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Samsung UR55 4K IPS 28” Monitor $399 Delivered @ Centre Com


Great monitor for the price, pairs well with upcoming next-gen consoles.

Also same price at some other sites but this is free delivery.

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    No mention of input delay? Is this an important factor for gaming?

    • Unless you're a hummingbird, you should be fine.

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    Same price at Scorptec, PC Casegear, Shopping Express etc…

    • yeh as mentioned in description.. none have free shipping tho.

  • just got it from Microsoft ebay for $379 +$10 cashback on the 20% off sale. Good monitor but no speaker and the menu is not as good as Dell

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      Genuinely curious as to how and when does a speaker and menu on a monitor require to be good? AFAIK monitor speakers have always been pretty trash that it's not worth considering and menus are the last thing you'll ever see on a monitor as a set and forget tool. Or maybe I'm wrong about both these and there are actual genuine uses for the market for these functions.

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        I have this and dell S2721Q

        Samsung only able to change stuff using the manual button

        Dell has a driver that allows you to change the settings on your pc

        So just slightly more convenient, but it's one of those little things that matters to some

        Regard to speaker, yeah I don't understand why anyone would want that

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          Try the software ClickMonitorDDC to control the monitor settings (brightness/contrast/hue) from your PC, works for most monitors

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        In built speakers are useful in quiet a few cases. I like having them for when i dont want to turn on my studio monitors and I dont feel like wearing headphones.

        • yes, simple like that, but some people just cant understand!

          • @aec: Seems like a few of you misunderstood the question. I didn't question the existence of these functions, but rather why someone would genuinely want 'good' speakers and a 'good' menu option when the general consensus is that they are already quite terrible and a menu is the last thing you see… I'm aware of monitors with speakers, for example in an office environment, as a handy audio solution with no fuss for additional equipment, but in that scenario, IT doesn't go out of their way to seek monitors with good speakers and good menus…

            • @BatmanBeer: I think at this point it should be intrinsically obvious that if speakers are a consideration some people have when making a purchase that quality of said speakers will at least somewhat matter. Given two monitors at the same price, all the same except speaker quality, most people would choose the one with better speakers.

        • Different people have a different use case and just they don't use this feature/doesn't know the use case and criticise why people need/use that.

          my laptop is 1.5 meter away on the self, so if I forgot my headset, then I will need to make it so loud to hear the audio.

          • @SnoozeAndLose:

            Different people have a different use case and just they don't use this feature/doesn't know the use case and criticise why people need/use that.

            This is just like having the headphone jack on phones and tablets. If you don't have a use for it. Then don't use it. It's that simple. There are people that do use it. Dont advocate nor defend companies that do decide to remove this feature as it start a slippery slope where consumers get less and less features and yet get charge more for said product.

      • More important is whether or not a monitor has Vesa mounts.

        Don't make the same mistake I did & assume it's standard on all monitors these days - the monitor in this deal at least has them. I purchased this Samsung 4k monitor & was bitterly disappointed to find it lacked vesa mounts - be like buying a new car that doesn't have air-conditioning -

        Also I'm not sure if all Samsung monitors are the same, but the model I purchased comes with a big ass plug that takes up way too much room. Samsung plug on the right Vs Dell on the left-

        • This monitor came with a different "on cable" power supply. Yeah I use mine with vesa mount, its a little caved in but works fine with washers.

          • @iDrownFish: it looks like a lot of people here are fussy… that's fine, we all have an acceptance level for features

            this unit has a few sins i dont like,the ext. psu, i dont like 75mm and the way its recessed is a bummer

            also 300cdm "HDR10"

            I do get the menu isnt as nice as a Dell but as long as you can quickly bang between hdmi dp and dvi then that's all I want

            also having speakers is better than not having them

            but i admit they are kind of useless day to day if they only work when you have no 3.5mm line in… to pull it out and reach around to put it back in…awkward

            if you think Samsung has a poor menu check out Acer… talk about stuck in 1995

            i feel though that a 4k/60 28" IPS isnt much special? there's gonna be heaps of them out there and cheap

            • @tonyjzx: Sorry I am a bit clueless when it comes to HDR, is “300cdm” another way of saying 300 nits or is that a totally different brightness metric?

              In other words, are you saying this monitor is a (terrible) HDR300?

      • for office use, you don’t always have external speakers, so speakers on the monitor are handy for app notifications for outlook mail arrivals, meetings, etc. also don’t wear headset all the time.

        all depends if people use stuff at home or in an office and what their work style is.

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    Some discussion on WP….

    Might answer some questions.

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    Samsung UR55/U28R55 4K Monitor

    Color Calibration from reddit:

    Red 39
    Green 41
    Blue 50


    brightness 57
    Contrast 61
    Sharpness 52

  • can any owners comment on glare / anti-reflective coating?

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