[Unobtainable] Bundle and Save 10% on Gigabyte Motherboards and Ryzen 5000 Series Processors @ PLE Computers

Unobtainable Deal: Discount only on Motherboard and not CPU

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The Ryzen 5000 series processors are launching tonight - either really, really late on the 5th Nov or really, really early morning on the 6th Nov.

From my understanding, if you purchase a Ryzen 5000 processor and bundle it with either a B550 or X570 Gigabyte motherboard (on the same invoice), you get 10% off the purchase price.

Considering the processors haven't been released yet and we're already getting 10% off, I'd say this constitutes a pretty good deal.

Mod Note: Based on updated phrasing on the PLE Computer Site, it appears to be 10% off Gigabyte 500 Series Motherboard Only

Save 10% off a 500 Series Motherboard when you purchase a Gigabyte Zen 3 AM4 Motherboard Bundle!
Live from 1am AEDT on the 6th of November.

Deal will be moved to forums as unobtainable once this has been confirmed at 1am.

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  • I assume it's just 10% off the motherboard and not the CPU?

    • +1

      I got an email, and it says 'bundle and save 10%'.

      So by the looks of it, it includes both the motherboard and CPU.

      • I'd be amazed you're buying a $1249 CPU (if you bought the 5950X) and they are giving you 125 dollars off for an item as coveted as this. It's like someone saying we'll give 10% off for the NVIDIA release, that would be crazy.

        EDIT: But like…who knows I guess…maybe they worked out something or selling it above MSRP.

        • Someone did mention on my reddit post that they forced retailers to buy motherboards to get 3080 stock. But yes, selling ryzens below msrp from this deal makes little sense.

          Going to ask them over twitter.

          • +3

            @ATangk: Don't ask them over Twitter. Dumb questions ruin deals.

            • @justtoreply: Its for clarification. They wouldn't have changed the pricing just because of this. And now we can see the deal was too good to be true.

      • on the PLE website

        "Save 10% off a 500 Series Motherboard when you purchase a Gigabyte Zen 3 AM4 Motherboard Bundle!
        Live from 1am AEDT on the 6th of November."

        I obviously havent seen your email but the website is pretty clear its 10% off a motherboard.

        • They've updated the website.

  • How much are the cpus? Given the price jack's lately with new products 10% might not mean anything. That said PLE were one of the very few retailers not to gouge into oblivion.

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      I'm hoping they're MSRP. If I recall, PCCG tweeted out a few days ago that they were selling their processors at MSRP so I don't see why PLE would price it any higher - especially since they didn't price gouge Ampere.

      • Thanks for the heads-up.

        • +6

          Ryzen 5 5600X at 469 AUD MSRP
          Ryzen 7 5800X at 699 AUD MSRP
          Ryzen 9 5900X at 859 AUD MSRP
          Ryzen 9 5950X at 1249 AUD MSRP

          • @DMak92: What's your pick?

            • +1

              @PlagueistheCheap: 5900x is the best value

            • @PlagueistheCheap: Ryzen 7 3700X @ $475.

              Slightly faster than a 5600x on single core plus much better cooler plus 2 more cores for business work and future gaming - all for $6 + delivery
              Way cheaper than a 5800x with same cores and no cooler and possibly only 10-20 % increase for 47% extra cost.

              Ryzen 9 3900X @ $710 is only 21% cheaper but also includes a cooler - which you are more likely to find unnecessary as you will be using liquid cooling so the 26% performance increase makes more sense to choose the 5900x if you have the extra dosh.

              I got my 3700X for $415 @ CA Ebay sale but was hoping for a 5700X announcement. Given the Aus pricing I would expect it @ $649 which I couldn't justify the upgrade cost and will just get a 6800XT instead of the 6800.

              • @petebern: Managed to pick up a 3900xt on Prime Day for ~$600 when factoring in cashback from eBay. I was pretty sure the 5900x would be $800-900, and I wasn't going to pay close to 50% premium for it. Glad I jumped on it.

          • +1

            @DMak92: Id been planning on 5800x assuming mark-ups but if there's none then for sure that 5900x.

    • +1

      They list AMD's MSRP here, which would be odd to do if they don't honour it.

  • Soo what's the best quality gigabyte boards?

    I've been eyeing off the Gigabyte X570 AORUS PRO WIFI ATX AM4 but honestly it's probably overkill especially given I won't be able to go above zen 3 CPU on it.

    • Aorus Pro Elite Wifi is pretty decent at around $315 after discount. I think its $306 on Amazon AU (via US) right now.

      • +1

        No wifi 6 though

    • +2

      Currently own an x570 Master, can't fault it.

  • +5

    Can ANYONE from PLE confirm? Before it runs out of stock in 1 minute, would be great if we know before the deal starts.

    I got this email and I have been confused because the deals are not up yet.

    IS IT:

    10% off any Gigabyte Motherboard?

    10% off the bundled Gigabyte Motherboard?

    10% off one of the above AND 10% off the CPU price? (So 10% off the whole purchase).

    • +1

      I would be very suprised if it was 10% off both.

      The website says
      "Save 10% off a 500 Series Motherboard when you purchase a Gigabyte Zen 3 AM4 Motherboard Bundle!"

      I mean you would need to clutching at straws to think that means 10% off motherboard and cpu, but you never know.

      • The wording on the website has definitely been updated just recently. This was not there before. Now it's very clear that the 10% OFF is only for the board. The whole deal needs to be updated by the mods or by OP.

        • That is very disappointing, sounds like they made it misleading to increase interest and site traffic

          • @fnx renegade: I reported and notified the mods, they added it in the description now. Thanks for letting me know. At least now I won't be on their website smashing F5 to find out. Going to watch the reviews first lol

  • Definitely a deal. Well done

  • Good deal

  • +1

    Don't forget shopback/cashrewards.

    EDIT: Great deals by PLE. Cheapest 3080s (EVGA) + now 10% the Ryzen 5000 series (bundles).

  • What would pair with a Rtx 3080?

    • why not 6800XT

    • why not a 6800?

    • +2

      Based on early pre-NDA reviews, all of them are great for gaming to pair with the RTX 3080. So it comes down to longevity.

      If you are upgrading again within the next 3 years, go 5600X. If you plan to keep your system 4+ years, go with 5800X in case more games start utilising more cores (which is likely in the future, given the consoles now have more cores too).

    • Any, they all game better than their 3000 predecessors, im going to go from 3600 to 5800/5900

      • I'm going from an i5-8600 to a 5800. Not really sure what would be the best match for a 3080 but I just figured I'd spend a bit more than the minimum.

    • Personally i'm going to try buy the 5800x!

    • Pair it with a AMD 6800 XT as that way you get the automatic 5-11% boost in fps.

  • +1

    Best deal y'all get on launch imho.

    Any better, will be a year wait.

  • -2

    so motherboards and/or cpus will be price jacked

  • Is it worth upgrading from 3700x for gaming at 4k ?

    • For 4k i wouldn't worry about upgrading, the biggest difference you'll see will be in 1080p.

    • Definitely not worth it for 4k.

  • +2

    Hmm… now, or wait until black friday/cyber monday?

    • +1


    • Well depends really, I can't imagine getting a better price on zen 3 for at least 6 months, probably nearer a year.
      Motherboard will almost definitely be deals on black friday but if you need both it's going to be a sweet saving all up.

  • Plenty of Stocks, each store will get thousands of CPU if they want to
    then there is Amazon and international market.
    Hell plenty of 3070 card right now but at $1000 plus no one want to pay for it
    I am waiting for Amazon to stock, ease of return and Warranty don't mind paying a bit more on Amazon

  • Mate this is amazing been trying to work out what time the cpus launch at and PLE have a countdown on their site 😂

  • Ive got the 5600X being delivered tomorrow, i had access to a distributor we use at work who also sell pc parts, pricing wise its about the same or a bit more than the 3700X.. If these retailers source them from a cheaper distributor they may have slightly better prices… I don't have a decent gpu yet but happy to answer any questions via PM about the cpu and my setup/benchmarks etc

    Also videocardz has a article on leaked benchmarks from poland or some place… Looks impressive

  • +1

    Just a heads up to anyone oreding tonight and expecting to collect it tomorrow.

    "New AMD Ryzen CPUs launch tonight (1am AEDT / 10pm AWST). A supplier shipping issue has prevented stock being "In Stock" for launch but it's coming "

    • It probably means that they have stock delivered tomorrow but its not prepared for distribution for the 5600 and 5800, whereas 5900 and 5950 are probably still shipping/prepping to ship out to the retailers.

  • I've got an exam tomorrow and can't look this up now - can anyone help with the best bang for buck combo? I have a ultrawide 4k (not full 4k) 120htz monitor and goal would be to play flight simulator at best specs

    • So no budget? As long as best value? When are you going to be getting it?

      • I don't mind if it's delayed and at this price it all seems expensive, but I'd rather pay a more for significant improvements - hence the value proposition.
        Ideally received within a month?

        • You could get a 6800 XT or a 3070. 3070 shouldn't be in stock for a while though, not sure how the Radeon cards are going to go.
          You could also look at the 3080 and 6900 XT due to you having a 4k monitor? I'm still confused about that honestly.


          Replace the 3900X with the 5900X.

          If you would like a better motherboard, you could look at the B550 Aorus Master or the X570 Aorus Pro. You wouldn't really need more than that. The B550 Aorus Pro I added should be more than sufficient anyways.

          • @HaveANiceDay: Thank you for that! The monitor is 1440p count high and 4k wide - being an ultrawide, so it's between a 1440p and 4k (I assume that's what you were confused about?)

            • +1

              @Sir Flabo: Yeah.

              Those should do fine.

              The graphics cards most likely won't be in time. However, AMD might be in time depending on whether AMD has enough stock.

  • Anyone have an opinion on the best cpu to pair with my new 3080 out of a 10700k, 5600x or 5800x?

    The fact the 5600 only has 6 cores turns me off it a bit.

    • Well thats an easy one then. If you have the funds then go 5800X.

      • What's the best option for mobo?

        • +3

          I have been researching this for a month now. I wanted an X570 board that has strong VRM phases and cool them well so that it would last years without issues (there's no guarantee of course). I also wanted a board that would run my 4 x RAM sticks and allow me to overclock them. So I read and watched a lot of reviews.

          Firstly, here is a very useful spreadsheet I came across compiling all of AMD's AM4 Socket boards, and organising them by manufacturer and then by tiers:


          Second; here are the boards I narrowed down at different price points:

          MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk
          - Best semi-budget board in the market.

          MSI X570 MEG UNIFY
          - Best close to top tier board.

          Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master
          - Best TOP Tier board that doesn't require selling a kidney.

          • @ThatsCheap: So in terms of this deal where you have to pick a gigabyte, you would only recommend the Master?

            • +2

              @Sir Flabo: It is expensive though, and if you are not planning to overclock, you could look at cheaper boards. So it's around $300 more expensive than the ~$300 price point, if you are not going to be wasting time tuning your CPU or RAM, I would go for the MSI Tomahawk and upgrade the CPU with that saved money. So if you were going to get the 5600X upgrade to 5800X, if you were getting the 5800X upgrade to 5900X with the saved cost on the board.

              But yeah with this deal we don't know anything yet about this bundle, as my top comment suggests. We don't know if it's 10% OFF on the CPU and the board. We don't know if it's a specific bundle ONLY with ONE certain Gigabyte board, or with any Gigabyte board.

              I might honestly wait now until Black Friday period as there will be great board deals. The only worry I have is that these CPU's might not be in stock, but a lot of people seem confident that stocks will be enough and should last and there will be more stock coming in the weeks to come.

              For me, the ONLY way I would purchase with this deal is if I am getting 10% off the Master and 10% off the 5800X. Otherwise I might wait until Black Friday and get the Unify or Tomahawk board for cheaper and buy a 5900X instead of a 5800X. Also gives me time to check out not only the reviews, but the user experiences too with these CPU's.

              • @ThatsCheap: Thanks!

                • @Sir Flabo: To add, the Tomahawk and Unify both overclock very well too, I should have worded the above comment better. The Master just has a few extra features, but the Tomahawk even though it is significantly cheaper, it overclocks just as well as the Master from the reviews I saw.

          • @ThatsCheap: I agree Fyrelor. I ended up with the Tomahawk but i dont think you could go wrong with any of those 3.

    • If you can stretch why not the 5900x, it's not much more than the 5800 and would be the best/price option

  • if its off the bundle this is a killer deal…although one wonders if they are setting themselves up for another 5000 orders that are gonna take months to process

  • +1

    The way they worded it makes it seem like these will be pre made bundles, not add a cpu and motherboard of your choice to the cart for the discount

  • -1

    How to get 10%? Code?

    • No code, just refresh the deal page when the countdown is done for you.

  • +4

    Probably change the title and description. It's 10% off the motherboard only. "Save 10% off a 500 Series Motherboard when you purchase a Gigabyte Zen 3 AM4 Motherboard Bundle!"

    • +2

      Looks like they updated it. Pretty bad form on PLE making the deal unclear. The updated deal isn't really much of a deal.

      • +1

        exactly, trash deal

      • Yep, this isn't a great deal anymore. As even the more expensive Gigabyte boards available on PLE are already 10% or so cheaper at other locations.

    • yep. I WISH this was 10% off CPU + motherboard, but the wording pretty clearly states that it's just motherboard discount.
      They have the CPU and motherboard in a bundle so you're not sure where the discount is directly affecting.

      I had a browse and the Gigabyte Motherboards are not cheap.

    • Theyve updated the site haha. Didnt make sense to sell under MSRP

  • Very tempted, but if going purely by value then is sticking with intel (e.g. i5 9600k vs 5600X) a better choice? Seems to be sub 10% speed increases for a pretty big price hike. Though of course 10% is quite significant at the top end, thoughts?

    • I haven't looked at the % comparisons, but bear in mind the whole SAM thing if you pair it with one of their new GPU's.

  • I've always had bad luck with Gigabyte boards. Always regret building or buying rigs with them. Maybe it is just me. I look elsewhere now.

    • Same here. Paying extra for an asus next time

  • How much is shipping to Sydney for PLE?

    • around $20

      • Thats a rip. Bought from scorptec. $9

  • Anyone know any stores that will have 5900x at launch tonight? Most stores are saying their shipments are coming Monday

    • Scorptec is showing stock for the 5800 and 5600 but not your 5900.. https://www.scorptec.com.au/ryzen5000

      • Seems to be the norm for everyone. Not one store received it early. Ordered via mwave but I am probably 500 in the queue.

  • Website down

  • +1

    Well, seems like it was only the Mobo after all. Anyone remember to use CR for Cashback? I wonder if any retailer will list on eBay, and wonder if PLE allows us to cancel for that.

  • Ryzen 5 5600x @ $469 + shipping
    Sometimes R5 3600 has a deal of ~$270
    and R7 3700x at ~$450

    Can't decide…Worth paying $200+?

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