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DeLonghi Scultura 2 Slice Toaster Beige CTZ2003BG $65 Delivered @ Myer


Saw this in Myer Department Store. I bought one at $65. The page price says it was $199.

2 Slices should be sufficient for small family like mine.

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  • I like the retro design

    Also available on Myer's ebay store with FREE SHIPPING

  • There are quite a few other toaster / styles for around 50% or more off. I don't need a toaster but thanks for the post OP, at least I looked and was tempted! haha

  • Kilowatts: 900

    That's a pretty powerful toaster.

    • explains the ultrawide base…it's a power bulge

    • Not necessarily powerful, just consumes a lot of energy.

      Eg kitchenaid mixers have far lower wattage than normal mixers but their “engine” is right above the “blade” rather than in the base, so it takes less watts to get the power to where it needs to go… or something like that :)

  • That’s one ugly toaster…

  • to the OP - I recommend getting a 4-slice toaster….you can toast bread for 2 sandwiches in one go.

    I don't understand why 2-slice toasters are so common. It's like if most ppl owned 2-door cars just because.

    • 2-door cars cost more than 4-door. To compensate, the commoner like me go for the 2-slice toaster

    • maybe you don't want four slices at toast at once.
      Maybe you want to save electricity but not having elements large enough for four when you only want two (depending on style of toaster)

      • not necessarily 4 slices at once.

        there are plenty of slices that are too big for a regular 2-slice toaster. Lawsons for example, or non-traditional loaves.

        The total savings on electricity for a year's usage would probably not be much more than a loaf of bread…

        And anyway I'm not saying nobody should use them. But I do think a lot of people default to 2-slice without giving thought to the alternative (my parents for example, even though they use the toaster a lot. I've recently switched them to 4-slice and they love me a little more now haha).

  • Exterminate!

  • Does a 70 dollar ish 2 slice toaster toast the bread better, faster etc than a 15 dollar kmart job, looks don't bother me but results do?