This was posted 5 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PS4] DualShock 4 Back Button US$29.99 + Delivery (~A$70 Inc GST & Delivery) @ Amazon US


First post!

Sold and shipped by Amazon US. Cheaper than local stock or via Amazon AU, although not as cheap as from a similar post in June 2020. Using a debit card with wholesale FX (ie Macquarie Bank Debit MasterCard provides Mastercard’s USD:AUD exchange rate without any foreign currency conversion fees or FX spread) is slightly cheaper than Amazon’s foreign currency conversion from my experience.

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  • Is this a bargain or RRP?

  • I could be wrong but I’d assume anyone who is buying this type of product is first in line for the PS5.

    • Potentially, although with the DualShock 4 being semi supported on PS5 (for some supported PS4 games) and no confirmation of a ‘pro’ version of the DualSense controller (with paddles), could still potentially be useful

    • Nah. I bought this back button. I use it mostly for Overwatch sometimes.

      Otherwise, I don't buy consoles at release. I at least wait until they release some limited edition variation and then I will get one.

  • Usually ships within 1 to 2 months.

  • This is really good add-on. Shines in games where the 'claw' grip is normally required, I've used it for dark souls1-2-3, nioh 1-2.

    Cant believe its not standard equipment on ps4/5.

    I would suggest to buy these from antonline for $30 and use shopmate/postal forwarding service.

    I bought a few to flip, cost was ~$70 each, sold on eBay for $130+

    $128aud for 3 + $50 shopmate delivered, works out to be ~$60 each for 3.

    • wtf people are paying that much for them?

      • People mock the Elite V2 controller yet buys a $70-$90 button attachment lol

        • I bought Elite V2 controller, it feels premium while the ps4 controllers feel like cheap plastic toys now.
          I still prefer the PS4 layout with the sticks side by side but man are they cheap feeling.

          • @Axelstrife: Did you register your controller with Microsoft for warranty online and if so how long does it report your warranty as?

            I'm tempted to buy one but at that price I want 2 years+ for warranty

            • @So lo: I had a controller replaced like 3 years after I bought it without any hassle at all, you do get 1 year standard and 2 years if you reg it online.

          • @Axelstrife: I'm still using my v1. I find the layout superior for the elites but the build quality a bit lacking.

            • @Caped Baldy: The V1 is based on a early version Xbox one controller which has had a few versions since it's release fixing various issues.

              V2 is quite good, i use it for my PC.

          • @Axelstrife: Agreed. The "perfect" controller would be Xbox One Elite 2 with side by side analogue. Maybe make it weight less.

      • People were buying them for $300+ on ebay at one point. Crazy, I know. I have 2 of these and love em. Was lucky to get 1 at launch (locally) and then wanted a second one and was watching the price go up and up on ebay for months. Eventually got a second one through Amazon (Purchased on Amazon AU site but shipped from Amazon US), but they also sold out extremely fast again.

    • Yeah I bought one at launch for $50, sold for $100 INSTANTLY.

  • Can't you get these for like $40 on Aliexpress?

  • bought on June, still not yet shipped.

  • I still don’t understand why this product was released just before next gen. Many thought the PS5 controller will end up having back buttons..

  • These are good. And you may still want it because Sony still recommends using our PS4 controller on the PS5 for best compatibility with all PS4 games. If you love PS4 games I wouldn't gamble on the PS5 controller being the right experience for all your games.

  • sorry what i got this for $30 at launch when RRP was $40…. wtf … did Covid drive this up?