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RENPHO Massage Gun, Powerful Percussion Muscle Massager for Athletes $109.99 Shipped ($40 off) @ AC GREEN Amazon AU


Powerful muscle massage Gun to relieve tension, stiffness, pain effectively. Investing in your health is worth every penny
Quiet deep tissue massage Gun. The Max noise value of our muscle massager is less than 63.5Db when the speed level is at 20. That is about as loud as normal talking so you won't disturb others while using it. Lower speeds are even quieter.
2500Mah battery capacity, portable design. The RENPHO Massage Gun has a built-in rechargeable 2500Mah battery, which lasts up to 8 hours after a single charge. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. Take it anywhere you need to go.
4 different heads to fit all your needs. 4 practical massaging heads are included to meet your needs. Ball head: for large muscle groups like Quads, glutes, extreme muscles, and joint soreness. Bullethead: for joints, deep tissues, trigger points, and small muscle areas like feet, and wrist. Hammer head: for all parts of the body. U-shaped head: or spine, neck, and shoulder for sensitive muscles, and soft tissues.
Well packed. Every RENPHO massager uses a well-built package, which brings you a good unboxing experience.

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  • Does this contain 4 or 6 head attachments? The description mentions 4/6 being included.

  • Promotional code cannot be applied.

  • I have this and it works well.

  • +3

    Any chance of a deal on the RP-GM171 OP? The USB-C charge sounds better:)

    • Yes can we have a deal on the R3 Mini please!

      • is this one better though?

  • +1
  • I have this and I like it… Very silent and it doesn't get hot.

    Not sure if there is a difference between the two models, they look pretty much the same, but the photos show 4 attachments. I have the one with 6 attachments.

  • Any idea how good this Kmart one is?

    • +1

      Highly recommend you stay away. After 3 days the machine just stopped working. Staff didn’t even ask why just, just took it straight back and got a refund.

      • Not a large price differential anyway

  • +1

    Costco is selling one too. Maybe easier to get a replacement after the 1 yr warranty.

  • +2

    The current promotion has a $10 off coupon which can be applied before adding to cart, and can be stacked with this code. I got $50 off as it’s showing as $99.99 in my cart. Tempting lol

    • Thanks. Got it for $99.99 also. Cheers.

  • "A well-built package, which brings you a good unboxing experience". Is it worth it just for the experience of the unboxing?

    • +1

      I'd get 2… cant beat that unboxing feeling

    • Bought it. Looking forward to the unboxing. Thanks OP. Got it for $99.99

      • I had a good unboxing experience, it came with 6 attachments

  • Code not working for me. Any ideas, only $10 off works

    • Just checked it, the $40 promotional code still works. Keep in mind if you don't have Amazon Prime, make sure you click on free standard delivery (it was expedited delivery by default on my order and charged an extra $5.99).

      Should still be $99.99 as final price.

  • Says The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase

    • Try again without selecting $10 off
      Possibly not stackable?

      • Nope its stackable. I just tried it again. Make sure you use the link in this post so you're taken to the correct product. The $40 promo code doesn't work on the same model which includes 6 heads, also selling for $149.99 with a $10 coupon applied at checkout. I know, its confusing.

  • Looks exactly like Aliexperss product for 50-70 regular price

  • Is it better then the $90 aldi gun?

  • Not sure what the difference is or if any better, maybe someone who has one can comment.
    But the Renpho R4 Pro which comes with 6 attachments is also on special for $10 more @ $119 as there is a $20 off promo current going


    • i bought this one a couple weeks ago.

      There are about 5 angle settings you can choose, which is really good if you plan to use it on yourself. Takes a lot of strain off your wrist if you are trying to do your own side or back, as you can get a sturdier position. Position is still slightly awkward if you are trying to get under your shoulder blades, but I think still reaches better than fixed angle guns.

      Not sure if there is a compromise in power compared to the other one. But I am quite happy with it.

      Wish I'd waited for the $20 off promo

  • Did anyone elses arrive with 6 attachments?

    • Yep mine arrived today and came with 6. Seems to be a nice unit.

      • Did you guys have any plastic protective film/protector on the screen that needed to be peeled off, as well as any plastic wrapping housing the massage gun?

        I'm a bit annoyed as my renpho box (not the brown amazon box) arrived ripped.

        • Yes it had the plastic film. The touchscreen is very sensitive.
          No plastic wrapping around the gun.
          Are you purchasing it as a gift? You can have my box if you want. I’m in Melbourne.

          • @wikiwiki: My plastic protective film is missing and on closer inspection it looks used. I don’t think mines a new one, they’ve possibly sold me a used/returned one. Yeah it’s a gift, but I might follow this matter up with Amazon first. Thanks for the offer though.

            OP, can you assist?

            • @Ebaygiftcards: Dear customer,
              We are so sorry to hear that you received a returned product and apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

              Since we are an FBA seller, all of our products are in charge of Amazon for controlling distribution, shipping, and logistics.
              You may receive a returned product from another customer. you can contact Amazon directly for details:
              http://www.amazon.com.au/contact-us or send an email to our support team at [email protected]

              Our product comes within 12 months warranty, we will try our best to help you.
              Best regards,
              AC Green

    • Yep, six.

      • also 6. happy so far, thought it would be a bit more harder on max settings, but its real quiet, cheers Op and others

  • Got mine with 6 too. on another note, is anyone elses' unit making clanking noise depending on the angle the unit is held? feels like the socket where the attachments go in is slightly loose but not sure if that noise is to be expected or not

    • Nope, mine seems fine.

      And, I have to say, it's done a brilliant job on my hammies, calves and quads. Best they've felt for months, with some serious knots basically gone. Money well-spent already, TBH.

  • Got mine and in case it helps anyone in future I'm pretty happy with the unit.

    Came with 6 heads, case and is super quiet. My friend got a different brand last year which resembled more of a jigsaw type but put me off because it was super loud. Thought I'd give this a go due to brushless and not disappointed.

    Who knows about longevity though. will update if it dies and any ensuing warranty process (but let's hope not needed).

  • Does this machine really work? Or worth the money? Looks heavy and hands will be tired after holding a while lol maybe need another one to relax the hands 🙌🏻

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