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[PC, XB1, PS4] Free - Golden Keys for Borderlands: 3 x BL3, 5 x BL2 @ Gearbox Software (Requires Membership)


This week's round of Golden Keys starts with 3 for Borderlands 3. There may be more released tomorrow, I'll update the post if any are or posted in the comments.

3 x golden keys for Borderlands 3:


dealbot has posted another 5 keys for Borderlands 2:


They're 'universal' so should work on any platform, but you don't need to own the game to redeem them. These are not codes to unlock the game, they're only for receiving special loot in-game. They can be redeemed in-game or through your SHiFT Account online (membership is free).

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  • Pardon my ignorance, what are the keys for?

    • When you reach a certain point in the game (specifically in Borderlands 3, when you make it onto the spaceship Sanctuary III - it's different points in the other games) there is a special chest that can only be unlocked with the golden keys. It contains high-rarity loot at the same level or slightly higher as your character. It's usually pretty good stuff for a lower-level character and can be very helpful for your progress. Once you reach a certain level, though, the item drops in the wild become much better and the chest is really only good for raising cash: open the chest, grab the stuff, and sell it immediately. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      Of the dozens of keys I've used I can safely say I've only ever kept a handful of items. Although, I did hoard my keys until I reached a high level in the hopes that I'd score a really good high-level Legendary item. I think this was a mistake, though, and I should have used them to speed my progress at lower levels. I now rarely use one except to raise that "last bit of cash" so I can buy an upgrade.

    • In Borderlands 3, after a certain point you use nothing but legendary items and weapons with a FEW exceptions, this crate contains no legendaries, thus you simply sell the contents, which is the equivalent of loading into a map and killing mobs for about 5 seconds.

      Before that point you could make use of the "Epic" and "Rare" items in the crate for about 20 minutes until you find a better weapon, which is why people prefer to save the key until they're a higher level.

      In short, they're completely useless.

      Their real purpose is to continue advertising Borderlands 3 a year later on OzBargain.

  • Sweet, just started playing borderlands 3. Will give this a go. I came across a chest requiring a golden key early in the game. Will need to go back and find it.

  • Remember
    You can redeem them for both Epic AND Steam… (just in case you get the game on the other platform at some stage)
    Not just one of them..

  • BL2 - 5 golden keys

  • BL3 - 3 more golden keys

  • A lot of free trainers that give gold keys for the pc versions. Not a big fan of lootbox mechanics and far less hassle.

  • Have never bothered with these - if you do the optional missions, unfortunately BL3 becomes ridiculously easy and you are constantly overlevelled for the main storyline.