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Lenovo IdeaPad S540 with Ryzen 7 4800U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD $1,142.10 Shipped @ Lenovo Education Store


13.3 inch QHD screen 2560*1600 at 300 nits, 100% sRGB
16GB of ram
weight 1.2kg
56Wh battery
Ryzen 7 4800U

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          It will get rejected. As the other comment says it doesn't apply to edu store. Still a great price tho

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    • Because you said your amex got charged immediately,i have taken the plunge.It was too good a deal to let go.Hopefully I get the amex credit which will make it around $1020 price.I will now have 5 laptops in the house hmmmm.

      • Unfortunately I don't use AMEX. Still, for a 4800U with high quality body it's amazing value.

      • FYI my Amex has not been charged yet.So i guess need to hope they ship it before 01/12/2020.

        • Got the Amex email confirming that i have used the offer.But the card has still not been charged.

          • @techno2000: talk to lenovo chat if they can charge immediately.

            • @ChipsChicky: checked and my Amex has been charged now.So $1020 for this laptop plus accessories.Nice!!

              • @techno2000: Wow thats great … unfortunately i don't have amex … accessories ???

              • @techno2000: Is it appearing in your Order Status in Lenovo ? I have received email of order but its not appearing in lenovo id yet.

    • did you use student id ?

  • Can someone confirm if lenovo called you for payment or just created quote and you made payment yourself, if you didn't had the edu id ?

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    I don't understand how the Dell Inspiron deal is getting so many likes when for $130 extra you can get this far better notebook. I suppose most people may not realise it's possible to get the deal without a student beans account.

    • Thanks to doweyy and i don't have any pressure on my mind for something unfair, as they knew that i dont have edu id.

  • 8 weeks shipping time kills it…

  • Seems like its 1x 16GB DDR4 RAM?
    Also can additional 16GB be added?

    • Ram is soldered but its more than enough for daily tasks untill unless you wana do heavy gaming for which you need gaming laptop.

      • Yeah but do you know if it is 1x 16GB or 2x 8GB?
        And if 1X16 then no additional slots for self upgradable RAM? (like some other Lenovo laptops)

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          I have this laptop and its 16gb soldered, dual channel.

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      apparently it's soldered dual channel, not upgradable.

      • Thanks, as long as its dual channel then that will do (I guess 16GB RAM will server just fine in coming years)

  • I want 16gb ram but it ships in 8 weeks.

    Is 8gb ram enough for home use? It ships in two days..

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      Yes 8Gb can be plenty for home use. Unless you are doing high end vid editing.

  • Eight weeks to ship…I'm wondering if I should wait and see if I can find something with similar specs on Black Friday/Cyber Monday that will ship sooner.

  • Anyone can share how bad / good the Glossy screen is? Tempted to pull the trigger today. Thanks

  • Anyone can help how did you to have an account? I asked the customer service as I don't have edu email and they can't beat the price here. Thanks

  • Interestingly reading up on newly released Tigerlake with 1165G7 - 20-30% slower than intel's review sample they sent out with the 1185G7 that intel said would destroy AMDs offering.


    Clear now that intel has misled the tech reviewers by giving them a laptop with unhinged power settings. When made to follow a TDP, AMD 4800U is clearly faster. In fact, the 1165G7 is no faster for CPU than the previous intel generation.

    • you used student id to place the order and stack cashrewards ? or was it via Chat Agent and getting a quote ?

      • I used the student page.

        Looking back, although I got an email that said cashrewards was approved, now debating that.

        • oh … so they are not honouring cashrewards ?

          • @ChipsChicky: I am not sure. I got a confirmation email, but in the terms and conditions it says that education portal purchases will not be approved. It may be an automatic cash rewards thing, but never makes it through.

            • @euk: It maybe automatic email. Otherwise, coupling it with Shopback 15% is a steal deal.

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      Tiger lake is ~20% faster than Icelake at the same power consumption. That's actually a pretty decent upgrade, the problem is that Renoir was up to 100% faster than Icelake.

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    Shopback has increased for Lenovo from 6% to 15%. I am sure that Ideapad is also having 15% atm for one day. Previously it was 3% only.

    1142* 0.15 = 171

    Final Price = 1142 - 171 = 971 is a steal if it goes through.

    I had to get a quote (as I don't have student id) so couldn't couple it, as agent paid on my behalf via quote over phone. I had no option to convert quote to order, myself and use shopback.

    Hope it helps.

  • Don't forget AMEX.

  • Can someone help me? I want to buy this but have no access to education store

  • anyone else have problems changing the warranty from the standard 1-year depot warranty?
    When I click on "change" in the warranty section, I'm offered only the "base warranty" option.
    I don't need the accessories to make up to the $1.2k for Amex deal.

    • FYI Lenovo Chat said there's no warranty option for studentbean purchase.

    • Australian ACCC consumer guidelines state minimum 2 year warranty regardless of what the manufacturer states

  • I want one but too much hassle with edu store beCause my kids are in highschool. Then no shopback so not worth it.

    • You can buy without edu store, 1142 is still a great price without shopback.
      Read 1st comment, if you have amex you can couple that for 180 off 1142.

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    Thank you @doweyy.
    I have made the purchase today and used my AMEX offer.
    The card is not charged initially but after I called the Lenovo payment team on 13536686 (option 4), the payment is put through and I received the AMEX confirmation email straight away.

    • did they mention when the laptop will be delivered??

      • No, I did not ask. I will call in again tomorrow and folt up.

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          any updates? also nervous that we might not get the Amex offer with shipping date after 01/12/2020…

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            @klatscho: I have called today and was told that the order is with manufacturers and will update the depart date and estimated arrive date today. I just checked and it is not yet updated.
            Regarding the AMEX cash back, I have called the call centre (13536686 (option 4)) and they helped me to charge my AMEX card straight away. I received AMEX confirmation email even before the transaction was shown in my AMEX app. I guess AMEX mentioned shipping date as Lenovo normally charges the card after the goods is shipped, but I am not sure.
            Hope this helps.

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              @goevencheaper: My order status has been updated.

              November 3, 2020

              Expected to Ship
              November 16, 2020

              Expected to Arrive
              November 25, 2020

              Looking Good !!

              • @techno2000: Thank you for your update, I have not got update for my order yet, hopefully today. I will report back.

              • @techno2000: Thanks guys -
                I have ordered on Nov 4th, no update yet…. fingers crossed

                • @klatscho: I ordered on 4th Nov too, so update of ship date and arrival date so far..

                • @klatscho: I havent received any update either, but click the "order status" button on the email from lenovo called "Thanks for your order" - that shows the dates for you

              • @techno2000: I've got this same order update

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                @techno2000: I ordered mine the week before (getting the price difference refunded), and my expected ship date is Nov 25/arrive date Dec 4… Hopefully they update mine to match your schedules!
                I didn't cancel and reorder because I didn't want to lose that week's processing time, but I guess that didn't work out lol

                • @beralj: Just got the order update - expected to ship Jan 31, delivered 11th February 2021… they have to be joking…!

                  • @klatscho: That's pretty crazy… I hope to get mine late nov though. These CPUs are just so scarce due to popularity. Seems like they are the victim of their own success.

                  • @klatscho: I got this date yesterday, and it is changed to 30th Nov. Yours may be changed as well.

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                      @goevencheaper: My expected to ship date was originally the 16th of November and expect arrival date was the 26th. Yesterday the expected to ship date changed to the 10th, which is today :). The expected to arrive date changed to the 19th.

                      • @aTTilaz: Have you got he track number for the shipment? The link on the track number will show you the progress of delivery.

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                      @goevencheaper: @goevencheaper yes it has!! :)

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                        @klatscho: Great! I hope my ship date 30th Nov will move forward too. :)

                        • @goevencheaper: @goevencheaper so I just checked and and it now seems it will be shipping tomorrow!

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                            @klatscho: Thanks for your update, same here, hope it will ship out tomorrow as expected.

  • Does anyone know if you would be able to cancel the order before it ships? Thinking of getting this but if it truly is 8 weeks shipping then I would be happy knowing that I can cancel it if a better deal comes up during black friday / cyber monday. Thanks!

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      Yes you can cancel as long as it is not shipped out

  • Hi all, I am looking at accessories. Which adapter is better to connect to 4K monitor? USB-C to HDMI 2B or USB-C 7-in-1 Hub (it has only HDMI 1.4 port I believe)?

  • This is a great deal but, deal expiration date is unknown? If I wait till payday there might be more competitive 11.11 deals. Like 15% or 20% codes.

  • Thanks. Just bought one.
    I also added the Lenovo USB-C 7-in1 Hub for ~$40 instead of $75 after sales price and discount code: https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/accessories-and-monitors/cables...
    (use the link "know your part number" from the cart and part # "4X90V55523")

    • Hi, What discount code? The one for this overall laptop deal?

      • Yes, the code is applied on the cart overall. actually came to about $45, not $40.

    • Depending on what you need this one would be a lot more useful.
      HDMI 2.0 4k 60hz instead of 30Hz and a "Gambit" ethernet port.

      • +1

        We don't need the ethernet nor the 4k (yet :) ).
        Out of curiosity, I tried it out to check the price - you can get this one for ~$80 instead of $129 after sales/discount code. Pretty good too.

  • So Lenovo won't charge my AMEX until they ship the order (no ETA, could be as late as 8 weeks)
    The amount is stuck in Authorization/Pending Status with AMEX (and I did get the cashback confirmation email from AMEX)

    However I have checked with AMEX, I won't get the cashback unless Lenovo charge the minimum amount by the promotion date.
    And I also checked with Lenovo Payment team - they won't process the payment until the laptop is ready to be shipped! (i.e. the payment process date will be when the order is ready to be shipped)

    Has anybody got the same situation?
    Any suggestion? I guess the best option would be to cancel this order and get something that is ready to be shipped… ?

    Very unfortunate… I am confused what to do…

    • I am in the same boat, almost. My order status shows that it is expected to ship on the 16th of November. Which would just fall within the AMEX offer period. Considering I made the purchase on the 3rd and I received an email from AMEX the same day advising me that I had used the AMEX offer, and the Lenovo charge shows as pending on my card transactions, they clearly know that I made the purchase, and that I made it within the promotional period. If the shipping and the actual card charge date miss the offer end date, how on earth is that my fault. The date I made the purchase is still the 3rd and that's all that should matter. And how could AMEX deny the cashback with straight face is just unbelievable! Well, even without the cashback, it is still a great deal. But if they deny the cashback, I won't be happy with AMEX, I can tell you that.

      • Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $1,199 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at www.lenovo.com/au/en by 17/11/2020, for items shipped by 01/12/2020, to receive one $180 credit.

        Should be fine.

        • I've got the no fee AMEX. It has offers listed but I'm not seeing this one? Is it only for annual fee cards?

          Placed the order anyway. A great price and added in a 7-1 port for $47 under the same deal (as mentioned above).

  • Does Amex $180 credit apply to lenovo edu website too?

    • +1

      It should, I have received AMEX confirmation email, same as some others here.

  • Anyone got this laptop yet and can share their reviews? What are people buying extra with this laptop ro make it eligible for amex offer?

    • I added additional warranty, I decided to up the 16GB model to 4 years depot warranty - total $1278.76
      Received the email from Lenovo stating the amount is an authorisation hold only, and will charge when the unit ships
      43 minutes later, email from Amex "You just used your Lenovo Amex offer"

      I am not sure if I now need to ask Lenovo to just charge me now or not.

      Anyhow the way I look at it, if it has not been shipped by 1 Dec, I can just cancel the order.

      Great laptop though (the S540-13ARE is the same model as the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13 )

      • I was looking to add some usb c hub with hdmi but those ones are expensive , there is one ( 7 in 1) hub but that doesn't support 4k at 60hz.
        Can you stack with shopback/cashrewards?
        I have access to amex offer and student account as well.
        Too many options for windows laptop, have been looking to buy one for few months.
        You reckon good buy?

        • A good buy? You never know what is around the corner, but for me, if I get the Amex cashback it is outstanding.
          If you dont need a touchscreen/pen, or high speed USB3/Thunderbolt connectivity, it has everything else:
          An amazing CPU (8 cores, 16 threads), screen (16:10 QHD), chassis (full aluminium, good lenovo keyboard, 1.28kg, glass trackpad), battery/power (3 TPU settings in bios, can run very quiet, good battery life ) great value for the money IMO.

          USB-C ports are only rated as 3.2 Gen1, which maxes out at 5Gbps. My 5 year old Yoga 460 docks simply to dual 2k displays and I want to keep my screens.
          No touchscreen or pen. I have recently been using the pen for marking up pdfs etc and will miss this aspect.
          Unclear if dual 2k will work with this one
          Ideapad build quality may not be up to the thinkpad standard. The hinges in my Thinkpad Yoga 460 have just seized up after 5 years, the thinkpad T420 I have from a few years before that remains perfect.

      • +1

        VeganLeather, I can answer your question. The amounts will be on "hold" on your amex until it is shipped.
        I bought the laptop and 3 accessories.
        So i had 4 amounts on "hold" on my amex.
        Recently i received the usb 3.0 to ethernet adapter.
        That amount is now showing as charged on the card with other 3 items still "pending"

        So as long as all your items are shipped by 01/12/2020 you will receive the Amex credit.

        • Can you find any good dock to reach the $1200?

        • Thanks.
          The email from Amex says
          "If your transaction meets the offer terms, your redemption should appear on your statement within 5 business days (however it can take up to 90 days from the offer end date)."

  • To anyone who bought this, did you receive shipping confirmation yet?
    I know it says 8 weeks but some comments on other units say they received shipping confirmation within a week.

  • 8 week shipping ruins an otherwise great deal

  • I just bought this and added mouse keyboard etc and got it to 1200 exactly. But then realised that Lenovo charged my Amex for with 3 separate transactions instead of a single transaction for 1200. so don't know if I would still qualify for the 180 cash back.
    Lenovo has already charged my card so don't think they only charge you when it ships, unless mine has shipped, which I think is highly unlikely when I purchased it 2 hours ago.

    • Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $1,199 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at www.lenovo.com/au/en by 17/11/2020, for items shipped by 01/12/2020, to receive one $180 credit.

      • Thanks for that, seems like only need to overcome the hurdle of delivery now.

    • Can I ask where do I find the Amex offer you are referring to?
      I have Amex DJ card not sure if I can have the same offer?

      • I've got an amex qantas card and via the amex app on my phone there's an offers section which you can activate this offer.

        • Thanks a lot I also have it…
          I’ve never looked at that section

  • +2

    Called Lenovo as I am not happy with the expect ship date 31st Jan 2021 (Ordered on 4th Nov), they said they will get more details from fulfilment team then update this date. Fingers crossed!

    • +1

      My order status said the same dates yesterday, but today has updated to ship Nov 30… I also ordered Nov 4.

      • Just checked my order status this morning and it is changed to 30th Nov too.

        • +2

          17th Nov now :)

  • If you cancel your order with Lenovo, can you use the Amex offer again?

  • +1

    price is back up to 1799 for the 16GB RAM model :(
    BUT, I still had an old session open in my first browser window and looks like it let me get the deal still woohoo 1269 for 16Gb Ryzen 7 4800U 512GB SSD, super nice deal!

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