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Samsung Q60T 65" QLED Ultra HD 4K Smart TV [2020] $1495 @ JB Hi-Fi


Samsung Q60T 65" QLED Ultra HD 4K Smart TV [2020] Was looking for a new TV just came across this tv seems like a decent deal can also combine with gift cards(Suncorp account needed) to get additional 5% off . Seems to have good reviews as well. Also bundle with sound bar and get additional 10% off the sound bar.

Purchase a selected Samsung 55" QLED TV and above and get a 10% off a Samsung Q series Soundbar! Both items must be purchased in the same cart transaction to receive bundle offer, offer valid until October 31 2020

Quantum Dot - Unleash vivid colour at a range of brightness levels.
One Remote Control - Control multiple devices with one remote control*
Smart Connectivity - Smart made simple from setup to streaming

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    Great tv great price

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    for those who have access to Samsung EPP its $1429 Delivered.

    • Is the price same in Education Store?

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    $1603 - 65" Q70T eBay Plus required use code PLUSXMS 2 Available

    id be waiting on a better deal for the q70t was as low as $1690 in aug should see $1500s soon, but if you can't Q60 is $1495 at all stores use that to negotiate cheaper in-store, or $1469 delivered @ powerlandau

    • have you ever got a chance to compare a samsung and a cheap TV? Like a TCL, kogan or that 70" TV for 795 on the other thread? If yes, is the image quality difference worth it - especially if buying it for parents?

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        My two cents, it depends on what the tv is going to be used for and where it's going to be placed.

        If it's going to be an everyday, sports bar tv that sits in brightly lit areas etc, the cheaper one may be the better option (Was about half this price from memory wasn't it?)

        Alternatively if it's going to be in a lounge room, or theatre room, or used for more dedicated instead of 'on in the back ground' tv get this one.

        But otherwise whatever, there won't be a huge difference between the TV's tbh, so the double price of this one might not be worth it in your case.

        • Great! Thanks for the info.

      • haven't personally but as the saying goes you get what you pay for, best go in-store see the differance

        • I guess thats the best thing to do. Thanks!

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          "you get what you pay for" people like to say this especially people don't actually know much about a product category no offence.

          This is basically a very uninformative statement particularly for TVs. In TV industry it is often the case that the performance difference is not nearly as much as the price difference. However, people are always willing to pay extra for the premium that's for sure.

          The best advise would be do your research, understand your needs and budget, and see it in store.

      • in daily use, the difference does not worth the price which is nearly two times.. based on my experiences the major difference is the longevity, TVs from the well-known established brand (Samsung, sony etc) last for a long time, I had a Samsung used 5 years still good and sold it, on the other hand, the cheaper brands like TCL always shows some problem from minor to major after the warranty period (even the remotes are garbage, hard to find a replacement).. the chances are very low that you can use it for a long time..in any case, you can just buy another as you spent less..finally, it depends, I would recommend Samsung or sony if this is your main tv, cheaper brands are for 2nd tv or man cave etc… thanks

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          I'm still using a 10 year old Sony 32" FHD in my bedroom, hasn't skipped a beat.

        • +1

          I guess quality depends on luck. My manager got an expensive samsung, the week next the warraty was over half the panel went blank, replacing the panel was 60% the price of TV!

          Another of my neighbour imported one from another country. A brand new sony, went bad in 3 months of importing. They had to literally throw it away as the local service guy did not have the model panel.

          My sister had a samsung which got a panel issue(top part of the panel going dark) in 3 years. So I guess it all depends on luck. My qnix monitor lasted years on the other hand ;)

        • Sorry I disagree, actually use a Sony etc.. then jump on a cheapy you'll want to smash it within a week. A/V quality, features, ease of use, warranty etc…

          • @WinBargain: We have an old Samsung, which has a great hefty remote, decent menu (although slow now) and good finish. We also have a few cheap bedroom TVs and a newer Kogan for the kids. They are all terrible - remotes are hard to use and feel cheap, they look cheap, menus are terrible, the ports are sketchy, sound is terrible… I won't upgrade til they die but I won't buy another cheap brand tv again (other than maybe kids bedrooms because they already cost me enough)

      • Rtings.com and YouTube hdtvtest.
        Will answer all your questions.
        Typically colour uniformity, hdr, black levels, input lag, response time, viewing angle, brightness, refresh rate, there is a wide range of things to consider than just 4k.
        In short the lg CX pretty much wins everything but then it's the most expensive.

        I bought a kogan 50 for $450 for a background tv in the kitchen and it's perfect for that purpose.

        Once you know your budget, the purpose of the tv e.g general tv, movies, sports or gaming, then that will narrow your search and it could come down to software or aesthetics.

        I wish Australia had VIZIO that tends to be the cheaper higher quality brand, all we have is Hisense.

        • I agree with you on all these, especially when buying a monitor. But my question was with TVs as many variables come into play, like failure rate, OS quality, ease of use, display quality etc. That’s the reason I mentioned for parents use. So, it means simple to use and ok display quality. You think a kogan would be good enough for elderly person? I believe you have a kogan and a good branded tv.

          • @John Doh: Yeah mate kogan is a totally fine tv. It's still Aussie and will come with the usual warranty. Can't give you a long-term use review but for a basic cheap tv it's perfect.
            Plus it's the new one they released, runs Android, albeit not the fastest software it has Netflix button and all the usual VOD apps via Android so makes it very easy to use.
            EPG, cast, all Android apps, its probably one of the best cheap tv offerings. Considering an android box is $100 for a mibox, this incorporates it into the tv plus gives free to air digital TV and epg

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    Ive got the 55" Q60T that I got for 180,000 Qantas points a few months ago. I pulled the trigger because its Samsung and I got the impression that the TU8000 was a big step down, and this one would be pretty good. But its a 60hz panel. The remote is super basic. Sound is OK. HDR is not very impressive.

    I'm thinking maybe the Q70T is the sweet spot in the model line up. Or if a RU8000 pops up, grab that because that's a far better TV.

    This is a pretty awesome price for the 65" model. But yeah, I'd recommend doing your research on the Q60T before you drop your cash. I think there are better options out there from other manufacturers for the same money, and I was being a bit of a Samsung fan boy.

    • Agree on the 70 being the sweet spot - though it has an ugly stand (no good if you have a sound bar) and silver edge on bottom of screen which I couldn't deal with!

      As below I got the Q80T down to $1850 (and then paid for it with the AGL Rewards Him/JB cards I got 10% discount on :) )

      • i HATE the stand on my 70 - the soundbar has no room! does anybody know if legs can be fitted to this tv? or an alternative to the mono stand at the bottom in the middle that sticks out?

    • +1

      I wanted to get the Q60T but then I checked the refresh rate and found the panel is 60hz.
      What other Tv's are having 120hz ?
      Tcl c715 qled seems to have 200 CMR which is around 120hz but not 100% sure.

    • +2

      180,000 points for a $1500 reward LOL

      • +1

        Probably isn't booking an around the world ticket in the next few years.

      • 180,000 points cost me somewhere around $50. So its not a bad trade off considering I've spent 3 months locked down at home, watching said TV. And my old one died, so I was stuck in a spot.

        I've still got 800,000 points left for overseas travel if the opportunity arises. Just didn't know if that was going to be 6 months or 3 years away at the time.

  • +4

    For info I got the JB price on the Q80t down to $1850 quite easily - for an extra $350 its a by FAR better set

    • +1

      Yep, that's 100% worth the extra dosh.

    • Sorry my bad - it was the 55" Q80T I got for 1850

      • +3

        Damn it, you got me excited for a second.

        • hahah got me too

      • To whoever stupid dumb who negged this: you should never neg an honest self-correction :-)

    • Agreed q80t is much better as it has full array backlighting whereas the q70t is edge lit just like the q60t.

    • I think I pulled the trigger on the 55Q80T a week earlier - it’s now advertised for $1795 at JB/ Binglee and TGG. So in hindsight could have got it a bit cheaper. I paid $1798 on Monday ( less $50 with Suncorp JV’s)

      • Damn. No wonder it was easy to get him down from 2195 to 1850 when I bought last weekend.

        Do JB offer a refund on difference if within their return window?

        • Exactly my thoughts - the guy went in to check with manager and 2 seconds later said yup we will do that price! lol

        • Yes 14 days

    • 65" for $2,000 would be sweet (:

    • For reference, I got the Q80T 65" for $2295 from FJ a couple of months ago. Nice TV I'm happy with it.

  • While it might be good, for console gamers it does not do 120 refresh.
    The Q60R previous model does.

    • -1

      I am in the market for a tv too when I get Ps5/xbx. Is it worth looking at Hisense /TCL for 120hz panels ?

      • +1

        No, you will find they do not offer the same scope of console friendly requirements, ie ALLM, VRR, 120 HZ and HDR.
        Make sure you understand all these features as only Samsung offers all of them for the QLED ranges.

        • & not with every QLED. FYI

  • +5

    Just walked into JB and got the Q70T 65inch down to $1700 delivered so grabbed it. For $200 extra over the Q60T I think worth it for watching sports and gaming.

    • see comment above $1603, see if you can cancel grab that or ask if they will match it

      • Ouch

      • +1

        Damn. Missed that. Although I find that they never match ebay special discounts at store. Will stick with jb local as if any problems will be easier than dealing with an interstate retailer.

        • I agree, a small 27" would probably be easier to deal with compared to a large 65" TV.

  • +5

    I still believe Sony X9000H is far better option than Samsung QLED models, but they are not on special/ sale ATM. Waiting to buy Sony when they are on sale to use my JB HiFi Gift card 🧐

    • That's more a competitor to the q80t though and the Samsung does quite well in comparison: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/samsung-q80t-vs-sony...

      • Android tv is better than Samsung's OS too.

        • I agree but streaming apps are locked to 60fps on Sony TVs while our local streaming services are usually 50fps. I don't have a Sony TV to test but when I watched Optus Sport on another device that was set to 60fps the judder was noticeable.

      • The linked review says that both have full-array backlight, which is not true. Only Sony has it, Samsung has edge- lit display (not sure though if it is noticeable in watching experience, anyone can comment?)
        Also, refresh rate 200 Hz in Sony vs 100 Hz in Samsung
        Android OS is deemed more effective than Samsung's as per the reviews I've read.

        Considering to buy Sony. But if someone proves Samsung is better, may swing the preference.

        • I brought the Sony x9000h 85 incher, most amazing screen I have ever seen.

          Do yourself a favour, go into a JB and see the Samsung’s next to the Sony. Swung me from a $1000 cheaper q70T 85 incher. It was chalk and cheese.

          You decision will be easy.

    • Waiting for Black Friday myself hoping for a good deal on the 65” x900h

      • There has already been a price drop. Staff at two chains said unlikely on these models. Plus stock has moved nicely due to lockdowns, they actually have short stock levels - especially on the larger screens.

        But always worth a shot to wait and see, you never know!

  • -2

    Great price for a 65" Q60T!

  • Q80T FTW!

  • +1

    personally, I found Samsung panels better than the rest, but also don't agree with their pricing. I got my 65" android TV TCL for $650ish. amazing deal and works a treat with 5 years warranty.

    Samsung are better, but usually double or more than the price.

    but if you have the money to spend then go Samsung or just keep the whole process and go straight to OLED. LG and Hisense OLED is something else.

  • I got the 55 q06t about 6 months ago for the same price. So it's cheap for the 65!

    At the time the difference in price to the q70 was roughly $500 so I stayed at the 60. It's a decent tv.

  • Was planning to go for Samsung TU8000 75" Crystal UHD and now saw this post. Wondering if it’s worth sacrificing on size to QLED? Or is it worth waiting till Boxing day to get the best deals?

    • +1

      Black Friday QLED 😉

      • Thanks! Have put a reminder for Friday, 27 November. That’s less than a month so worth the wait! I have $1000 JB gift card so will use it the. 😄

    • For me I would go 75inch over 65inch everyday. I reckon go the biggest screen size you can as this is the first thing that you upgrade on in the future …. tvs are getting bigger and bigger now. I have both mid range Samsung 82 inch and Sony 85 inch and the first thing people alsways comment on is the screen size, not the best spec screen resolution etc. Also remember a wise old saying …. “no man ever complained that his tv was too big !”

      • +4

        Samsung used the following for recommended screen size: viewing distance in inches / 2 = recommended TV size.

        Go too big at a certain viewing distance and you'll have difficulty being able to focus on what's going on.

        I'd also add that stores have TV's set up next to each other so suddenly the 55" looks small in the lineup against 65", 75" etc. Its a marketing tactic to make you buy bigger.
        Once you're at home with your TV you don't have the comparison and you just enjoy your TV.

  • +4

    "QLED" has got to be the most ridiculous marketing spin I've seen in a long time. It's literally just your standard LED-backlit LCD display and somehow they've made it sound like LG's far superior OLED TVs just by association of similar acronyms. Amazing.

    • +1

      Quantum dots do give extra brightness, saturation and color gamut compared to cheaper LCD displays that don't have this technology but of course the contrast and blacks are nowhere near OLED level. I'm not sure it's that ridiculous to call quantum dot LED-backlit LCD displays, QLED, and the term is not owned by Samsung (I believe it was coined by Insight Media) but they do own the "Samsung QLED" trademark.

      • +4

        I agree, but as you say,

        but of course the contrast and blacks are nowhere near OLED level

        And let's be honest, the only reason Samsung calls it QLED is because it sounds like OLED. If you think they picked QLED for any other reason, I have a bridge to sell you. I was in Harvey Norman a few years ago. Someone came in looking for an LG OLED TV, probably wasn't too techy, the sales guy said "we also have TV's from Samsung", the customer asked "so is that sort of like OLED?", sales guy said "yeah, Samsung calls it QLED". Customer ended up walking away with the "cheaper" Samsung QLED TV…

        • I believe Chris Chinnock came up with the term QLED in 2016 to refer to LCD TVs that use Quantum Dot technology in this paper and Samsung adopted it immediately after for their 2017 range. Before then, they called them SUHD. I'm in total agreement with you that Samsung would have well aware that it would create confusion with OLED though and from a marketing perspective it's very devious/clever ;)

        • Dang how long were you in there watching that transaction? Buying a tv can take like 30-60 minutes.

          • +1

            @serpserpserp: Wife wanted to buy a new fridge or something, I checked out the TVs to kill some time whilst she was shopping.

  • same price on Retravision, they also have others sizes on sale, saw on an edm yesterday…

  • For me I will never buy Samsung TV again, which is automatically turn itself on all the time. I had RU8000 series. Should buy Sony instead…

    • I had this problem once with an old Samsung. Turned out to be a conflict with something but I can't remember what! So long ago now.

  • +1

    What do folks do with their old TV's - where do they sell them?

    • I advertise them for free on Gumtree

    • Not sure about others but for us they are given to family/kids/etc and so on until they eventually break.

    • Sit in the garage.

  • I bought this one for the 2018 model and it is absolutely amazing!

  • The real question is does it have HDMI 2.1?
    Otherwise it's not ps5 and Xbox future ready

    • That's the Q60R - a different (older) model.

      • Not much of a down grade though, in fact the Q60R was generally considered slightly better depending on use case I thought.

        I ended up getting a Q60T and am happy with it, but in saying that I got a 65" around 6 months ago for this price from TGGs with basically no hassling at all, just mentioned GGCommercial pricing and he beat it slightly right off the bat, bit surprised to see it hasn't dropped further by now.

  • I checked it out in store yesterday, seems good enough for my purposes. Reviews suggest the viewing angle is quite limited but in reality it's fine unless you're viewing from angles that are impractical anyway. Powerland has it for $1469 and free delivery. Given multiple places have it for around this price I'm tempted to wait for black Friday.

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