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AmEx Statement Credits | Instichu $400/ $75, Top3 by Design $500/ $100, Sumo Energy $100/ $30, Country Road ($100/ $20)


AmEx Statement Credits

  • Instichu Spend $400 Get $75 back (instore and online)
  • Top3 by Design Spend $500 Get $100 back ( in store and online)
  • Sumo Energy Spend $100 Get $30 back (Online only)
  • Caption Cook Cruises /sealink Spend $300 Get $65 back (in store and online)
  • Country Road (Targetted*) Spend $100 Get $20 back
  • Australian Red Cross Donate $60 Get 1500 bonus points
  • Points Booster Spend $800/x Get 1200/x points
  • Armadale Cellars Spend $100 Get $20 back (in store and online)
  • Fresh & Mr Fresh Frangrances online Spend $100 Get $25 back (Online only)
  • Farfetch Spend $450 Get 10% back

  • Chemist Warehouse spend $75 get $10 back ( Targetted *)
    Credits to fozzie

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (12)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (15)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +8

    I got chemist warehouse spend $75 get $10 back

    • Got this deal also.

      It says “Excludes PBS-subsidised products.” Are Amex capable of determining whether our purchases contain PBS items?

      • +3

        100% not. It would also be a breach of private medical data if they did.

        • When you pick up a script, do you pay at front of store, or at back counter?

            • @fozzie: Thanks, Amex usually has these exclusions to cover instances where cash back may not happen.

              I’m thinking that in store PBS works, and maybe online it doesn’t.

              Online has the following process so maybe they don’t charge the card for online orders until order is processed?

              Follow These 3 Simple Steps:

              Step 1:
              Search for your prescription in the search box below
              Step 2:
              Add items to your cart and complete the checkout
              Step 3:
              Send your original scripts via post or send your electronic prescription to us for FREE!

        • why would that be? they don't really need to know the exact items, just an amount.

    • Chemist warehouse didnt accept Amex before I snoozed on this and woke up to find it 100% claimed :(

  • My points booster is spend $300/get 600 membership points.

    edit: Oh, I just realised that's what the /x means.

    • +2

      Mine was 3700 points for 3700 spend - yuk!

      • +1

        Mine is $7200 for 7200 points! Double yuck!

      • Same - spend $3600, get 3600 points :(

    • Spend $4100 or more, get 6200 Membership Rewards points

    • Mine is spend $1300 get 2600 points… Yay…. 😁

    • Mine = Spend $6,100 for 9,100 points

    • 2100 for $2100 for me

  • Does the points booster for e.g. Red Cross have to be visible in the amex offers section in order to be elligible?

    • That is generally how it works.

    • It needs to be activated to be eligible

  • +16

    AMEX statement credits have been mostly garbage this year IMO…

    • +6

      I still remember those great days when you could get something like "Spend $300, get $100 at Harvey Norman" on multiple cards and save $300-$400 when buying something expensive.

  • gift card for chemist warehouse?

    • there's CWH gift cards? In-store only?

      • Yes there is gc in store.
        I bought it before for similar westpac credit card offer.

        • thanks for confirming.
          Would you also know if it can be bought for any amount, & the expiry period?

          • @plal: Not 100% sure but I think it can be topped up with any amount. The card itself does not have a face value.

            Expiry is 3 years from purchase like other gcs.

  • Don't have country road offer so might be targetted

    • I also don’t have the country road offer

    • It clearly says targeted in the dot point next to Country Road …

  • Yeah no Country Road or Chemist Warehouse offer for mine.

  • Didn't get these across any of my Amex Discovery cards.

    • Red Cross
    • Captain Cook
    • Points Boost
    • Chemist Warehouse
    • Country Road
  • Chemist Warehouse only in my Qantas Discovery card.
    Country Road only in my Platinum Edge and one of its additional card.

    • Also CW on my Discovery cards not on Westpac AMEX. No Country Road at all.

  • Can't see Top 3 by Design for me 😥
    What AMEX are people seeing it on?

    • +2

      Westpac Altitude Platinum Amex and Velocity Escape Amex

    • I got this offer on an AMEX essential

    • Amex explorer got on all cards :-)

    • Doh! Out of these, I have the Essentials but didn't get targeted.

  • Thanks! Apparently Sumo Energy is cheaper than my current provider

    • +1

      can we prepay Sumo account with multiply cards?

      • That's my plan! i have always been able to do this with other energy providers

  • Didn't get CW and Point Booster on my Explorer card.
    maybe I spent too much with amex…🤔

  • Only got this one on my DJs Amex, very very close to cancelling this card now…

    • Caption Cook Cruises /sealink Spend $300 Get $65 back (in store and online)
  • Thanks, just ordered 4 shirts (for price of 3) from Institchu for net cost $330 which is a good price.

    I've got some 5+ years old and still going strong unlike some other online tailor stores (collar bubbling after ~3 years).

  • mine - spend 3500 get 3500 - BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Does anyone have a manual link for Top3 By Design?

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