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MSI GS66 Stealth 10SFS 15.6' - i9-10980HK/RTX2070/8GB*2/512GB - $2999.20 Delivered @ Microsoft eBay



First time poster here, have been on the lookout for a high-end gaming laptop but missed out on the Razer 15 Advanced Model deal a couple of weeks ago.

This seems comparable with the Razer 15 Advanced Model but with better Battery life & CPU.

With the Microsoft 20% coupon code this brings it down from $3,749 to $2,999.20 which is the cheapest I could find comparing to other outlets selling it for $4k+.

I've never used MSI before so can't comment on the brand/performance.

Tech specs
ScreenSize: 15.6 in Full HD LCD display (1920 × 1080)
Refresh Rate: 300 Hz
Processor: Intel Core i9-10980 2.6 GHz up to 5.0 GHz
Memory: 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz
Hard Drive Size In GB: 512 GB PCIe SSD
Operating System: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
PC Type: Laptop
Optical Drive: None
Media Drive: None
Audio: Duo wave speakers
Video: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q with 8 GB dedicated graphics memory
Ports: 1 USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 Thunderbolt 3 • 1 USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 • 3 USB 3.2 Gen 2 • 1 HDMI • 1 Killer GB LAN • 1 headphone/microphone combo jack
Battery: Up to 9 hours

Camera: Webcam
Wireless: 802.11ax
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1
Dimensions: 19.80 x 358.00 x 248.00 mm
Weight: 2.1 kg
Color: Black*


Original Coupon Deal

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  • *1,999.20 is how much it should be

    • Yea, we can only wish and my wallet agrees.

    • Why is that? I reckon this is a good price for a slim 10th gen i9 with 2070S (albeit max-Q)…

      the build quality is much more improved than that of GS65…

      I'm not too fond of the thermal throttling on the 9th gen i7 GS65 that I had though so not sure about the GS66 especially running i9….

    • It's actually competitive with the us price somewhat. Roughly 3k aud before sales tax there for the same spec but they get 1tb nvme with 32gb of ram but a 240hz panel.

      If there wasn't covid, increased demand, shortage of supplies and an Australian tax then it could be closer to 2.5k.

      2.5k would be nice but I think that's a while away if ever. Prices have only stayed up since March this year.

      2k for this I think your dreaming, unless you want a Dell g7 on special with a max p non super, worse screen, battery, thermals etc.

  • The price gives me heart burn but it's a cool laptop 👍

  • -3 votes

    wow an i9, very are I've seen that on a laptop

    300hz screen wow impressive

  • RAM is upgradeable but the motherboard is upside down… so you may need a bit more expertise to do that…

    i think 512GB is also too small of a storage…

    some pc repair shops would be able to do these upgrades for you with a labour cost of $50-$100

  • For what is, price isnt that bad. Stealth range caters to a specific group of consumers (thin but powerful) which is why the price is upped. Also 300hz and 10980HK brings it up too.

    I'm going to wait to see how well the 3000nvidia/6000amd series does in laptop (if AMD bothers making them mobile haha). Id say in like 8 months-9 months we'll see releases.

  • +1 vote

    I just ordered the Razer Blade 15 Advanced for $2632 with 2% cashback as well. Was tossing up between the Blade or the stealth but saving $400 is $400 and I don't know why but I just prefer the Razer.

    Also picked up the Dell XPS 17 for my wife with the Dell deal last week so our house will be set for laptops for a few years!

    • I didn't see the gs66 but likewise ended up picking up something from the ms store (they had an i9 9 series omen with 32gb total dual channel ram and according to the official HP technical specs page a non max q 2080 for 2799)

      Suspect it has a max q (will find out later in the week) but still was a good deal in the current market.

  • What is the deal with the text description on the ebay ad?

    "Overview Imagine, create, inspire:
    Photos, film, music and more – unleash your creativity with the powerful, portable and endlessly functional Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition mobile workstation."

  • Nah man. We can do better.

  • What's with the specs in the description on ebay for this product?

    Confused as, is it the right specs or wrong it seems like it is for the Razer Blade 15

  • A lot of laptops i have noticed have 2666mhz as the RAM specs, seeing that there are 3200mhs RAM speeds is the 2666 MHz bad?

  • If I had $3000 to blow on a laptop, I'd wait for the RTX3000 series to trickle in.

    • I doubt you'll get a decent "thin and light" gaming laptop with a 3000 series gpu for $3000 for a while…

  • Be warned that they managed to find the worst speakers available and then put them in this laptop.

    It's great at everything else, but I would wait for RTX 3000 series

  • Seems the code does not work…