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[QLD] Free $10 The Myer Centre Gift Card with $50 Spend at Any Retailer @ The Myer Centre (Brisbane)


To celebrate Shop Brisbane City this weekend, we’re giving you the change to enjoy a free lunch. Make a purchase of $50 or more from any store or stores at The Myer Centre Brisbane (from 30 Oct to 1 Nov 2020), take your receipts to our pop-up cart on level Q and receive a FREE $10 gift card*.

How To Claim

To claim a gift card, the claimant must complete the following steps during the Promotional Period, while gift stock last: [ET1]

(a) spend at least $50 (across any number of transactions) on any goods or services (other than the Excluded Items) from any store in The Myer Centre Brisbane and collect their purchase receipt(s) (“Qualifying Spend”);

(b) visit the pop-up desk on Level Q (near Myer) and show their proof of purchase (original receipt) from their Qualifying Spend; and

(c) complete the claim form for the promotion (available at the pop-up desk) with requested details and their signature, and then submit it along with their proof of purchase (original receipt) in the claim box provided.

Excluded Items: The following products or services (including vouchers relating to such products or services) will not be eligible to purchase to claim a gift: gift cards, liquor or tobacco products, weapons of any kind, prescription medicines and cosmetic or surgical procedures.


Easiest is to just do your shopping at Coles and claim the gift card. Can be accross multiple retailers, e.g. $30 at Coles, $20 at Nene Chicken.

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  • hhmmm… to use the click count on this 'deal' as an indicator for MYR shares.. or not…