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[NSW] Further 50% off Most Shoes - Nike Factory Outlet (Homebush DFO)


Went to Nike Factory Outlet (DFO Homebush NSW) and they are having Take a Further 50% sale.

Not sure if it’s the same in other stores (Auburn / Birkenhead).

Most shoes are included in the promotion. Basketball & some Training shoes are excluded.

Some clothes are also included in the sale.

Few examples I saw (Mens) - All After 50% discount:

  • Pegasus 36 $65
  • Pegasus Turbo 2 $90
  • React Element 55 $50
  • React Infinity Run $80
  • React Vision $55
  • Vomero 14 $65
  • Air Max 90 (Volt & Pink colorway) $70
  • Air Max 270 React (Triple Black) $65
  • Joyride Dual Run $65
  • Joyride Run Flyknit $90

Some have limited sizes but they might restock for the weekend. Ends this Sunday (8/11).

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    $65 - Wow that's a great price for Pegasus 36!

    • +1

      Yup. Great price for the Vomero as well (same colorway).

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    Does anyone know if this applies to Brisbane DFO (Airport or Jindalee)?

    • Airport yes

      • Is there still much stock left?

    • Jindalee yes, was there today.

      • Ooh

  • Does anyone know if they have any of the high end runners in these DFO's? e.g Vaporfly

    • +1

      Not usually

    • +1

      The best one ever saw is zoom fly 3 and turbo.

  • Nice! Just in time as my Pegasus are wearing out.

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    harbour town , Gold Coast has this and also apparel pretty cheap. last seasons casual and running jackets $25-$30 odd, singlets $15 and "miller" shirts $20, ACG snow pants $30, Downshifter shoes $35, free 5.0 $45 plus a lot more

  • Nike might be almost worth buying at these prices

  • +2

    Good luck getting into the store. I was there last weekend and the wait to get in was 1hr 30mins!

    • Which store ?

      • Nike Homebush

      • I saw pretty big queue at Birkenhead too

  • Was it packed?

    • +2

      There was a queue but waiting time was around 10-15mins to get in. Queue to pay/checkout was good (around 5mins?). They limit the amount of people in the store.

      Waiting time on weekends could be really long.

  • +2

    What's the chance this is available in VIC?

    • +1

      Wondering the same, might go to South Wharf to have a look tomorrow.

      • +4

        Do you mind updating if there is similar stock

      • Please let us know if South Warf is on this.

        • +3

          Yes, I will reply to this to report back

          • +4

            @shinig3mi: Here now, no sale.

            Edit: no stock of 270s or 720s either and was told no sale this weekend planned but possibly one before Xmas. It's a brand new store, I didn't know its only been here a week.

            • +1

              @studentl0an: Ahh, that's a shame. Thanks for letting me know. Saved me a trip.

              • @shinig3mi: Yeah it wasn't a great trip, spent a bit over an hour inside DFO at a few stores but didn't buy anything. I would have picked up a pair of 720's even if they weren't on sale too but I just can't find stock of them anywhere.

                Has anyone here every bought of StockX before? I've been wanting and searching for a pair of 720's in black with iridescent accents for a few weeks but no luck at all and starting to think I'll never be able to get one unless buying of StockX.

                • @studentl0an: I’ve sold on there, the verification of authenticity took forever so it seems they take it seriously (or they lost one of my parcels for a few weeks).

    • Was at Uni Hill DFO Outlet yesterday and Nike did not have it. Don’t know about today though.

      • +1

        usually Nike sale start on thursday until weekend if not mistaken

      • +1

        Might call tomorrow before making the 27km trip (within 25km radius) 😂

        • plz update :)

          • +2

            @capslock janitor: I just called and was advised it was just off the back wall stuff, not the other shoes. Happy for someone who's been to advise otherwise

            • @Kiz: Thanks for the update, was just about to call, saved me a trip :)

  • Was there any basketball shoes? hoping the new homebush nike has more basketball stuff.

    • There are some. Lebron 17 (Black/Red colorway) but I forgot the price and Kyrie 6 ($130). Both are not included in the 50% off sale.

  • Can you try them on or is too packed?

    • +1

      Can try on with no issue. They limit the number of people in the store so it’s not crazy crowded inside.

  • Wait… when did homebush get a nike factory? Was at auburn yesterday and there was nothing

    • Just opened mid-October. The one is Auburn is closing down soon.

      • can you please tell me where is the exact location? homebush is pretty big and kinda confusing

        • +2

          DFO outlet centre bottom level

        • +1

          Level 1 (Ground Floor) on the opposite side of the food court area. Near Moochi / JB Hi-Fi / Koala Living.

      • +2

        Omg i was at dfo last week didnt even realise it was there. I dont usually look on the bottom level. Thats sad about auburn, been going there for must be close to 20 years, before that nike factory petersham

        • +2

          Someone who remembers the Nike factory on Parramatta Rd, Petersham, Nice! Every time I drive past the old store I think of it.

          I went to Homebush last night after seeing this post and got a pair of Volt Air Max 90s ($70) and IR Air Span II's ($40). Careful on the 90s as some are priced at $170 and $140 before discount (not sure what they scan at).

          I went 30 mins before closing and whilst there was minimal queue to get in the checkout was LONG. Although they stop letting people in at 7:40 (store shut at 8).

          • +1

            @Gunnar: Same here always look out when i drive past on the way to and from the city. I used to go when i was a teenager so used to catch the train to Petersham then long walk up the hill to Parra Road.

            Are you talking about these volt 90s?:
            Were there many sizes? I need another pair i ruined mine a few weeks back.

            Spans would be nice too.

          • +1

            @Gunnar: Thanks for the heads up on the volts i ended up making my way out and copping them along with the pink colourway. infrareds come out this weekend i think, so hopefully can get those too.

            • @astrotrain: do you know if they have any volts or other colours left in size 11? I went to birkenhead point instead and they didn't have any of those..

              • @teeshiu: The pinks had a lot of 11s but volts did not. The whole place was a mess, I'm an 11/11.5 as well and found a pair of the volts out of box just stuffed into some corner.

            • +1

              @astrotrain: Sorry for the slow reply but That’s awesome you managed to get a pair. I’m 5e same size as you are and there were plenty when I was there, good to see that you managed to get an 11.

              The pink ones were there but it’s not a colour I’d use. I did want the unpleasant ones but they only had women’s sizes.

              Yeah hoping to get the IRs as well but from the pre sales they’ve sold pretty quick.

  • +2

    Love the Pegasus and Vomero shoes! Cheapest I have seen is around $90 but not often. $65 is a great price.

  • is this shoes only or clothing items etc too?

    • +1

      Some clothing are included in the sale, but range is quite limited.

      • cheers, thanks for the response

        • It's running clothes and training gear that's included in the sale

  • Hi, was there kids shoes also ?

    • +1

      There are kids shoes but they are excluded from this promotion.

      • thanks , you saved me a trip !

  • +1

    so for example the shoe in thumb, is it 50% more off 130, or is it already applied and the final is 130? i always get confused about those tags

    • 50% off the tags. So final price is $65.

  • Are there any football boots in there too?

  • -1

    No sales at Birkenhead? Anyone there to check??

  • +1

    Damn really long line here this morning

    • It’s going to be longer in the weekend!

      • +1

        Dont think there will be anything left come weekend with what i am seeing here atm.

        • @Highdealer (great name!) what's left? Peg36, Peg Turbo 2?

          • +2

            @bizi: There are still some decent peg36 and peg vomero but size 9 are sold out. Didnt see any turbo 2 but i wasnt looking for it.

            • @highdealer: Thank you @highdealer; it was worth a trip aside from the surprise 2hr wait time; I asked about Peg 36, Turbo 2 and you're correct, the advice was only half sizes like 9.5, 10.5 for Peg 36 and no Turbo 2.

        • They repacking/reshelving it every day. Probably popular sizes are all gone

  • +8

    One hour wait to get in - Friday 11am at Homebush.

    • Thanks for the information.

    • +5

      Friday 12pm 2 hour wait lol

      • Are you still in queue? what's the update? lol

        • Didn't wait sorry. Too long

  • Thanks, I got the Active card today. Will visit dfo around 4pm to check.

  • Does this apply to Harbour town in South Australia? It's a far drive from me

  • I just went to the Auburn store. Mostly 40% off, they have Pegasus 36 and a few others but not a great selection.
    In terms of men's clothing, almost nothing unless you like foil coloured rain coats.
    They do have a fair bit of women's clothing 40% off, but for some stuff they only had XS sizes left.
    In summary, worth a look for women, probably wouldn't bother for men.

  • +1

    Massive line this morning, 45 mins at 11am.

    I expect to be huge over the weekend.

    Also note, many mens shoe sizes gone so you're left with generic stuff if you want a good fit. Not bad, depends what you want.

  • Any Pegasus 36 or Turbo 2 in men size 10 ?

    • Pegasus 36 in Black/white - lots
      Pegasus Turbo 2 in Blue/white - only size 12 and 13
      Whitehorse 5 - limited
      Pegasus 36 Trail (two colours) - lots
      Free 5.0 (two colours) - lots
      Vomero 14 in Black - lots

  • Went 11am and line out the carpark so shopped around came back after 1pm and line shrank to few ppl so lined up only to find out they were taking name and phone numbers down and expect 2hr wait time. FML.

    • FML x2

    • Sorry, it is because people like me who spend 2 hours inside the stores.
      But at least i only bought 2 pair, i saw some guy bought like 20.

  • +1

    I saw one guy who must have bought at least over 50 pairs!

    Staff said they are getting raided by groups of resellers who are just taking the stock off the shelf 10 pairs at a time.

    • (profanity)

    • Grrrr…I hate those people.

  • +3

    Why wouldn't they put a maximum on these to prevent the resellers from hoarding.

    • They arent really reseller releases though. Having said that i have copped some more collectable pairs like ultramarine 180s, barcelona 7s, persian bw's etc at aubrun in the past.

  • DFO Homebush be making loads of money from parking

    • True!
      I had to pay $6 yesterday

  • Line is atleast 200 people at 930

    • Yeah, I saw the massive queue and got the (profanity) out of there. Don’t bother going. Major waste of time. Stock will probably be depleted by the time you get in after waiting for hours

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