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Turtle Wax Seal N Shine 473ml $14.99 @ Autobarn ($4.49 after Price Beat with Supercheap Auto & $10 Credit)


Need something to buy with your $10 SCA credit? I discovered a great deal on one of my favourite sealants.

SCA will price match/beat Autobarn's current $14.99 sale and if you use your $10 SCA credit, you can get a bottle for $4.49! Great deal! https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/turtle-wax-turtle-wax-hy...

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    Is this the new version or old version?

    Some reviews claim there's a marked difference between them?

    Would any other brand's alternative be good - ie Meguiars?

    I wax my car twice a year with Ultimate Wax Meguiars, is this used in between those times to 'top up' the sealant quickly?


      I use this under the wax. After stripping off the old wax I polished my car up. Then seal and shine for protection. Lastly wax for the shiny finish. It basically is an alternative to wax. Slightly less shiny, but a lot more protective.


        Oh so why does it go under normal wax and not over the top?


          This has a longer lifespan than regular carnauba wax, if it was over then it would be sticking to the wax and not the clear coat underneath, in which case it would disappear as the shorter life wax breaks down


            @pingponged: Yes.

            It can be used by itself as a protectant. Or can have wax put over it if you want to increase the gloss.

            Either way it is a great product. Tree spoilage, bird shit and general grime comes in contact with the Seal and Shine, not the paintwork.

            Look up 'Chris Fix Super Clean' on youtube. Just replace the wax with Seal and Shine (or add S&S before the wax). I constantly get comments on how good my paintwork looks, and when I got the red care it was nearly pink.


    Who edited this? The deal is at SCA… you would need to go to SCA to get this at $4.49, not Autobarn? So then wouldn't the deal be at SCA, not Autobarn? Sorry, haven't posted a deal in ages, don't know what all the new standards are. I would have thought "$4.49 @ SCA ($14.99 Autobarn Price Match with $10 SCA credit" would be more grammatically correct.

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      Price matches are not considered bargains

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        But with SCA $10 credit, it's $4.49 making it an excellent bargain!

        And btw, it's $14.99 at Autobarn. I included the 50c price beat SCA gave me.


        Giving the steps to get this for $4.50… it's a bargain!
        P.S. I got it today, so it isn't expired


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    I wouldn't wax a seal even if it paid me,,,


      Same, though a beaver, yes.