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Audeze Penrose Wireless Gaming Headset $399 @ Addicted to Audio


Preorder for these new planars from Audeze are $100 aud off the rrp. There are ps5 and Xbsx versions. Not sure how much longer this preorder pricing will last. Website suggests it will end November.

There is a bit of hype surrounding these. They are basically the much more expensive Mobius' without the head tracking, better mic, wireless and bluetooth, new console ready. Should be a stellar headset.

This is a niche product for audiophile gamers. If you don't understand why people would spend this kind of money on a premium headset then run along - this product is not for you.

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    Too bad that it will work only on one console system over usb dongle. I will have both consoles on launch and not sure which version to get. (1st world problem)

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      They have mentioned there is a real high chance you can just buy a separate dongle for the second machine so it's just whatever colour you want

      • When does it release? I quick google showed me it shops October, but October's almost over…

        • They've been having delays due to Microsoft microphone certification. They have updated things with the delay which is good. No firm release date yet though. I've been following these for a while.

        • "I just asked the business supplying the penrose x in Australia a d they said mid to late November"

          From a reddit thread

      • Thanks, probably get the PS version, do you think they will support 3D audio on day 1 (Tempest?)

        • Yeah, Sony has already said you don't need their Pulse headset, 3d Audio will work on any headset.

          Sony wants to focus on delivering 3D audio through headphones first. But, according to Mark Cerny, PS5 lead architect, the console will also be capable of delivering 3D audio through your regular set-up – whether it be television speakers, soundbars or surround sound systems.

          There are speculations they might release something that's tailored but no confirmation.

          • @Ryugen: So this headset doesn't have 3d audio and head tracking, but the PS5 will provide some type of support with it eventually?

    • Might be possible to use the Penrose X with both, and use the bluetooth functionality for voice, but I have no experience with a dual connection headset for that purpose.

      Head-fi has a decent thread on these, might be worth searching through: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/audeze-penrose-x-and-penrose...

      • To be clear my reference to Bluetooth functionality was for the PS4/PS5 voice chat protocol, and this is a behaviour that's been observed with the Arctis 9X, which should theoretically be unable to be used for voice comms on the PS4.

        The idea is you plug the dongle in, get audio, then connect via Bluetooth for the mic.

        • No, and you wouldn't want that, BT voice chat is shite. PS4 doesn't do BT chat.

          • @snuke: Depends on the protocol, but no it wouldn't be ideal for competitive comms.

            I still feel the Penrose X would be the most versatile option overall.

            • @jasswolf: No, regardless of Protocol, BT audio is subpar in comparison to 2.4Ghz wireless audio protocols. Voice chat in particular is suffers.

              Penrose X is not supposed to work with Macs, however, it very well may do, and it very well may work with PS5/4 as just the Arctis 7X does. There is a switch on the Xs dongle to allow it to work outside of the MS chips requirement. As PlayStation uses the open 2.4Ghz wireless audio specs instead of the proprietary that MS use, PS5 has a great chance of working with it.

              • @snuke: It really would depend on the protocol and how much bitrate is afforded to the mic, but after more reading it seems I was working from bad info.

                Both BT and other 2.4 GHz wireless protocols can drive down to 15 ms pretty easily, just BT tends to do that through proprietary means similar to non-BT wireless (eg. console wireless controllers).

                Bluetooth 5.2 will start to change that.

                For non competitive comms, Bluetooth protocols for console, PC or mobile should be fine, the latter being via something like Discord.

                The Penrose X remains the safer choice when using both console brands, at least until when/if Audeze offer the dongles separately (nothing is currently confirmed).

              • @snuke: Audeze are now quietly letting people know that the Penrose X works fine with PS4 and PS5 via their customer support channels.

                • @jasswolf: Do you know if the blue Penrose works with Series X?

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                    @linhlink: Only the Penrose X will work with Xbox consoles. Microsoft have a proprietary system for that purpose.

                • @jasswolf: Yeah, I am on the head-fi forums

    • Same issue here. The Steelseries Arctis 7X will work with both, but no word on the local release date yet.

  • There is a reason you never buy gaming cans, buy a proper pair of stereo cans, while the 3D positioning is cool, can't this be attached to normal cans via a tracker?

    • That's pretty much what this one is. It's just a pair of stereo cans with a mic and USB wireless chucked on, they sell a separate product with all the 3D positioning stuff.

      • I dunno, not a fan of wireless cans, the battery can be an expensive replacement if it can be replaced.
        I run HD 600s 650s for gaming, simple lapel mic so the set up can do many different things.

        People can chose how to spend their money the way they want though.

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    Addidcted to Audio are owned by the same people that are the distributors for Audeze, this is AtA message re Penrose:

    You have pre-ordered the new Audeze Penrose, which is due to arrive with us in mid-to-late November, will make sure to ship your order out as soon as it arrives with us!

    A few points about these taken from here - https://www.head-fi.org/threads/audeze-penrose-x-and-penrose...

    Game/chat mix is supported via the headphone on Xbox but unlike Xbox PS4/PS5 does not expose the control for the mix via USB. So you will have to do the Game/Chat mix on the console.

    Penrose will be able to take advantage of the 3D audio on PS5 when it is made available

    Yes Penrose will have Side-tone toggling (on or off).

    Battery life: ~15hrs when playing white noise at 85dB (DRP)

    Battery is not user replaceable, they need to be shipped to us for replacement if needed. Penrose is an active only headset; so it will not work if battery is completely drained.

    2.4Ghz wireless Lossless Game Audio with lowest possible latency of 16ms.

    Bluetooth for connecting to phone or PC at the same time as 2.4Ghz wireless audio.

    Broadcast quality microphone by Shure, best in class for wireless headset.

    Mic does go through headset amp

    Mobius ear cups will fit Penrose.

    Penrose X will ship later than no X due to Microsoft certification holding up the X version.

  • can it be used for gaming wired sometimes?

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      yes, but not USB wired, just 3.5mm.

    • Been out for maybe a month? Already a $100 drop in price wow.

      • This is a 'PRE-ORDER PROMOTIONAL PRICE'. They will go to $499 soon.

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          I feel like the $499 RRP is a bit of a pisstake. They are sold on the Audenze website in the US for $299 USD which funnily enough converts to just under $399 AUD.

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            @Fooah: You forgot GST and the Aussie tax.

            • +1

              @cooleagles: That I have, but that is still the set price on the Manufacturers website, does the tax bring it up another $100 AUD? I guess we will see what they are priced at in the coming months when supply surpasses the demand. I'm happy to be proven wrong if they go back to $499 and stay there.

              • @Fooah: General rule of thumb is +20%. GST 10%, Import taxes, and consumer protection(ie australia tax).

            • @cooleagles: US pre-order price was $250, which was around AUD $390 GST Inc at the time of the listing, so no.

              Good price.

              • -1

                @jasswolf: Look at that, still "$100 off RRP" two weeks later.

                • @Fooah: And what's the price on the more popular XBox version, that arrived later? $499. Did you even check that before running to comment?

                  When they run through the pre-order stock (i.e. the first series of shipments they ordered) the price will go up until there's another promotional offer.

                  The same thing happened everywhere, it's just slower here because AU consumers are pretty out of touch when it comes to audio products.

                  • @jasswolf: No I didnt because it isn't the product in question. As I said earlier time will tell, these won't sit at $499 and be purchased by many.

                    • @Fooah: Correct, but Audeze will only lower the price every so often for at least a year before a permanent price drop. You can look at the history of the Mobius and the HyperX Cloud Orbit to get an idea of that.

                      Sadly, most budget planars are open back, and the other ones that aren't tend to be crap.

                      • @jasswolf: Seems to be the case with most headsets I've owned that aren't. Do you own these and rate them?

                        • +1

                          @Fooah: I have a recent pair of Sundaras. I've demoed the Mobius, which were the predecessor, as well as the LCD-1.

                          Prefer my Sundaras, but the Mobius were solid.

                          • @jasswolf: Just another bump, still $399. 8 months later.

                            • @Fooah: Find that pre-order discount price anywhere else in the world.

                              Do you think maybe they never sold through the original order? The XBox pair work with all configurations via a switch on the supplied dongle, so that's where all the attention would have gone.

                              Wonderful that you've been holding a torch about this the entire time though. Seek therapy, please.

                              • @jasswolf: NGL thinking about buying a pair and stumbled across here. Easy bite 8 months on 🎣

                                • @Fooah: If you're not interested in XBox compatibility and you're after a high quality closed back, it's a solid choice. Otherwise maybe the AKG K371.

                                  Demo the Focal Elegia and see if it's to your taste, maybe consider that an option for $599 or less.

                                  • @jasswolf: Thanks, yeah just PS5 / PC. It is either the Penrose or Arctis Pro Wireless at this point, both seem like good options.

                                    Focal Elegia just a bit too pricey for me, trying to stick to 400 or under.

      • +2

        They will never be that price. I preordered for 400. This will be the permanent price I reckon.

    • +3

      Just so you know: There have been numerous delays with certificates and shipment hence original launch date at late Sept had been pushed out to early Dec. But the pre-launch at official Audeze site was $100 off to start with..

      • Bingo! Inflated RRP

      • No, it was $50: $249 down from $299.

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      Video unavailable fyi.

      • Updated the link, typo

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      By the way, make sure to update the firmware through their software (audeze hq). I trawled through the entire headfi thread, probably 230 pages by now. Lots of issues fixed with the newest firmware.

      • I think mine (Penrose X) were delivered with latest firmware. 1.05 or something?

        • Penrose x shipped later than the first batch of Penrose non x. I think the x ones would have the updated firmware, but early batches might still suffer. One tell is if the volume of the POWER ON is loud instead of soft, it's on an early version.

        • Do you know if the the X works on both Series X, and PS4/5? I've seen a few places saying they should, but nothing really confimring it yet.

          • +1

            @ONEMariachi: not sure sorry, don't have a ps4/5. as shiny1 mentioned there's a huge thread on headfi where you might get your answers, or even specifically ask. one thing I have heard is that Audeze plan to make the usb keys purchaseable in the future, but that may be a rumour.

            • @phoenx: Ehh, might be worth me waiting until I get my PS5 then. Just super annoyed, got the Series X and didnt realise they made proprietry drivers. Almost considering selling because of that nonsense. Pain in the arse to have 2 different headsets, when my current one works on PS4/PC/Switch.

          • @ONEMariachi: It does, for now at least: there's a switch on the adaptor for PC use.

    • +1

      Reading about lots of issues with these additionally you cant change the battery yourself and addicted to audios return policy isnt great especially if you are unsure if the 2.4ghz band will work well in your house. .

      • +1

        you cant change the battery yourself

        Never heard of a wireless headset that allows you to do this could you give me some examples?

        • Steel Series and Logitech ones allow for this(Steel series is almost a hot swap)

        • +1

          Arctis pro has a spare battery in the dac. Takes about 5 seconds to swap. Is a nice feature, but not super impressed with arctis pro other than that.

      • Yep I got one a few days ago and tried across 3 different devices, wifi on and off, and different house. Basically lose connection when I walk out my room about 5 meters away.

        The box advertises "Up to 32m range". Not impressed for $400 headphones.

        • Make sure firmware is up to date and you don't have any major radio interference happening (including sheet metal).

          If that's not the case normally for your Wifi network, then contact Audeze, but try other USB ports, including the front port if you're on PC. The signal is digital until it hits the DAC inside the headphone, so don't stress about audio quality being an issue from any given USB port.

      • Dissembly is relatively simple - by modern standards - to install a new battery, but otherwise you can send it to a local authorised repairer for battery replacement.

        Same is true for most Bluetooth/wireless gear though.

    • +1

      I reckon it's premature to preorder that one. No one has seen it and the reviews are pretty non existent. For all it is it might only be an average pair of headphones which will be discounted for long term. We only have Audeze promise on this. They might deliver a star or a dud

      • I have one and I'm using it right now. Its sound quality is excellent. Microphone in wireless mode is acceptable, but definitely not great when you consider you're dropping big bucks on it. It's stellar when in AUX mode, but I bought this to enjoy it wirelessly. Several users on headfi have made very in depth first impressions "reviews". Personally, I would hold off buying it for now.

        • Great to hear. Is there a significant difference in audio quality when going wireless? I'll check the reviews of other first time users. I don't doubt that audeze make good headphones

    • Bought a pair a bit over a fortnight ago and had them delivered within a few days, is it just the Xbox version that’s preorder?

      I found my Arctis Pro Wireless were dull sounding on the PS5 no matter how I tweaked the settings. Definitely don’t have that issue with the Penrose. I think they’re great. Clear, loud sound and the app to tweak settings is brilliant. Definitely miss the interchangeable battery that the Arctis had, but that’s my only gripe with them. Best gaming headset I’ve owned.

      • If you go through the thread on head Fi, it seems that the x is able to be used in the ps5, but not the other way around.

        • Yeah I have read that, I just don’t get why the title says preorder when the PS5 specific pair are readily available to buy. Wasn’t sure if the X were still preorder or if they were available too.

          • @SoDelicious: It's available now because it didn't have to go through an additional certification step, so it arrived closer to the original estimate.

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