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PlayStation Icons Light by Paladone $22 (Was $48) @ Big W


Brighten up the room with the Playstation Icons Light. The perfect gift for gamers, this Playstation icon light features 3 modes - standard lighting, colour phasing and music reactive.

Product Features:

  • USB or battery powered light
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Indoor decorative light for adults

Unboxing video review:

$48 EB Games:
$50 The Gamesmen:
$61 Amazon:

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  • Thank you. I love the new version, but will buy this at great price.

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      Seems to be out of stock, bought one from their site directly C&C

      • +1

        Was 10 available went quick

        • I bought it and plenty stock from the looks of things?

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    Man I must be getting old. What people do with this?

    • +73

      When I bring a girl home from the bar, I turn off the ceiling lights and turn on this light. Gets them in the mood.

      • +41

        Such a player.

        • +5

          For the players

      • +53

        You put your triangle in her square, make her go O when you hit the X.

        • +10

          Then it will ask you to update your machine.

        • +9

          I attempted that, but a massive EA logo blocked my view, had to pay for the DLC first..

          • +1

            @aussiekid: I hate having to drink mountain dew verification cans. :(

        • Some like a mini game from Japan….maybe from the Yakuza series?

        • You put your triangle in her square, make her go O when you hit the X

          Hadouken? How do you put out her fire?!

        • -1

          Such juiciness comment….

        • Sounds like GTA SA coffee mod?

      • Better coach multiplayer game ever

    • +2

      Did they not have Knick knacks when you were a kid?

      • +1

        No, and when he went to schoool he had to walk uphill both ways.

    • +11

      PlayStation spent more time raising me than my parents. Are you saying it would be weird to display a photo of your parents in your home?

      • +2

        Hahah. So true. Was on the fence now I am convinced.

    • +2

      LOL, it's a light? wut

    • It is a decoration.

  • Seems like a good Christmas present

  • Ah, I just saw this at EB Games yesterday and thought it was very pretty. Coincidental timing, thank you!

    • +15

      Nothing coincidental about it when you think about the world being run by lizards and how we all exist in a jar

  • Thanks OP, copped 2!
    One for my Kris Kringle and one for me!

    • +1

      Did exactly the same! haha

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    Got one for $15 at Giftbox/Smokemart

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    Thanks Op. tempting….but will probably put the money towards paying off my PS5. :(

    • +3

      This will look great beside your PS5. >:)

      • It will make the PS5 look like a washing machine compared to the sign lol

    • -1

      If you don't have $22, just Afterpay it for $5.50 a fortnight…

      Then you can be like me with all this cheap $#!t and $800 to pay off…

      Edit - Scratch that. Big W only does Afterpay for $50+. Paypal time…

  • Thanks OP, bought 2 via ebay plus, free delivery. Will look beautiful with my new baby ps5 ❤️

    • ebay plus? Cheaper than $22?

  • -1

    Got EB to price match this the other day. Forgot to post it to OzB….sorry all!

  • Its 22 dollars each with free shipping

    • +1

      Yeah, I couldn't see it because they were sold out.

  • The comment lulz game is strong

  • so this is how console players get rgb

    • +4

      And why landfill waste continues to grow

  • +1

    Got these on pre order.. hope to get first shipment.

  • +5

    Thanks OP grabbed 2 for C&C from my local, one for my bro and one to scalp to salty mc saltface above (Holyhotdog) for $38 when he's ready

  • Still available at Lismore NSW, thanks op

  • -1

    Be aN uLtIMatE gaMINg inFLuencER!!!!11

    • +2

      You alright bruh?

      • +1

        Possibly a stroke.

        Possibly insightful commentary on the target market for this product.

        • +1

          Nice one haha

          But if you're a Sony fan-boy/girl, and you don't have a "night light" in the gaming/CPU room, this is great. I would get it, but have a Tetris night light there, looks great.

  • Got 2 thanks

  • Ordered one online for pickup. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    This dopey light gonna sit next to my incoming PS5. Thx OP.

  • Indoor decorative light for adults
    Why only for adults? hmm….

    • +1

      haha…bcoz it has x and o.. ;-)

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Yep just picked up from my big w and also got the last PlayStation controller mug.

  • Thanks OP. Got two from my local. One for me and one for my nephew.

  • can't seem to purchase with delivery in Eastern Melb? OOS?
    paypal and card all not working.

  • Let's be real, people want the dualshock stress controller more than this

  • +1

    Cheers OP. BIG W was sold out near me. Got it price-matched at EB Games.

    • tried to price match at my local EB Games, however they said that they only price match Kmart and Target. not BigW….

      • +2

        I was able to successfully price match at EB games as well

      • +2

        must be a store issue. I have matched Big W deals many times before as long as there is local stock.

      • +1

        I'm not sure this is your problem, but EB are very picky on price matching and varies store by store.

        Most only price match within a few KM, and some I've been to only price match within the same shopping centre, and only if it's in stock (and they will ring or send someone to check). It's not really a "we don't match (X) store", it's more a "we don't match outside of our local area".

  • Temporarily back in stock at the eBay store for free delivery (eBay Plus Subscribers)

  • Has anyone not gotten a click and collect confirmation yet? I'm still waiting. Haven't done a C&C with Big W before so not sure how quick they are to confirm.

    • +1

      Yep, ordered 10PM last night and got collect confirmation 11AM. Just picked it up from Pagewood branch. There was still a couple of them on the shelf.

      • Cheers. Got the runaround from the Menai store with saying they had stock but nothing on shelf and reckoning the pallets out back have some but can't confirm when they'll be put out on shelves. Useless. Ended up just paying for postage. Still cheaper than elsewhere so that's a small consolation.

  • +1

    they also have ps3 stress controller and ps decals.

  • Picked one up for my nephew's birthday, thanks.

  • Anyone else who ordered from the BigW eBay store have their order cancelled and refunded?, No explanation of why either

    • Probably because they had none to begin with.
      I went to 4 different stores that said they had some in stock but ended up being none there

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