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TP-Link UB400 Bluetooth 4.0 Nano Adapter USB 2.0 $12.02 (Save: $7.93) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Just bought one for use on another computer in the office for the MX master 1 from the prime day sale which arrived today. seems like a good deal. its going for $15 at centrecom. and rrp is around $20-$25

Bluetooth 4.0: Applies the latest Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy (BLE) technology
Driver Free: Plug and Play for Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10
Nano-Sized: Ultra-small for convenient portability with reliable high performance
Supported Operating System: Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP
TP-Link - World's No. 1 Provider of WLAN Products within last 10 years. Leading Support- Industry leading 3-year warranty and 24/7 technical support

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Yes it's Bluetooth 4 but I have bought 4 of these now for older PCs and they work faultlessly for Bluetooth headphones.

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    I bought a Bluetooth 5 dongle from eBay and the range is terrible. Can barely go across half the room. Is this one any better?

    • Much better. I use a usb ext cable and pin it up to app waist height.

    • Me too. Bought a no-brand Bluetooth 5 last year & the range was terrible. Bought another one just last week (Simplecom) and the range is just as bad. It claims 20m but audio is jittery or drops out at around 3m for a Bluetooth 5 dongle!

      • Terrible! What a waste of money.

        On another pc I have a wifi +bluetooth pcie card with external antenna. That seems to perform a lot better.

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          Do you get any issues with bluetooth headphones unable to connect after charging or choppy audio with the pcie card ?

          My experience with the TPLink dongle has been really bad. After I recharge my headphones, they will frequently fail to re-connect properly, or play audio with choppy sound.

          Manually disconnecting the headphones using the Bluetooth settings and then reconnecting them fixes the audio, but it is an absolute pain to do this daily, after every recharge.

          • @vikvance: I have no problems with any of my Taotronics headphones. No choppiness until I go to the next room which is perfectly OK for me.

    • I have the same. There's no reason to believe a "brand name" in the same shape has any better range.

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    There's no audio delay on my MDR-1000x whilst watching movies using this exact dongle if anyone was concerned

    • is it using SBC or aptx?

    • What black magic is this? It should have some delay because those headones dont have the aptX LL codec.
      Very interesting….thank for sharing.

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    Title should probably make clear that it's a Bluetooth adaptor

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    Can it be used with Bose700 Headphones!
    BOSE has introduced a USB Link Bluetooth module for $70 USD and is not available here.

    • +1

      Asking question or making statement!

      • yes

      • No offence but I am also a bargain hunter, always hunting for quality products without getting ripped off (avoiding RRP)

  • Showing as $12.08 for me.

    • prices seem to fluctuate a few times each day. purchased 2 on different days last week and it was about $1 in difference. it was as low as $11 yesterday

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    I've got one of these and using it with my bluetooth headset, the range drops out when it's over 4m. I wouldn't recommend it.

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    Can I use this on TV’s usb port to transmit audio signals to bluetooth headsets? If no, any suggestions to make this happen? My TV has optical audio, audio out and USB ports.

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      I was just about to ask the same question!!

    • +1

      I suppose it depend on the TV OS. I have old LG and it only recognise usb as storage. Mouse /Keyboard or other peripheral does not work.

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      I'm pretty sure TV's USB ports are not for sound. Instead, you can use Taotronic TT-BA09 or the like for your TV optical audio.

      • +1

        Taotronic is one of the best device with clear audio and decent distance range and it has two way sound transmission capability

  • Does it work well with airpods ?

  • Does it work with your MX Master? Review on amazon says it doesn't work with logitech.

    • I planned for use with the mx master 1. Will receive tommorow i think. will report back. .
      after a quick look on the amazon reviews found this review-
      "I am happy that it works right out of the box with Windows 10 and started finding nearby Bluetooth devices.

      It was not able to detect my Logitech mouse initially and after spending some time troubleshooting, I was able to connect it and it works well.

      Overall, happy with the purchase!"

    • it worked straight out the box. Didnt have any problems with it connecting. i did have the logitech software downloaded though.

  • I ordered one of these from CentreCom a couple of months ago. It works OOB on a hackintosh as well.

  • Anyone found a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter they're happy with?

    • -1

      Just bought this https://www.simplecom.com.au/simplecom-nb409-usb-bluetooth-5... today for $10 at PCByte, price matching MWave. Need some time to tell, so far so good for the price and BT 5.0.
      Had this TP-Link UB400 for 2 months and it worked fine until some day it stopped working not sure because my son broke it or a fault. The return to MWave was unpleasant so didn't bother to buy it again from them.

      • How's the range? I find if I turn around the signal can't get thru my body to the buds.

      • Simplecom NB409 is no good for me. Bought it just last week. 20 meters range is rubbish claim and false advertising. It's fine if you're very near to your computer but if you move further than 3 to 4 meters, Bluetooth audio is choppy and mostly drops out.

    • I bought this one recently. Seems to be the only one certified by the BQB (and that explains why they get to use the actual bluetooth logo on their product)


      Have no complains it works out of the box. How do you tell if it's good?

  • Does it work with PS4 controllers?

    • Yep, works with my camo one.

  • Anyone used this in conjunction with Sony WH-1000XM4s (or XM3s)?

  • Anyone use this exact product for xb1 controllers on a PC?

    Or which exact Bluetooth product have you used that works perfectly with PC & xb1 controller?

    • It works for dualshock so it should work for xb1.

    • according to the Customer questions & answers:
      Answer #1: Works grat with a Xbox one controller.
      Answer #2: Worked out of the box for my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Xbox, if you're having issues make sure to unpair your controller from your Switch within Windows 10 PC. +++ Product!!!

    • Currently using this with a XB1 controller and is working perfectly fine!

  • Can still be bought for $13.47 for those who want it, seems worth it to me.

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