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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Global Version) $27.99 Delivered @ Gshopper AU


SYD Stock, 1 day handling

Maximum long Battery Life of 20 Days:The product is equipped with high density lithium polymer battery, which can achieve a light weight and up to 20 days of battery life.
Upgrade 0.95" Color Screen: More power-efficient OLED displays can display more information with less power.At a glance, you can tell the sender's name, number and information.
Best for Running: When you turn on active mode during activities such as running, you can measure GPS route, calorie expenditure, speed and heart rate in real time.Has the ability to analyze exercise data, recommended for daily health and exercise.
Heart Rate Number Sleep Assist Function: If you fall into deep sleep, your heart rate will drop.Heart rate sleep AIDS measure heart rate during sleep and more accurately measure light and deep sleep patterns.Does not support daytime sleep.
Daily Steps Measurement Heart Rate Monitoring: You can use a precise pedometer to measure the changes in your heart rate every day.Upgrade the step count algorithm.Count your steps correctly.You can monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day to see when it's in real time.

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  • Any good deals on the 5?

  • Do you need a mobile close by for it work? Thinking of one for my young daughter (she doesn't have her own phone yet).

    • +2

      Shouldn't do. Previous versions didn't.

      It'll all be watch, and that'll hold days of data until bluetooth connects to a phone.

    • +1

      No, but you lose alot of the features (tracking workouts/sleep/weather/phone alerts). Basically any of the smart features.

    • +1

      No she doesn’t need her own phone just as long as it’s paired with a device. My son has one it tracks his sleep his steps and updates the weather when he’s home near my iPad. I can even set a reminder which he gets notIfied at school the next day just as long as at some point it gets paired.

  • +5

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for $27.99 is good price. Why pay almost double for Band 5? Does it double the features?

    • +1

      Upgrades including better sensors apparently. Having had the mi band 4 since June I can say the gps isn't very accurate.

      Mi band 5 also has charging on the base saving you from having to take the watch out of the band every time to charge it. Also bigger and better screen.

      • I had the Mi Band 3 and taking it out sucked, was waiting for the Mi Band 5 GPay, ended up just getting a Fossil Gen 4

  • Because of the way it charges I’d go for band 5.

    • You don't have to remove the little thing from the band anymore?

      • +1

        Nope. Uses a magnetic wireless charger that sticks to the back

        • Ooohhhh that's cool!

  • is it compatible with qantas wellbeing app?

    • You can sync google fit with xaomi app

  • +2

    Bought two Mi Band 4s, 4 months ago. One for my wife, one for myself. My wife's band broke yesterday. It was not possible to have looked after it better than she has !

    Factor in the cost of replacement bands if you make a purchase.

    Very disappointed.

    • +4

      Wife and I have had these since Xmas last year.
      Nothing at all wrong with the band or the watch

      • +2

        Yeah have bought many for myself and family, and not a single band problem… Might've just unfortunately been a defective band :\

    • I got cheap steel band from fasttech for about $10.

    • agree, every mi band I have owned the bands break within 12 months. I usually buy a couple of replacements.

    • My wife and i have mi band 4's both bands broke after maybe a year.

      Bands are cheap on ebay or ali so not a big deal. 3 fitbits we have had all had bands break as well.

    • My wife has had hers since last Christmas and the band is still fine.

  • +1

    It says 20 days of battery life but mine is consistently 30+.

    I only use it for steps though. Heart rate monitoring and such would use more.

  • +1

    Crap…..just bought a replacement band (locally ebay). $9.50.
    Note: if you buy these, grab a spare band or two from China for a couple of dollars. They do break over time. Mine lasted 6 months.

  • I bought one of these earlier on a $40 deal.

    While it was ok I didn’t find it hugely accurate.

    Distance and km reminders were often off and steps never reconciled with my iphone. Not sure which was correct or not.

    Basic music and what’s app functionally and the ability to answer calls with headphones and my phone in the gym locker was worth it though.

    Ended up giving to mum who loved it and yes the battery life is Stellar as are the customisable faces albeit on a tiny screen.

  • +1

    The wristband on my Mi Band 4 broke, struggling to get a genuine replacement delivered for that price! Maybe i'm looking in the wrong places, anyone had any luck with third party ones?

  • How's the silent alarm on this? My old trustee Fitbit Flex died on me recently

    • +1

      If you mean vibration. Its good, I use it for notifications and Alarms. Having said that I have no idea how it compares to Fitbit.

  • does anyone know where i can the band? mind seems to be breaking again :/

    • mind seems to be breaking again :/

      Well, smoking cereals could have that effect unfortunately

    • Ebay. Locally will cost your $9+ otherwise Ebay China for a couple of $$ but will take a long time to arrive.

      It's for this reason I note to all owners to order a spare in advance if you have just purchased a new MiBand. I can nearly guarantee that it will be required down the line whether it be a few months or 12. They are cheap if purchased (Ebay from China) so no big deal if not used.
      Nothing worse than having a broken strap as device is useless without one (taking from experience)!.

  • Great battery life, but I gave up using mine as I hate the way the band does up and the app doesn't work in with any other fitness app on the phone.

  • -1

    They're OK. Wore mine for about a week and a half then threw it in a draw somewhere. There are better things to put on your wrist.

  • For $17 more one can get vr 5. Thats a hard call for those deciding to buy this one?

  • I'd recommend it tbh - paid like $50 for it (might've been less, not sure) late 2019, the watch itself has stayed in perfect condition. Band has snapped once, superglued it back together which lasted until the replacement band (for $2 free shipping from China) got here. Definitely would recommend just buying a couple of cheap bands at the same time you get it, just to save yourself the hassle. $27 is a great price. Alternatively, I've heard good things about the Band 5, which has a more recent listing on OzB.

  • You can buy two of this Vs the band 5. Doesn't sound like the 5 is a huge upgrade worth double..

    • Also the Mi Band 5 has less battery life. My wife gets about a month of battery life in her Mi Band 4.

  • trustworthy site?

    • Yeap. Ordered something last week and arrived quickly.

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