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$40 off Refurbished Unlocked Boost Apple iPhone 7 32GB $259 with 30-Day Returns, 12-Mth Warranty, $10 SIM @ Coles [Not VIC/QLD]



  • Refurb Condition: Excellent - Minimal signs of wear. Item may have very faint marks on the screen or the frame. 100% fully functional.
  • Colours: Black, Silver
  • Features: iOS 10.0.1 upgradable to iOS 14
  • Included Accessories: Charging cable and wall charger
  • Included SIM: Boost Mobile $10 Prepaid SIM (7 day expiry) 3GB data
  • 72 Point check: Battery Life - 80% of original capacity

The refurbished iPhones undergo a rigorous 72-point inspection process to ensure that each device is genuine and in excellent aesthetic and functional condition. All phones are Australian compliant, have been data-wiped and are cross-checked against a national police lost and stolen database. These phones also come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 12-month warranty for additional peace of mind.

For launch, the Boost Mobile Refurbished Apple iPhone 7 will be available in all Coles stores across New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. Coles plan to roll the program out to Victoria and Queensland stores at a later date.

non-promotional price $299

Coles Refurb Returns Policy

iPhone 7 Premium Refurbished Phone - 32GB, Excellent Condition - $299 @ Boost

  • Description
    Excellent - Minimal signs of wear. Item may have very faint marks on the screen or the frame. 100% fully functional.

  • What's in the box
    In addition to your refurbished phone, you’ll receive a Boost SIM card, a charging cable & wall charger included.

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    • What about the iPhone 12 Mini?

      • Hmm. I guess I am wanting a gigantic display (is what I should have said). Thanks for suggestion though :)

        Maybe if I ever try any apple gizmo, it will first have to be an iPad or something. But yeh, I quite like a big screen phone.

  • +6

    Damn! Apple sure has a huge customer fan base. Nothing against apple, but I cant believe people willing to spend 259$ on a 4 year old repaired/refurbished tiny screen phone in 2020 with literally a dead battery! We are entering 2021 with technology so much advanced with competitors offering new wayyy better phones (X3) almost at the same price on deals and yet people buy this??? Long live Apple.

    Again, Nothing against apple, I myself own an ipad and have used phones from many different brands. Oh, BTW feel free to neg :)

    • +3

      I would say the price has something to do with the software support.

      iOS 14 is the fourteenth and current major release of the iOS mobile operating system, and yet it still installs on this fairly old phone from 2016.

      This kind of like… getting Android 11 support on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. (Not in reality of course, just a What-if-scenario) People might actually feel that S7 Edge might be worth $250-ish if that was still supported.

      • -1

        I’d get a new Nokia any day of the week over this. Way better battery life and usability features as a phone.

      • ios 14 is like providing good leather interiors and other nice features on a car that is 15 years old (read 2gb ram, repaired, 4.7 display with 32G storage) that has done 250K(worn out parts and paints) kms with a fully coroded petrol tank(battery). Nope, I wouldnt buy a 250 ish 2016 samsung tiny 4.7 inch screened phone even if there was a new OS for it. I can find better alternatives. Refurbished s8+ are available for similar prices or slightly more which offer much better value and similar features of what ios14 is offering now - widgets and stuff. But then again thats just me. everybody got thier own preference I guess :)

        • +3

          I get what you are trying for in the analogy but it doesn’t quite work like that. OS updates doesn’t just provide functionality but also security updates that would otherwise wtfpwn you. Think of it as safety recalls for car models vs car manufacturers saying it’s no longer their legal obligation.

          Majority of the android phones in the same gen would not even care about updating those patches since. I had a p7+ and 2 droid phones at the same period. I’m surprised that I’m still reading about the 7 updates today.

          Now, would one rather spend $250ish on a iphone7 or a new xiaomi, it’s up to individual. I’ll go for a new xiaomi if I am just getting for myself. But having family sharing iCloud storage, parental controls (screen time) sharing features like Apple Music etc, then this iPhone refurb (or like you said a iPhone 8 refurb) can be a better/cheaper option. (Maybe tag additional $79 for an official battery replacement by Apple)

          Just my 2 cents.

          • +1

            @slowmo: I understand about the security updates being a software developer myself. I will tell ya, if you install software from playstore and not from unknown sources and dont surf pron on your phone, you should be safe. I have friends and relatives using android phones that are ages old - 4 or even 5 years with battery replaces and have never complained about having virus on thier phones. I have scanned and updated thier phones myself.

            I myself own a p30 pro(1050 AUD from mobiliciti deal last year) and if I am buying a poco x3 that would be for my mother as she does not do any kind of online banking and stuff, so I dont care about security or ads on the phone. She accidentaly installs software on her phone when popup shows up, i just uninstall them later. Considering she youtubes/whatsapp a lot, bigger battery and bigger display is what is of primary concern for her. Like i said earlier, totally personal preference and mostly eco system lockup. But my only concern was the hardware was not upto for what it costs. 4 year old 4.7", 2GB and almost dead battery? The X3 will get another 2 to 3 years of software updates. For 280 bux, you can find refurb s8+ with much better battery is available if "chinese " is a concern.

        • +3

          How can you compare security update to leather seat ? It s more like having a 15yo car updated to have 5 stars to the 2020 ANCAP. Which when you think about it would be really good value.

          • +1

            @cbastien: I apologise. What I meant was more polished software and features. Not to be taken literally mate ;)

  • Changed to iPhone 7 recently just to try iOS again. Works really well. Size been awesome as well. But battery life a draw back . Might need to change it soon

    • +2

      Check the wear level.
      Go to settings > Battery > Battery Health > Maximum capacity. If it’s below 80%, it’s probably a good idea to replace
      Edit: also below that is peak performance capability. If it doesn’t say it supports peak performance definitely consider replacing the battery

  • Catalogue says Handset locked, unlocking fee applies.

  • my iphone 6s… i missed the last time when they offer discounted battery replacement, and recently, my camera not works, i need to use a magnetic to stable the camera, so trouble….

  • That's great. Now iPhone users concerned about the environment can have a new iPhone and still have a charger in the box. It comes with the charger, right?

  • I don't have a problem with refurbs or second hand phones, and kudos to Boost and Coles for making it easy to get a cheap iPhone, which could be good for students, etc.
    But, if the units are not available in Vic or Qld yet, why did the Seven News in Melbourne not just run the story at 6pm last night but feature it in their promos?
    OK; I know the answer is that Coles is a big advertiser. But I can see a bunch of Coles staff getting heckled on Wed when punters show up to get a bargain phone, only to be told it's not available (which was mentioned in the report, but you know…)

  • No stock in Canberra - these were snapped up very quickly at all Coles stores. Hopefully they come out in Vic soon so can queue up for a cheap IPhone as a Christmas gift

    • +1

      As at 5 pm on Sunday 8 November 2020, there were two Boost iPhone 7s on the shelf at the cigarette counter at Coles Woden.

      • Thank you

  • Anybody actually got one? Tested? Everything work like normally

  • +1

    seems to be sold out in "most stores" nationwide, according to Coles customer service

  • Feedback from successful buyers this time would be good please, for next time.

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