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Box of 50 Disposable 4 Layers Face Mask $8 + Shipping Fee @ Inkaus.com.au


4-Ply Surgical Face Masks - Level 1 - Box of 50 - Premium

*ARTG Identifier: 340322.
*ASTM Level 1 Surgical Face Masks - with earloops
*4-ply non-woven fabric
*>95% BFE
*Single use only
*Complies with ASTM Level 1
*Carton Quantity - 40 Packs
*CE & FDA Approved
*Made in Vietnam

Order at InkAus
Any questions please call Mi Mi 0452 156 711.

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    Wow, the market for these dropped hard

    • -1 vote

      This "business model" has been smashed since the proliferation of re-usable masks.

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    No deal if above $2

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    You cannot be approved by the TGA, only registered. What is your masks registration number for TGA and FDA? I cannot find your company with any registration


      My ARTG Idenitfier: 340322, you can find my certificate on TGA website or visit my site to find this.
      Thank you.

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        Son Loc Melbourne Pty Ltd
        Phone: 0435 351 956
        ABN: 35 630 411 513

        Doesn't seem to match the website address or phone number of the ARTG owner

        What's your FDA registration number?


          This company is our manuafactuer in Viet Nam, and our FDA number is 10074905.
          Thank you

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            @inkmelbourne: The FDA number is 3017034233
            10074905 is an owner/operator number for Ruc Sang Trading-Service-Produce Company Limited. Still doesn't explain why the Australian TGA details, do not match your business. There is so much fakery out there with people misusing these numbers. You need to either update your TGA record (as required) or be prepared for people to call these masks out as using another business's ARTG number.

            I wouldn't buy these even for general use as there is no link to the seller and any form of TGA registration. Cheap get cheaper ones online anyways

            Also if you own the website listed on the TGA, then why not seller from that website to ozbargain. Why an unlisted 3rd party website with no link to the registered product?

      • +5 votes

        Here we go again. Did you not read the TGA rules about mask advertising when your registered the product? They state UNEQUIVOCALLY that you cannot advertised any product "TGA Approved". The statement should be removed from your website and this deal.

        If the manufacturer's labelling, advertising, or documentation contain the claims above, the face mask is considered to be a medical device and is required to be included in the ARTG.

        Promoting a product as "TGA approved", or including other government endorsements, whether it is included in the ARTG or not, is a violation of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.


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    Average trust score 60% : more investigations are necessary


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      Not registered for GST

      Domain Name: INKAUS.COM.AU
      Registry Domain ID: D407400000005017301-AU
      Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.auda.org.au
      Registrar URL:
      Last Modified: 2020-08-07T04:36:00Z
      Registrar Name: Web Address Registration Pty Ltd
      Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
      Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
      Reseller Name:
      Status: server
      RenewProhibited https://afilias.com.au/get-au/whois-status-codes#serverRenew...
      Status Reason: Not Currently Eligible For Renewal
      Registrant Contact ID: R-023196651-SN
      Registrant Contact Name: Thanh Nguyyen
      Tech Contact ID: C-008246051-SN
      Tech Contact Name: Thanh Nguyyen
      Name Server: NS2.SYRAHOST.COM
      Name Server: NS1.SYRAHOST.COM
      DNSSEC: unsigned
      Registrant ID: ABN 45627969591
      Eligibility Type: Company

      Last update of WHOIS database: 2020-11-03T10:45:20Z <<<


    Over priced.


    Masks won't be required soon, watch them flood the market.

    • -1 vote

      A new COVID’ outbreak could immediately lead to a change in all the requirements for precautions like masks.

      All it takes is a “Super-Spreader” Tourist or (G-d forbid!) Terrorist going round to lots of crowded venues, in a town, w/ maskless people, to pivot a place’s status:
      fr “COVID’-free”
      to “Hot Spot”

      So, don’t be to quick to toss-out any remaining (effective) masks…
      unless & until an effective vaccine is released &
      has been used by a large enough % to build a genuine Herd Immunity.



        In Victoria, 1 million of the 6.3 million (children) have never worn masks. If masks so effective, why aren't they spreading it - the least hygienic of all people.

        NSW never had mandatory mask wearing. They're fine, been open and managing the virus for months.

        Most mask wearers don't follow the rules, in other words they are routinely using dirty masks, on top of that, many scientists say for such viruses they're ineffective anyway.

        Mask use should be voluntary from the start, period!

        • -1 vote

          As you say - rubbish. Where's your evidence that most mask wearers dont follow rules? Medical advice re masks has changed months ago - you might want to update your information. Authorities in this country made clear a long time ago that masks are just one part of the fight to limit spread - esp in places where community transmission is prevalent, eg parts of Melb. They'll have limited effect if sanitising, staying at home when you're sick and social distancing aren't also in the mix.


            @Possumbly: Are you telling me everyone who uses a non-disposable mask washes it after every use? No… I'm sure you're not.

            If masks are so important, why is the most dangerous scenario the one where you don't have to wear one? A restaurant can have 40 people from 40 different households indoors (transmission 20-30x more likely) for 2 hours with no masks. If the virus is so dangerous and masks so important, why is this so? Why is the government exposing so many to this dangerous situation, while stopping a lone individual enjoying some recreational activity outdoors without a mask when social distancing is easily achieved?


              @R00D: I'm not telling you anything of the sort because (un)like you I don't know how often - or well - people change/sanitise masks, nor does anyone on the planet. Mask rules don't operate in isolation, they're the result of considered decisions by people in full possession of facts - something neither you nor I are. Relaxation of numbers is part of transition, not difficult to understand really or comply with really is it? There are plenty of what appear to be anomalous rules re masks and numbers (weddings V funerals for example). Suffice to say that those making the rules know far better than we do and have to make allowances for the typically selfish behaviour or particular groups. For the vast majority of people wearing a mask is not an issue and if it helps keep communities safe then it's a tiny impost. Give it a little while longer and compulsory mask wearing will also be relaxed.

        • -1 vote

            @Possumbly: Here you go. Listen and absrb: https://tickertv.com.au/programs/catherine-and-ahron-on-mask...

            Depends on what you look for, hey? You've just undone your other point by mentioning sanitising, etc. People don't do it enough, especially with masks. Plus, 1million Victorians aren't wearing them anyway, never have.

            Outdoor wearing of masks is stupid, especially when social distancing is able to be achieved.


              @R00D: Her opinion obviously differs from those who are responsible. Not the first and won't be the last time experts disagree. Little doubt even those on health advisory panels across this country have disagreed at some point during the pandemic.

              I don't disagree that a blanket rule wrt mask wearing has plenty of flaws, the problem for govt and health officials is that you can't leave it to common sense because as we know - it isn't (common).

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                @Possumbly: Bottom line, Andrews is happy for people to be in danger if it means a business can make money (indoors cafe / restaurant - no masks). Yet where transmission is almost never going to happen (outdoors), where exercise and activity will be more plentiful if mask rules are eased, nope, he won't do it. People's health secondary - that can come afterwards he says. Why? He doesn't care what people he supposedly represents think, but he DOES get a lot of pressure from business groups and the federal government to open businesses, who he bends over for.

                Lots of scientists think that mandatory mask use once people step out their houses is no longer required in VIC. In fact, what common sense opinion would differ? There will be zero cases in the coming days, then what? Andrews will expect NSW travellers to wear them here but not their homes state? This is nonsense. If he had confidence in contact tracing in the VIC masks outdoors would be a distant memory.


                  @R00D: Your hypocrisy is noted. Andrews, who has responsibility for balancing a huge range of interests and issues across the state, is - according to you but hardly anyone else in the state apparently - "happy to put people in danger" but you, who has zero public responsibility and a clear lack of knowledge of current scientific advice re masks, and who advocates removal of compulsory masks use in public, isn't?

                  Lots of scientists think that mandatory mask use once people step out their houses is no longer required in VIC. In fact, what common sense opinion would differ?

                  Interesting. How many is "lots"? Drop a handful of names for us.

                  Common sense actually tells me that those making decisions about transitions know much much, more than you and 99.9% of the rest of us.
                  Patience is a virtue, especially in time of crisis


                    @Possumbly: Even the Age is reporting it today - "Experts renew calls for constant mask rules to be eased in Victoria"

                    You can't dance around it, Andrews continually throws 'I'm following the science' into the fold. Clearly you're incapable of thinking for yourself, you're an ideologue who follows Andrews as a religious person would a faith. Maybe you're unhealthy and anxious about the virus? If so, fix it.

                    Is this science?

                    Restaurant and Cafe settings are potentially the most dangerous places - the most variability of different people congregating indoors. Are masks required? No.

                    Outdoors, while socially distancing it is 20-30x less likely for transmission to occur (CHO said this). Are masks required? Yes.

                    You have to be either hopelessly gullible or unable to think rationally to think there's any logic here. I actually feel sorry for someone like yourself, defaulting to 'they know more than me / you' rather than actually being able to think critically for yourself. Sad.


                      @R00D: I've already explained that the "science" of mask use is just one part of Andrews' considerations. He's clearly concerned about idiotic public behaviour and/or complacency, and he has plenty of evidence to back that up. It's not even vaguely difficult to understand why he's being cautious.

                      No need to feel sorry for me. Despite having consumed a huge amount of infornation and opinion on the topic I don't for a millisecond think I know better than those who daily listen to and discuss a broad range of competing scientific, health, social and economic advice and who have ultimate responsibility. I'm not that arrogant or smug.


          NSW never had mandatory mask wearing. They're fine,

          Are they really?

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    False advertising, these masks are not ASTM level 1, to be ASTM level 1, both BFE and PFE of these masks must be at least over 95%.

  • +1 vote

    OP's post history speaks volumes https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/362935/nodes


      I see in one of them he says GST incl (which is a requirement of price advertising anyway), yet he doesn't appear to pay GST.

      His website still says TGA Approved.