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Xbox Series X 1TB Console $749 + Delivery @ Big W


16/11 Update -

Website now says pre-orders are unavailable

10/11 Update -
BigW now advising that preorders will open again on the 16th of November
Gamesmen have opened back up for November Stock (Credit to @JMxoxo):

You can re order a Series X

Mod Update 24/11 1:20pm: Available to order from Big W

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    • What location did you put

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          Still says unavailable:(

  • Mine just got delivered!

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      Hmm where are you located? Mine still sitting at ‘Awaiting Processing’. Ordered @ 8:30pm on 9/11, Sydney delivery.

      • Same still at being fulfilled, ordered 8:17pm on 9/11 Gold coast delivery, getting a little worried now

        • They did say between 10/11 - 20/11 for delivery at the time of ordering.

          Someone on Whirlpool said they are being prepared for shipment this weekend for delivery from next week.

          • @fadaada: I live in Sydney, Wetherill park. I’ve got no clue why I got it so quick since I didn’t pay for express shipping

        • maybe batches are yet to be picked or packed for outside of NSW/VIC?
          Ordered 832pm 9/11 WA delivery, still at being fulfilled too.

    • Mine arrived this morning too, i had chosen express postage tho.

    • Good to hear some are getting theirs already. Was worried mine wouldn't come before the 20th. Kinda salty cause I was first in line but it depends where you live I guess.

      • Just a few days difference ! Good time to do all chores and work to get all the free time u can to play 😀

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    What time will the 16th of Nov preorders begin (will it be midnight eastern time or will it be midnight local time)?
    Also will I still need to put in a post code and where do I put it in?

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      Same, i also wanna know the times for release on 16th. Man i been trying from so long. But i fail all the time. I need the series X this time.

  • Just got the following message from Big W on fb after asking what time the sale goes live tomorrow.
    "Hi Re54Cc34,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Please be advised that the Xbox is going to release on 16/11/2020. However the product is not available to purchase on 16th. It is just the preorders will be released on that day. We do not have any information when the new stock will arrive, we recommend you to keep an ye on the website for more information.
    If there is anything else we can help with please let us know.
    Thank you."

    Hoping this is just a bum steer

    • Do you think they mean you cant "purchase" on the 16th but you can "pre order" for arriving stock? Kind of an obscure answer to be honest

      • I wrote back saying "So to be clear, I won’t be able to preorder a console tomorrow?"

        The reply was

        "Unfortunately, you won't be able to order it tomorrow.
        Thank you
        Big W"

        • They're probably just shipping previous preorders on the 16th….what a tease

        • No doubt after the last effort they will re-open pre-orders at some random time though

          Just because Facebook line is no pre-orders the IT department my not get the memo :)

          I'm hoping anyway

  • Just checked and preorders still live for series s https://www.bigw.com.au/product/xbox-series-s-512gb-console/...

  • just scored Xbox one X ON eBay for $275 posted then sold my old 500gb for $200 on Gumtree ahhaa
    cheapest 4K player ever, so excited!!

    • +1

      There is going to be plenty of good deals on the One X…

      • Yea since everyone wants the series X so I got a good deal 😁

      • Excited

    • For that price you could take it to EB games and trade in for a $100 profit almost.

  • Just ordered the Xbox Series X off of the Big W website at around 8:06pm AEDT. Postcode was 2036. Not sure if anyone else was/is able to order it. Just thought I would let you guys know.

    • Where do I enter the postcode mate

      • Should be a window that says "Enter postcode or suburb to view shopping options" if you haven't put a location yet on their website.

        • Cheers king I see it now at the bottom

    • Is it still showing available for you?

    • I tried this but it got stuck in my cart now saying 'unavailable'…

      Edit: anyone else get this to work? how annoying I literally clicked through to the payment page and it kicked me away saying 'no longer available'

      • what postcode mate

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          same as OP…whats the bet they only had 2 to sell

          • @Domdomdom: VIC postcodes dont work :(

            • @OH11: Yeh mine's borked completely. I might reluctantly stay up till midnight see if they actually open some but probably just more disappointment :(…so sucky.

    • Whats expected delivery mate. And congratz!

      • Thanks! The order is still awaiting processing so fingers crossed it's not cancelled. No expected delivery time as of yet (from what I can see).

  • Wonder if they doing state by state drip feed to avoid website meltdown ?

    Will keep trying

  • Well just changed to add to cart but greyed out

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    Aaand nothing

  • Still not working, anyone had any luck?

  • ugh, shouldnt have got my hopes up, greyed out for me too :(

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      No luck either, tried incognito like 30 different postcodes nothing… arrrg why did they let us get our hopes up :(

  • It now says "coming soon" instead of "releasing 16/11". Seems like it was poor communication on their side.

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    (profanity), I was ready to go. That really sucks. Who’s going to take one for the team and refresh each minute for the next hour?

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    Purchasing through gift cards is currently unavailable, be careful if you plan to buy gift cards
    (Not that it's available anyway)

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    Well technically Xbox Series X isn't a pre-order anymore as it's officially released.

    So it's more a Buy now product rather than a Pre-Order.

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    Has anyone who ordered on the 9th but not received it yet had their order status change? Still stuck at ‘being fulfilled’ - Melbourne address.

    • Yes my console still stuck on being fulfilled here in Sydney, been on that for last 5days….

      • Same. Stuck on being fulfilled. Hopefully today that will change.

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          Hope so too!

        • same here

          • +3

            @LividGrub: Just got an email saying it has been shipped. Hopefully the rest of you have received the same email too.

            • @Beer Money: Good one!

            • @Beer Money: I still haven't got my shipping email :( are you in Sydney?

              • +2

                @QwertPOP: I don't know how helpful this is but I ordered mine at 6am on the 10th and just got my shipping notification for delivery to metro Sydney. Hopefully yours should be on it's way too. Good luck!

                • @JRGPayne: Thanks mate I pre-ordered mine at 12.02am on 10/11.. I hope I get the confirmation soon, feels like I've been waiting forever…

              • +1

                @QwertPOP: Wollongong. Yours won't be far away.

            • @Beer Money: very nice, thanks for the update @Beer Money, haven't received that email yet, probably not too far away though…hopefully

        • +1

          Mine arrived this morning! Thanks OP. I imagine everyone's will be arriving very soon.

    • Ordered Nov 10, 2:51 AM. "Awaiting Processing" for the whole order and "Picking in Progress" for the item status itself. Sydney.

      • How do you see the item status? All the information I have…

        Order Placed: 10-11-2020 01:xx:xx AM

        DELIVERY 1
        Status: Being Fulfilled
        Tracking Link: Not yet available. Please check back soon.

        • Go to the order history section at the bottom. Then click view on the Xbox order.

          • @Oauiii: Ah, I did guest checkout. Just created an account but order not linked. Nevermind.

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              @chriise: I don't know if it helps, but I called a few times. and the last call they said they will escalate it and I got the shipment notification today.

              • +1

                @Oauiii: I got the shipment notification a couple hours ago! thanks

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    Shipped today, going to have one very happy little dude on Christmas morning! Thanks so, so much OP ☺️

  • So happy scored XBOX ONE X real good deal because everyone else wanting to get the new console, should get my new Xbox this Friday 😍

    • When did you order?

  • +1


    • It's been up for a couple days, wonder when the Xs coming back hmmm…

      • You mean at Big W or other stores?

        Some people in the PS5 thread think that Target will have some stock of the PS5 over the next couple of days.

        • +1

          Yeah, apparently someone called Target today and were told that they dropped mid day yesterday and are now sold out. Which seems sketchy considering the constant refreshing done by everyone on this forum

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            @MonkeyFace: I swear I'm going to pull the trigger on Xbox All Access and be done with this nonsense.

            • @DanD: Did you end up getting it through telstra? What's the eta on delivery?

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                @MonkeyFace: I engaged in an online chat with customer service yesterday to see whether my Telstra account was eligible. It was but this is what they said:

                It seems that the Pre-order was closed last 9 November 2020 wherein the next dispatch will be on Wave 2: Estimated Dispatch: 9 December 2020.

                New orders may need to wait in back order queue after completing the pre-orders which may be after 9 December. The exact replenishment date is not yet provided by the manufacturer.
                However, if you are in a hurry, you can try checking the local store stocks by contacting them using the link below:


                I really don't have time to ring around, so I am back to square one.

                • @DanD: Wow, basically they cant even guarantee stock in Dec. Dont bother ringing around because most stores dont answer, just redirects you to voicemail.

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    I received mine today! Feel super lucky and thankful to the OP and Everyone who helped on this post!

  • I'm getting excited for my XBOX ONE X coming in the mail

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    Got my Series X delivered today in Melbourne. Cheers again OP!

  • Received mine today (melb) also

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    DEVELOPMENT: Big W have removed their Xbox Series X link. It now defaults to games and accessories.

    • Hitting refresh hard, maybe an update?

      • It's back up. ADD CART still greyed

        • Can you plz post a link? All mine are gone

    • This link still works sorta, looks like they are either updating or completely removing at this stage https://www.bigw.com.au/entertainment/video-games-consoles/x...

      Aaaannnndd link is gone

      • Saves them about 10,000 hits of internet traffic per day.

        • Hahaha very true .Were you able to secure a console? All of my links dissapeared

          • +1

            @MonkeyFace: No. I am confident somebody will replenish their stock in early December judging by the fact many Wave 2 orders have already been fulfilled (probably from Wave 1 returns)

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    Just put my order through and got an automatic acknowledgement/confirmation at Big W

    • +1

      "Standard Delivery - 30th November to 2nd December."

      • The button is now greyed out, can you send a link please?

        • It's out of stock now

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