Click Frenzy: The Main Event Deals 10 Nov 2020

Link to Click Frenzy Website

Gotta be quick if you want one of these -

This year Click Frenzy is offering Apple Airpods Pro for $4, Samsung TV for $9, GHD hair straightener for $2 and a Healthy Choice Airfryer for $1.
- iPhone 12 - $13.
- Samsung 65″ Q80T 4K UHD HDR Smart QLED TV (usually worth $3,099) = $13.
- Apple iPad Pro 11″ - $13
- Macbook Air 13″ - $16
- Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 - $2
- Foreo Luna Mini 3 - $2


Other deals -

  • Sheridan Outlet: 60% off all Sheridan and 30% off Pillows & Quilts.
  • 2XU: up to 65% off.
  • Bose: up to 50% on select products; ranging from Noise cancelling headphones to portable bluetooth speakers.
  • The Athlete’s Foot: up to 40% off a range of footwear from ASICS, Brooks, Adidas, Nike & more. 25% off all clothing (excludes socks).
  • Myer: Unmissable savings across homewares, electrical and fashion. 30% off Christmas trees, Décor and Decorations.
  • Surfstitch: 25% off almost everything
  • House: Extra 25% Off Sitewide including sale. Save up to 75% off RRP
  • Dell: up to 40% off on selected items
  • Lenovo: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7 54% off RRP, ThinkPad T495s 50% off RRP
  • Forty Winks: 50% Off Selected Big Brand Mattresses.
  • Vinomofo: up to 70% off on the best wine deals
  • Fossil: 25% off.
  • Hype DC: 20% Off All Nike & Dr Martens at Hype DC.
  • Priceline: save up to 75% on a massive range of Clearance Makeup.
  • Gorman: up to 70% off online exclusives.
  • YSL Beauty: Receive 20% off an exclusive curation of bundles and complimentary luxury wrapping.
  • T2: up to 50% off selected items.
  • Canningvale: up to 70% off sitewide.
  • Spotlight: Up to 40% Manchester and Home Décor Products.
  • Koala Bamboo: 30-75% off storewide


  • New Balance: up to 40% off selected styles
  • Hype DC: Up to 40% off Selected Styles including Nike, RM Williams, Dr. Martens
  • Peter’s of Kensington: up to 70% off Scanpan, up to 60% off Royal Doulton
  • Dell: 40% off on Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Laptop
  • Mimco: Take a further 20% off already reduced items
  • Lenovo: Ideapad Slim 3i 14” 35% off RRP
  • Circles.Life – 100GB for $28/mth Mobile Plan $10/mth off for 6 months (usually $38)
  • Barbeques Galore: up to 40% off outdoor furniture
  • Mocka: Up to 30% off selected Nursery & Kids Furniture at Mocka!


  • Apple TV 4K $3 RRP $279
  • Apple Watch Series 6 GPS $6 RRP $649
  • Beats Solo 3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones $3 RRP $299

Mod: OzBargain Click Frenzy 2020 Sales & Promotions Page - Accessible from the 'Pages' menu.

Mod: Go Wild Deal Tracker:

Tuesday 10/11

Apple HomePod Mini ($149) $1 - Deal goes live Between 7-8pm (AEDT) Q
Sony Bluetooth Soundbar ($450) $5 - Deal goes live Between 8-9pm (AEDT) Q
Nintendo Switch Neon ($469) $5 - Deal goes live Between 9-10pm (AEDT) Q
Apple Watch Series 6 ($649) $6 - Deal goes live Between 10-11pm (AEDT) Q
Samsung Galaxy S20 ($1349) $13 - Deal goes live Between 11pm-12am (AEDT) Q

Wednesday 11/11

IntelliKitchen Multicooker ($479.99) $5 - Deal goes live Between 12am-1am (AEDT) Q
GoPro Hero9 ($699.95) $7 - Deal goes live between 8am-9am (AEDT) Q
LEGO Hogwarts Astronomy Tower ($179) $2 - Deal goes live between 10am-11am (AEDT) Q
Apple iPad Pro Tablet ($1,329.00) $13 Deal goes live between 12-1pm (AEDT) Q
[Nutri Bullet Blender ($169) $2 Deal goes live between 1-2pm (AEDT)] Q
Beats Solo 3 Headphones ($299) $3 deal goes live between 2-3pm (AEDT) Q
Apple TV Unit ($279) $3 deal goes live between 3-4pm (AEDT) Q
Xbox Series S Console ($499) $5 deal goes live between 4-5pm (AEDT) Q
GHD Platinum+ in Black ($350) $4 deal goes live between 5-6pm (AEDT) Q
Voyager Electric Skateboard ($269) $3 Deal goes live Between 7-8pm (AEDT) Q
Apple iPhone 12 Mobile ($1349) $13 Deal goes live between 7-8pm (AEDT) Q
Foreo Luna 3 Mini ($219) $2 Deal goes live between 8-9pm (AEDT) Q
HP EliteDisplay 23" Monitor ($269) $3 Deal goes live between 9-10pm (AEDT) Q
Samsung 65" 4K QLED TV ($3099) $30 Deal goes live between 10pm-11pm (AEDT) Q
BenQ Portable Projector ($729) $7 Deal goes live between 11pm-12am (AEDT) Q

Thursday 12/11

LEGO Rollercoaster set ($499) $5 Deal goes live between 8-9am (AEDT) Q
Apple Airpod Pros ($399) $4 Deal goes live between 9-10am (AEDT) Q
Olympus OM-D E-M10 III ($1,289) $13 Deal goes live between 11am-12pm (AEDT) Q
Samsung 43" UHD 4K TV TU8000 ($949) $9 Deal goes live between 1-2pm (AEDT) Q
8L Digital Air Fryer ($119) $1 Deal goes live between 3-4pm (AEDT) Q
Garmin VivoActive 4 Smart Watch ($579) $5 Deal goes live between 5-6pm (AEDT) Q
Macbook Air 13" ($1599) $16 Deal goes live 7-8PM AEDT Q
BlowBar Buttercup hair dryer ($300) $3 Deal goes live 7-8PM AEDT Q
Playstation 5 Digital ($599) $6 Deal goes live 8-9pm AEDT Q
Mophie Wireless Charging pad ($119.95) $1 deal goes live 9-10PM AEDTQ
Samsung Note 20 ($1349) $13 Deal Goes live 1030pm-11pm Clue Q
Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 ($245) $2 Deal goes live 11PM-12AM AEDT (Last one) Q

Good bye :)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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  • +7

    Never done this before, just signed up.
    So we do go on the Click Frenzy website and just hope to get lucky to be sent a 99% off code (for example)?

    Or are there links that take us to a seller's website or are there discount codes?

    If someone could explain it, that would be awesome!

    • +2

      +1 for an explanation on how the 99% works.

    • +10

      Check this out

      You can see last year's thread for some info and discussion. Here is an explanation from that thread:

      Every time a Go Wild deal goes live a pop-up will appear on your screen. It will appear on whatever screen you are on on This pop-up will include a question that you will need to answer within 30 minutes.


      Answers will be ranked by accuracy first, speed second.

  • +7
    • iPhone 12 - $13.
    • Samsung 65″ Q80T 4K UHD HDR Smart QLED TV (usually worth $3,099) = $13.
    • Apple iPad Pro 11″ - $13
    • Macbook Air 13″ - $16

    Interest to know their stock availability, maybe 1-2 per item?

    • +9

      If that is truly the case, then its like winning the lottery lol!

    • From what I saw, there were at least 3 TV winners last time

  • +12

    what could possibly go wrong this year

    so am calling it early clickfail2020

    • +24

      Nah more like clickbaitfrenzy2020

  • +9

    Sheridan Outlet: 60% off all Sheridan and 30% off Pillows & Quilts.

    That's a little different to their usual 70% off everything! Or where they advertise 50% off, plus another 40% off for members (which still equals 70% off!) lol!

  • +1

    more of a clickbait i reckon.

    • +3

      More like full on fockin spam. $4 airpods? Bro I bet theres like 2 in stock.

  • Are there normally ebay deals at click frenzy?

    • +2

      Nope. They will have something for black friday though.

  • What's the difference between the Go Wild deals at the top versus the exclusive Go Wild deals at the bottom?

    • +1

      Nothing, they are all part of Go Wild. I think OP just got each set from 2 different sources.

      • Thanks for the prompt response. 👍

        The Go Wild deals are all a lottery, right?
        You will see a random pop up with one of the products when the event is running. If you answer the question accurately and quickly, then there is a chance you may be a winner.

        • +1

          If you answer the question accurately and quickly, then there is a chance you may be a winner.

          "Answers will be ranked by accuracy first, speed second."

          More so a game of skill, the first people to answer it correctly wins.

          However there are some really difficult questions, where you are really guessing the answer and it's possible no one gets it right and it just goes to those who were closest. Other questions are more straightforward and it just becomes a case of who got it right first.

          The questions are also often quite vague (example), and we only find out the correct answer if someone wins and remember what they answered. CF tell you if you've won or not, but not what the answer is.

          • @hamza23: hamza, have you ever won anything from those go wild deals?

            • +1

              @skido: Not since they changed the format from purely speed based to question and answers. I think that was from 2019 onwards. Prior to that I had won a couple of times.

              It seems we had a lot more winners 2018 and earlier, I wouldn't recommend anyone take it too seriously or spend time they don't have trying to grab items. It's not for everyone.

    • +1


  • On the Click Frenzy website, their count down timer for the next event is as follows.

    Click Frenzy begins 10:00 am (AEST) Thursday, January 01, 1970
    Running for 53 hours!


    When does the Go Wild event actually start?

  • +2

    Just received a text from Kogan Frenzy. Had a look and cant spot any 'deal'.

    • +2

      The deals are designed to benefit Kogan only as they have pre priced jacked the deals.

  • +1

    Except for the 99% off lottery prizes (I wouldn't call it a deal), I have not seen a single deal during these frenzied times in the past 2 years

  • MODS: Main page refers to October instead of November.

    • Yeah, it will get fixed up in the morning. Thanks.

    • My bad. Fixed.

  • ummm did click frenzy pay ozbargain to be featured on the home screen?

    • +11

      Certainly not. We have front page banners for other big events including Prime Day, Black Friday, Boxing Day, Singles Day too.

      OzBargain does not accept money for promotions, sponsored posts or anything of the sort.

  • +1

    Promotion banner of ClickFrenzy event on the front-page shows 10-12 OCt 2020, which should be 10-12 Nov.

  • I wonder if they fixed their site from last time XD

  • +3


    Just because I think this is a scam. Just wanted to let everyone know if you move your PC time forward to tomorrow. You can see a list of brands and all of the offers. It seems to be mainly sport shit and you can go through a few banners . All you need is some dude to work out the times the questions come up again… move your clock and youve got the questions like last time.

    • -1

      You say "sport shit", but maybe thats what some people are interested in. Just because it doesn't interest you, doesn't mean its a bad deal.

      • +9

        I use shit as a general term….. there we go 'sporting items'

  • click your wallet

  • +1

    Probability someone will decode the metadata and put all the times/clues on twitter… and then the Karen's on certain facebook groups will have a whinge because they got there 20mins too late= ?

  • where are the t2 tea deals ?!! looks like I have to wait

    • Just looked at the site and there are hardly any decent deals for tea which is disappointing. Hopefully, they will add more items on sale

      • Check back at 7pm when CF 'officially' starts

      • yea, I just noticed they updated their sales list 1 or 2 hrs ago and I did a $50 purchase. ty for notifying though

    • why have I never heard of the Kogan Christmas and Easter hunt?

      • -2

        You can just google it, it was basically go through ALL their site products and try and find an emoji at the bottom of the page. Like some gardening rake was the answer and gave you the code next to it for AirPods.

    • You do have to answer questions for this one rather than scraping the website for something. Although, there was the guy that managed to pull the plain text copy of the questions and answers for Click Frenzy Mayhem earlier this year - I guess you're ready to try that? Save some for the rest of us miserable sods

      • -1

        I've moved on to the markets paper trading trying to make small algo's. But if it's not me it's some other new guy on the block with his script fighting it out amongst other computers. Never got back into these deals, but it's interesting to see a new approach to this w.r.t filling out questions.

    • +2

      Last time I won a $1400 4K TV, even despite your bots…

  • +3

    I've signed up and verified my email address, but when I login to the site, it's still suggesting I sign up. When I click to sign up, it takes me to my profile page.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • +2

      ye same

    • Same here.
      I wonder if that could stuff up our chances at the questions, as the site might go sign in again thus missing out the questions that pop up or waste time doing so?

      My 1st time doing this.

      • +2

        I wouldn't worry about it for now, check back after 7pm, it might have sorted itself out by then.

        First item probably won't be up until 8pm.

    • Same :/

  • +2

    Mediocre so far, I think black friday will be better

    • Yeah for sure. Black Friday is bigger than Boxing Day the past 2 years, as far as OzBargain traffic goes.

      Click Frenzy deals have always been limited, remembering the retailer needs to pay to to participate officially in Click Frenzy.

      It also misses more popular stores like eBay and Amazon that we see in Black Friday.

      • Seems like in 2020 that Singles Day and Black Friday are the premier days, Singles Day for Chinese sellers and Black Friday for Western sellers

  • Preparing myself for the questions. Do we know the date of the next click frenzy event?

    • What kind of questions should we expect?

      • Same as above. Also things like

        How many brands are taking part in this year's Mayhem event?
        Which brand has the most deals in this event and how many deals do they have? (Answer format: "BRAND NAME" - "NUMBER OF DEALS"
        What is the name of the famous model who features on a deal in the 'Fashion' category?
        How many participating brands start with the letters: C - L - I - C - K ?
        How many deals appear in the Electrical, Home & Office category?

        Then there will be ones like this for the most expensive items.

        How many page views were there on the Click Frenzy website in the first 6 months of 2020? Hint: It is between 19m and 20m. Provide a numerical answer.

        • if anyone can be stuffed answering these question that would be amazing

      • +2

        Here are links to the questions from July's event:

        Click on the [Q] link's below

        21/7 8pm-9pm (AEST) - Sony Wireless Headphones $3 (RRP $349) - Img Q
        9pm-10pm - DeLonghi Coffee Machine $7 (RRP $723) - Img Q
        10pm-11pm - Samsung Galaxy S20 $14 (RRP $1359) - Img Q
        11pm-12am - Apple Watch Series 3 $3 (RRP $290) - Img Q
        22/7 8am-9am - BenQ GV1 Ultraportable Projector $7 (RRP $729) IG Live
        11am-12pm - Ring Video Doorbell 3 $3 (RRP $332) Q
        2pm-3pm - Nintendo Switch Lite $3 (RRP $312) IG Live - Answer: Peter Alexander
        5pm-6pm - Apple Airpods Pro $4 (RRP $359) Q+
        8pm-9pm - Amazon Kindle e-Reader $1 (RRP $119) Img Q
        10pm-11pm - Sony 65" 4k Entry Pro Bravia LED Android TV $17 (RRP $1,718) Img Q
        23/7 9am-10am - Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer $6 (RRP $629) IG Live A: Adairs
        11am-12pm - BULLET Electric Skateboard $3 (RRP $348) Q
        3pm-4pm - Apple iPhone 11 64GB $12 (RRP $1,199) IG Live A: Forty Winks
        7pm-8pm - GoPro HERO8 Black 4K HyperSmooth 2.0 $5 (RRP $529) Q
        9pm-10pm - Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera $6 (RRP $649) Q A: Adidas, Grey
        10pm-11pm - Apple MacBook Air 13" Laptop $16 (RRP $1599) Q

  • So do we click a link to what we want on Click Frenzy site?

    If they ask which is the worst mobile provider listed with CF, we will all know the answer.

  • +1

    Click Frenzy Bucks "How much did you save" What if we saved $0 because the item did not have a discount lmao

  • +1

    I am on the page now. How do I grab Macbook Air? lol
    Should I expect a popup or something now or 10 hours later?

  • +13

    Just got the email here’s the first Go Wild Deals:

    Apple HomePod Mini ($149) $1
    Deal goes live Between 7-8pm (AEDT)

    Sony Bluetooth ($450) $5
    Deal goes live Between 8-9pm (AEDT)

    Nintendo Switch Neon ($469) $5
    Deal goes live Between 9-10pm (AEDT)

    Apple WatchSeries 6 ($649) $6
    Deal goes live Between 10-11pm (AEDT)

  • +8

    Buy a car to go into the draw for a chance to win another car - Amazing!

  • +2

    Yeah nah..
    Will wait for Black Friday sales as most of this is a bit of snoozefest.

  • Anyone know if we need to browse through the web for the question to pop up or just idle on the homepage will do?

  • Was excited to see what Sony had on offer as am on market for a new TV. Pretty sure the the $200 gift card and free delivery for click frenzy is the same promotion they have been running for the last month.

  • These nothing super good about click frenzy, the 99% off deals is the same as a giveaway they prob only have a few in stock.

  • Anyone had a pop up yet?

    • +2


    • +2

      nothing yet for me…this is more lame then ebay Plus :p

      • 7pm-8pm, so could be up to another 55 minutes.

    • nope

  • They keep changing the time, the other night it said 5:30 and this morning at 6?

  • For special secret clue for Samsung Note 20 popup time……

  • Staring something/fav dont work too good.

  • +5

    Well staring at their front page is…. fun.

  • Pop up yet?

  • where is oscinator1988?

  • Kinda hard looking at things and watching for a pop up also.

    • +1

      There was a Umart deal earlier you could use to buy a second monitor with. Should help.

  • Any good recommendation fan for the hot coming summer?

  • Have to disable ad blockers for it to work. Nothing on Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers specifically say ad blocker, so I've just allowed everything to come in and destroy my computer or whatever allowing everything will do… still no popups

  • +1

    Well I haven't gotten any popups but I did impulse buy some Kogan wireless earbuds :/

  • +7

    I think I'm starting to realise I cannot be bothered with this haha.

    • +3

      same, but will I still be here at midnight? probably

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