Which Is The Best State or Territory in Australia?

Hi Ozbargainers,

Which do you think is the best state or territory in Australia and why?

I personally think that it would have to be South Australia. Adelaide is by far one of the most exhilarating cities in the world. :)

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    Northern Territory
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    South Australia
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    Western Australia


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    and low covid

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      • Yep. Should have kept the border shut

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    But the ACT and NT aren’t states?

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      If you’re going to add territories, why not Jervis Bay? Or Cocos Islands? Or even the Coral Sea Territory.

    • Edited.

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      Where is Far North Queensland on the poll?

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        In the preceding page just after Papua New Guinea and Bali

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      And where's Ozbargains most favourite State in this list


      Given all the Spirits/Beer/Cider deals

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    pre-covid I would have said Victoria

    • Yep, soon as borders open Im selling and buying elsewhere

      • ditto.

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    love melbourne and adelaide

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      Interesting combination.

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        Interesting fact, South Australia has most borders with any Australian state (and territories combined).

        Surrounded by WA, NSW, VIC, QLD, And NT.
        I.E. only not surounded by ACT, and Tasmania.

        So virtually connected with most by land yet slowest economic state

        • Don't forget soo much great wine too lol.

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      Not States

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    WA is so good we won't let anyone else in!

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      Maintains the exclusivity quite well

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      The South Perth bubble expanded to cover the whole state!

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        What is this bubble you are talking about?

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        Bubble whatnow? The GT would like a word

        • The GT is basically the WA of Perth Metro

          Would probably put a hard border in if they could

          Not going to blame them though, it is rather quaint there.

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      It’s like when people say “I choose not to have sex”.

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        Clive just blew a load of cash trying to pry us open, so at least we're not a notch in his belt.

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    Adelaide is by far one of the most exhilarating cities in the world

    I'm keen to know what you think is exhilarating about Adelaide.

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      I was just being facetious. I've never been to Adelaide.

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        You should come some time - Mad March is usually a pretty exhilarating time with a real festival vibe. We’re reasonably laid back most of the time, so we’re probably more of an older person state to visit, but it is nice to visit lovely wineries and breweries out in the hills.
        Don’t get me wrong - I’ve visited everywhere in Australia and love how buzzing Sydney and Melbourne are. Can’t beat a holiday on the Goldie or Cairns. Tasmania reminds me of the UK with so much beautiful greenery. Monkey Mia in WA is amazing. Uluru is breathtaking. Every state has awesome sites and experiences to offer- it’s hard to compare. Some people love the hustle and bustle of a big city, some people love natural sites, some historical. We are so lucky to live in such a diverse country with amazing beaches, rainforests, mountains, snowfields, deserts, bushland and rivers. I can’t wait to explore even more when the pandemic is behind us. I regret not doing more when it was so simple!!

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      Recently named the meth capital of Aus wasn't it?

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        ….with the highest number of unmarked shallow graves.

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        I think Adelaide was named the meth capital of the world!

        • You're right! World topping levels two years running apparently.

          Who negged us all?
          Source is here

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            Who negged us all?

            The meth dealers?

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              @dust: Why would the Meth Dealers Negg you??

              This is free advertising for them as now I know what to do next time I'm in Adelaide!!!

              • @petebern: Yes drugs are very accessible and cheaper than most states

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    Troll post.

    Everyone knows NSW is the place to be.

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      Victorian number plates would beg to differ…

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        That's old, we're now 'The Education State'.

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          What makes VIC that? and who decides these??

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            @What is rrp: Don't quote me, but I imagine it would have something to do with our focus on education and the amount of schools the state has.

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            @What is rrp: Because if you disagree with the government, we have a mandatory education camp for you and your children to attend.

            Victoria. The Education State.

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            @What is rrp: It was actually a Dandrews election promise…

        • I agree everyone who disagree with the State should enter the re-education center. Brainwash education state

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        QLD motorists can choose either 'The Smart State' or ' The Sunshine State' for their number plate. Most of them pick the 2nd one because it is true :)

        • I heard that WA took the title of sunniest state in Aus.

    • So is Frank Costanza’s pool room

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      For price jacked real estate

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    Not Victoria.

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    No love for the other territories? Jarvis Bay anyone?

    • Keeping the poll simple :)

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      JErvis Bay is part of ACT.

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        Subject to the laws and courts of ACT like the external territories except for Coral Sea Islands. It's still an Australian territory though.

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        It’s not actually. It’s a separate territory administered by the ACT.

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        Just read the wiki, what I need to know is… is it legal to grow your own weed for recreational purposes, as it is in ACT. Any JB locals out there care to test it out and let us know?

    • What? A navy base and an indigenous town? You know most of the tourists are white? I mean whale watching down at Moes Rock ain't bad, but I prefer Mermaid Inlet back in NSW. Less tourists!

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        Why does skin colour matter?

        • -2

          You are the person who brought it up for this topic. Target beach, on the opposite, NSW headland is visually more striking than most of the territory (Hyams beach is NSW). Cape St George Lighthouse is cool, but Point Perpendicular is next level.

          What is left? A small restricted access town in arguably paradise and a navy base. You either like boot licking or this is about race.

          • +2

            @This Guy: I commented about the poll lacking Jarvis Bay territory. It was you who brought up race by saying "white tourists".

            • @Clear: Dude. You are offended at 'white,' not Indigenous. And you think 'white' is a race. You are the problem.

              Norfolk is geographically interesting. Christmas is ecologically interesting. But no. Jervis….

              You are offended that Jervis kinda sucks because the non indigenous locals of the South Coast are obnoxiously racist to the point that Asian tour companies and visibly Muslim families won't venture past Kiama or the Southern Highlands.

              But I am racist for not liking this…

              • +1

                @This Guy: A tongue in cheek comment about a territory being omitted as it always is. Who is taking offence? The one who writes an essay.

                • -3

                  @Clear: You when I wrote white. Me when you dismissed Indigenous Australians.

                  Come on dude. How is making cheeky jabs at a historically oppressed group who manged to succeed in a region something to be proud of?

                  • @This Guy: I consider people of all colours and races to be equal.

                    • @Clear: That is a nice catch phrase, but think about what your words mean:

                      Do you consider privileged racists equal to the oppressed? I doubt it.

                      Indigenous isn't a race or a skin colour in this country. It is a community or family, decided by elders.

                      And from my experience, ~50% of white people on the South Coast will say racist poop and 45% won't confront them.

                      But yeah, considering all 'colours and races equal' absolves one of their responsibility as a human not to poop on an oppressed group managing to succeed with silly throwaway jokes.

                      It's ok, you can feel better by dismissing this lack of humanity with rAnT!!!

                      (If you really want to grow, think about some of the poop you put up with personally, then some of the poop your friends from a different community suffer).

                      White Australian tourists suck as a group. The Jervis Territory attracts boat loads of them.

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    Adelaide is by far one of the most exhilarating cities in the world. :)

    OMG you need to get out more…… like anywhere

  • Adelaide is by far one of the most exhilarating cities in the world. :)

    Adelaide is a city!?

    • Australia's premier city :)

    • +1

      Mate I'm in Adelaide i just dont get what op is talking about. Adelaide no where even close to exhilarating.

      Yes i personally believe Adelaideans have been very lucky in terms of covid very less restrictions and not much change in daily life, and still open borders for a lot of places.

      But dude the fact is getting a job here is so dam difficult. I have been personally applying for ages not a single time been accepted in like coles, woolies, auspost, Bunnings etc kinda store jobs.

      Although fastfood is an option i am already in it but i want a second job and Adelaide is just so backwards i believe in terms of jobs.

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    u missed a state!
    new zealand! :)

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      Kiwis need to create a poll on ChoiceCheapies :)

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      It’s the other way around. Australia is NZ’s West Island.

      • +9

        Found the Kiwi.

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      New Zealand, the constant state of Hippyness (you know you want to say it in their ixcent)

      • 36

      • +1

        The best place in the world for fush and chups!!

      • -5

        As for the Aussie accent well you need to consider alcohol and the aboriginal language among other things for their influences in forming what is said today: Let's get things straight about the origins of the Australian accent. Aussie-speak developed in the early days of colonial settlement from a cocktail of English, Irish, Aboriginal and German – before another mystery influence was slipped into the mix.

        The Australian alphabet cocktail was spiked by alcohol. Our forefathers regularly got drunk together and through their frequent interactions unknowingly added an alcoholic slur to our national speech patterns. For the past two centuries, from generation to generation, drunken Aussie-speak continues to be taught by sober parents to their children.

        The average Australian speaks to just two thirds capacity – with one third of our articulator muscles always sedentary as if lying on the couch; and that's just concerning articulation. Missing consonants can include missing "t"s (Impordant), "l"s (Austraya) and "s"s (yesh), while many of our vowels are lazily transformed into other vowels, especially "a"s to "e"s (stending) and "i"s (New South Wyles) and "i"s to "oi"s (noight).

        • +3

          Sorry Monty, but not those of us who grew up in SA, the free settlers spoke great English, and that's been passed down.

          Not like those dodgy convict types and their alcohol fueled dialects

    • While obviously not a state it is reasonable to include NZ in the poll due to the freedom of movement agreement we have with them, meaning moving there is as easy as moving state.

    • Australian Constitution when defining the States:

      The States shall mean such of the colonies of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia, including the northern territory of South Australia, as for the time being are parts of the Commonwealth, and such colonies or territories as may be admitted into or established by the Commonwealth as States; and each of such parts of the Commonwealth shall be called a State.

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    …member since 2 seconds ago…

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      2 epic seconds.

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    You know how every poll has a joke vote,

    Is Tasmania the joke vote for this poll?

    I'm jk

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    Ahhhh… Queensland… the Florida of Australia.

    And why is Victoria getting so many votes when everyone wants to leave the state and live elsewhere because of “DiCtAtOr DaN”??

    NSW, the Nanny state. The ReVeNuE rAiSiNg state.

    WA is a state? I thought they suceded and became their own country?

    Tasmania is at least getting added to maps of Australia now?

    SA. Isn’t really the fastest state. Had to line it up with a power pole to see if it moved and was still alive.

    The rest are not states.