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CR-6 SE 3D Printer + 5x 1KG 3DPO PLA + Creality Medium Enclosure Tent $743.76 (Was $929.70) @ 3DPO


Hi all,

We're back with a few deals on some printer bundles on the site for Halloween.
On sale are the Creality CR6 SE, Creality Ender 5 PLus, Phrozen Sonic MIni, and the Phrozen Sonic Lite XL.
1x Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer + 5x 3DPO PLA (5kg) +
Creality Medium Enclosure Tent
Was $929.70
Now $743.76

More bundles here

Great for those looking at getting into this or if you need another printer for your collection or farm.
We offer free shipping on these deals around Australia or pickup in our showroom at Castlehill.

Also do not forget, 3DPO Filament is reduced by 20% till the 31st October, the discount is already applied on the site.

Any questions please ask.


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  • Only one colour of pla+?

    Price is good though, but got far too frustrated trying to use the site.

    it took my about 5 times to try to add to cart, because "somebody I dont know just purchased something", why the hell do I care? That should be stored on your back end, what help is it to me, knowing what stock you're moving?
    Especially when it pops up over the "add to cart" button, preventing me buying things!

    Also the skeleton ad pops up at every page change, even after ive dismissed it on the previous page, and it doesnt fit on a 4.2" phone screen.
    I had to enable custom zoom, and whack it ar 75% to see the X.

    Im sure im more pedantic than most users, as I work in the IT security field; but when a website has a poorly written front end I get edgy about how my data is handled in the back end.

    Just some feedback thats all.
    Im a picky fella with my online stores, and its midnight so im probably overtired ;p

    • Im sure im more pedantic than most users

      Nope, I have similar thoughts. I also dislike websites that use the "someone near you just bought something" popup.

      On another note, I just received my CR-6 SE from the Kickstarter and it's been a good printer thus far, no issues and the auto leveling is a nice feature to have after years of using a piece of paper for leveling on my older 3D printer.

    • Hey MasterScythe,
      Sorry about the pop-ups, running some new plugins and they are annoying, have messaged the dev team to let them know about your comments.

      As for colour, please add the colours to the notes on the order, something we will try to change for later bundles so you can select the colour you are after.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  • Thoughts on the phrozen sonic mini 4k?

    • They are a great machine, just no supply right now, I am still waiting on mine to turn up.
      If you are looking at castable wax for jewellery, these are awesome, printing at 35um, but if you are just doing miniatures, then the Sonic Mini printing at 50um is still a great option.

  • I'm a noob when it comes to 3D printers, but I have some experience with using them and a lot of familiarity with technology in general. Would this be a good first 3d printer?

  • The "medium" enclosure tent has the dimensions of the small one listed. Not sure if this is a copy and paste error or they are selling the small enclosure incorrectly.

    • Sorry, will talk to the team about that, it is the medium one, not the small.
      We have them on display in the showroom at our Castlehill store, should you wish to drop past and have a look.

  • I am completely new to 3D printing.
    A couple of my friends are recommending Prusa (or even Prusa clone).

    What is OzBargain's crowd opinion on Prusa vs others?

    • The same as everything else. You get what you pay for. Prusa is great with great support but costs significantly more.