasn't a priority, and now they have people testing it only 2-3 months after the game launched, seems promising. I'm sure Microsoft will want to cash in on the G2 release hype…

  • Oof I remember when this was 900. Will stick to the Rift S for now, until I absolutely have to link my Facebook account…

  • I got mine for $779. They had a glitch on their site that I saw on Reddit so I quickly got one before they took the ad down. Plus I'll be in the first wave of deliveries.

    Got lucky!