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[PS4] Project CARS 2 Deluxe Ed. $22.95 (was $144.95)/Need for Speed Ultimate Bundle $19.49 (was $129.95) - PlayStation Store


Great prices for these racing games - you will get a lot of fun and value out of these games, especially if you have a racing wheel/set-up at home.

Need for Speed Ultimate Bundle: https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP0006-CUSA05986...


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  • Those regular prices seem way too high…

    • Such is life with the Deluxe editions of racing games with most of the DLC cars, the Project Cars Deluxe is still missing cars at that price :/

  • I like Sim racing but for some reason I found Project Cars 2 so boring. Just very tedious grinding gameplay

  • Nfs ultimate bundle US is $8.99usd for those with a US account.

    • Most likely, even cheaper if you have a Russian or Indian account.

      US is only useful if you have a US account AND some credit/payment method (such as US issued credit card) to pay with. Otherwise, you have to pay gift card first, then apply the credit, then buy the game and be left with extra money sitting unused in the US account.

      • Well it's easier to buy US gift card and if you do it often enough, the extra amount shouldn't really matter.

  • Does PCars2 have a decent career mode? GT Sports really doesn't do it for me - just pick a race and go. I would normally just stick with iRacing but my pc has been taken over by Roblox (and it's heading towards potatoe status. I don't want or see the need for PS Plus.