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Ozito PXC Brushless Hammer Drill Kit $99 @ Bunnings


ALDI price match for their upcoming deal on 14 Nov.
Normally $169, this is the deal we have been expecting.
See also the matching impact driver skin $39: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578812

Drill into timber, plastic and metal
13mm keyless chuck
2 speed gearbox
21 torque settings
2 x 1.5Ah batteries and Fast Charger included

Link to skin-only (normally $99 alone) in case kit is removed from website: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-hammer-d...

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  • Mentions 2x1.5amp batteries?

    • cut & paste updated, thanks :)

      • Beware, little to no stock of the larger models in this post (PXBHK-120) exist on shelves now.

        Stores are all well stocked with smaller, non-brushless versions that lack the aluminium gearbox, instead. Three or more, so beware. However the PXBHS-100 (has 55Nm and brushless advertised on the box) is the same in 'skin only' (does not include the batteries and charger). This is found elsewhere on the shelf for its normal price of $99.

        The cheaper, smaller ones (PXB-DS180) @ normal price $49 without a battery or charger) are plentiful, and are stacked in pride of place in combos inc 2x1.5AH battery at $99. There is also one with a single 4.0AH battery $129.

        Looks like Bunnings is working the consumers well here to make the most out of the Aldi advertising, and no doubt watching OzB, etc., too

        Same with the impact driver (model PXB1S-320) at $39: Another complete co-incidence that it is OOS, and that they have loads of a cheaper, similar unit (the brushed 'PXB1S-300'), at its normal price of $49.

        NOT such a good deal when there is no stock. Maybe they are holding the stock back until Aldi's special goes live on Saturday, and/or having everyone on by spending a lot of effort on having loads of cheaper, similar models in store, and profiting from the resultant deceit confuddlement.

  • Can it be used for tightening scews? IKEA furniture basically.

  • I have a 30 year old B&D wired drill. Loud and powerful. Not sure how long it'll last.
    How do modern battery ones like this compare?

    • The Ozito cordless won’t run as long as the wired B&D.

    • No comparison. Ozito as a company won't exist in 30 years and none of their tools will survive that long either. Their batteries will stop production in the next 5-10 years if you are extremely lucky. 15? tell em you are dreamin.

      • My last Ozito drill is over 10 years old, although ozito have changed the battery shape. But that is not a bad deal for DIY type user it is intended for. Not sure why Ozito will not exist in 10 years time, let alone 5?

        • They won't exist in 30 years. The previous user was comparing their 30 year old drill. Do you think your Ozito drill will last 30 years? Once battery is changed how would you charge it? ;) Don't get me wrong, other companies would be similar. They'd force you to buy a new drill just for the battery.

  • Says its a hammer drill, can it drill into bricks? Need to mount some cameras.

    • Yes, just make sure you battery is fully charged as if you are doing many holes you might run out, and resist the urge to keep drilling when your battery is flat because you can do damage to the battery.

      Also not recommended for larger holes in concrete unless you only need to do one or two holes, especially some of the reinforced/prefab stuff which can be quite hard

    • Definitely. Been using for 5+ years putting up shelves, TV's, hose reels etc around my double brick home, no probs. Just need masonry drill bits, and a bit of force.

    • It should..

    • I was able to install a TV mount in brick wall without drama two weeks ago. Highly recommended, I love both of these brushless tools from Ozito.

      • @pinchies Can you please point me to the drill bits you used? Thanks.

        • I used some cheap masonry bits in a pack I bought from aldi, but found them slow going. I had significantly better results with a Kango bit I got from bunnings - just buy the sizes you want (as well as a pilot hole sized one too) and you'll have no troubles.

          • @pinchies: Thanks @pinchies.

          • @pinchies: I used those Aldi bits with my old corded hammer drill last week. After two holes I'd destroyed both the ~6mm and 8mm bits

            I bought one good quality 8mm bit for $6.50 when collecting this ozito drill on the weekend. Used it to drill another pair of holes and the bit looks brand new still, and drilled much much easier even though the drill was less powerful.

            Don't mess around with cheap masonary bits. They're a waste of money.

    • Make sure you get masonry drill bit. I find the drill bits wear out fast though.

      • @Naigrabzo Any recommendations? Thanks.

        • I got the cheapest Masonry drill bit from Bunners. I was mounting some cams on the outside of my house and the drill bit lasted about 6 holes before blunting. I used a 220V Bosch drill though. I ended up with a massif headache as I didn't have ear protection. Eventually got a $15 pair from Bunners.

  • If it's the same one I've got, it's a decent drill for the price. Ozito gets a bad wrap for being a budget line - which it undeniably is - but my drill has never let me down and the build quality is solid.

    • Would this stand up for tradies use or only for light home use?

      • I'm not a tradesperson but I wouldn't think it's suitable beyond amateur DIY stuff

      • I'm a tradie and bought an Ozito kit to get me by when my Bosch gear broke. The drill was more or less up to the task. The impact driver started to feel the pain after maybe 2 months. But I absolutely smashed that poor thing. Heaps of holes in hardwood top caps with 22mm auger bits was too much for it. The sawzall is an absolute beast and I prefer it over my Milwaukee for most jobs because its so light. Angle grinder is also amazing.

        I think I paid $200 for all 4 with a charger and 2 x 4AH batteries and I'm really happy with them overall. Going to snap up another impact for the set now that its $39. Good for a backup or if I need to lend it out on site.

  • How does this function in 'drill' mode in comparison to the drill driver? https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-drill-dr...

    Would rather get away with buying one tool if possible if the hammer drill can do both.

    • How does this function in 'drill' mode in comparison to the drill driver?

      The hammer drill in drill mode will basically be the same as the drill driver.

    • Hammer drill is a bit of a jack of all trades.
      It can do basic drilling.
      It can hammer drill into masonry, just not as good as SDS.
      It can drive any screw a DIY situation would realistically throw up, just not as handy as an impact driver.
      It can put together today packs, just way bulkier than a smaller cordless screwdriver.

      If you really really only want to buy the one tool, get the hammer drill.

      • You seem to know a lot about drivers so what are each drivers best suited to.

        I have been looking at the ozito ranged and noticed so far impact driver, drill driver and hammer drill and even this https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-3-6v-screwdriver-torch-wit...

        What are each drivers meant for and are there any others because I am curious about the range of drills available out there in case I need to do something.

        For now I am just gonna need one for small diy stuff around the house like installing a chain guard on my bedroom door and maybe fix a few cabinets and door knobs which probably only need a screwdriver but having something automatic sure does help so what are each driver best suited to.

        I saw someone mention a hammer drill is good for almost everything and it has a drill mode for lesser powered stuff what else is out there and when would you use an impact driver for example.

        • haha no, I hardly know anything more than the wannabe DIYer who buys crap but hardly ever uses it in the end :P

          The context of the reply was "if you only wanted to spend money on one tool".

          For now I am just gonna need one for small diy stuff around the house like installing a chain guard on my bedroom door and maybe fix a few cabinets and door knobs which probably only need a screwdriver but having something automatic sure does help so what are each driver best suited to.

          FWIW if I had to do that I'd do all that with the Worx cordless screwdriver I have. One of the included bits is a "screw starter" drill bit which would do the job for the sort of short screws in a door.

          But no don't buy that if you ever think you'll want to drill into your house studs or something. It'll work with the hex shank bits but you'll be there a while …

          • @dufflover: definitely not doing any serious building work yet but it might come to that if I get this new GA job basically handyman repair guy been getting lots of offers from hotels to schools and some other sites but I don't have a car and don't have the tools but honestly the rest is easy.. most handyman work is common sense and basic knowledge and if I get stuck I have youtube and the internet to basically do anything.. it seems to be a high demand job but pay wise it probably is not much better than a cleaner but anyone can do that as I have seen and found..

            Yeah I just want a starter drill for basically putting stuff together and maybe installing some stuff around the house little things not big doors or anything but there are some door knobs that need badly replacing and maybe some holes that need patching but not putting any partitions up or anything so yeah..

            life is interesting there is always something among the horizon and then another and then another it never really ends unless you want it to but that is a bit of a darker grim topic not suited for this website heh lol

  • Do the batteries work with the line trimmer on sale from last month?

  • I only need the skin, don't want those batteries/charger.

    Wish I could get the drill cheaper on its own.

  • Is it just me, or does Bunnings website not load properly on safari on iPhone?

  • 3 left on the shelf at Artarmon.

  • The link is not working for me and I cant find the deal on the website. Is it still available?

    • Has been pulled form the website in every state, along with the impact driver. May be suspended.
      Might be available in store still, but stocks will have taken a hammering.

      Too early to call "expired" yet. The ALDI deal they are matching does not even start for a week (Sat 14th).

    • Available in store. I rang up my store and they held it for me. Went to the bookshop and picked it up

    • Yes, available in store, so maybe it was taken off the site so that people wouldn't order for Click and Collect and be disappointed. That $29 line trimmer deal was so popular that the Click and Collect staff in the stores had to ring up a lot of people to tell them their order couldn't be fulfilled.
      Maybe their website can't list an item but not have it available for Click and Collect

  • Saw similar kit for 99 with one battery which is 4 amp but doesn't appear to be brushless is that a bg deal ?

    • For DIY, brushless is nice, but not a huge deal.
      Brushed motors used to come with spare brushes included, but I have never actually had to change a pair. Have you?

      All else being equal, brushless motors last longer, and more efficient, so last longer on a charge, more torque, powerful.
      This matters on an e-Bike, not so much on a drill.

      • Not sure if one 4 amp battery is better then two 1.5a what do you think ?

        • For a drill, 2 smaller batteries are much better

          a) lighter
          b) less likely to get caught with a flat. Just swap as needed, one on the drill, one charging.,

          With garden tools, the 1.5 may not last very long, but fine for a drill.

          P.S. re brushless, if you already have a decent brushed drill, you would not bother "upgrading".

  • +2 votes

    Can confirm that it's still available in store. The price may have not yet been updated, just ask them to scan it. One left on shelf at Artarmon as of 7:50 AM.

  • Had this kit for a year , can vouch it is a good quality and the impact driver has plenty of punch, will break heads of big coach screws in hardwood if you don’t predrill.

  • Lidcombe still have stock

  • i would have bought this kit if I havent bought the $99.90 previous deal


  • What is the difference between this "hammer" drill and a normal drill (https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-drill-dr...)? I have a normal drill already; do I need to upgrad to this hammer drill?